Monday, January 5, 2009

It's All About Numbers

Finally, most of the Pine Siskins have moved on! And the Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, Wrens, and Chickadees can now come and go to the feeders whenever they wish.

A few of the Pine Siskins have remained. I must admit, they are far more enjoyable in small numbers. In fact, they are cute little things.

How can you look at this sweet face and not like it?

The answer to that question lies in the numbers. Imagine six or seven of them squabbling at this little bird bath, and dozens more of them pushing and shoving at the feeders. In large numbers they turn into pesky nuisances. They lose all their cuteness and sweetness.
----------I suppose I feel the same way about people. I love people in relatively small numbers. I do not like crowds of them. A lover of small dinner parties, I detest huge receptions. Even when the guests are not as rude as a large flock of Pine Siskins.


Cedar ... said...

I know where they went..... north! ACK! they were at my bird feeder yesterday. But when it's just one of them like in your photo I have to agree, cute. How did you ever get such a great shot? You must have a great telephoto lens.

George said...

Did you send your pine siskins over here? We must have had 30 - 40 around the feeders this morning!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Okay Carolyn---I know you love us, but we don't want your excess Pine Siskins. We still have bunches of them. However, they don't seem to keep the other birds away. One Cardinal was sitting at the plate---while those little siskins flew around his head. He paid no attention to them.

BUT--I agree with you. I went to a Family Reunion this past summer and there were over 100 people there. I was totally overwhelmed.. I'd much rather experience family (and friends) in small numbers!!!!

Cheryl said...

Pine Siskins are so sweet. I so understand what you are saying about large numbers, I am exactly the same......

Lovely photograph.......

Pam B said...

We get a lot of nuthatches, chickadees, goldfinches, and house finches at our bird feeders. Love 'em!

Dog_geek said...

We haven't had crowds of pine siskins, but we have had huge crowds of goldfinches all winter. Maybe the siskins are still on their way!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: I thought they are a cute bird. I'm glad some moved on for you.
UNC did have a bad night.

Unknown said...

Carolyn, I'm glad your Pine Siskins moved on. You sound happier. (giggle)

I get tons of house sparrows but since the Hawk incident my bird numbers have dropped. Slowly they are coming back but not the sparrows which is fine by me.

Kim said...

I am like you and don't like being around a bunch of people. It actually causes me anxiety.

I feel your pain with too many birds. I get inundated w/ house sparrows and I open my window and scream at them when I have had enough. They take over my whole station and all of the birds I want there sit on a nearby branch and wait their turn.

Tina said...

Nice photo. Maybe I could convince one of my hawks to fly down and visit for a large flocks when they are around!!

The Birdlady said...

So cute - and I'm loving them - never had them at my feeders before.

Ruth said...

I have never seen large numbers of Pine Siskins and would welcome a visit, especially if they kept the House Sparrows away. I like solitude too, but crowds are fine from time to time.

Cicero Sings said...

I'm a one on one person myself. I hate banquets and such. Useless ... how can one have a REAL talk in a crowd? Fine I guess if one is only superficial ... I'm just NOT good at small talk!

Those siskins ... pigs! Bossy! We had them here in the fall.

Jayne said...

LOL Carolyn... a great analogy! I feel the same way. :c)

Anonymous said...

Love Toni's comment about "the Hawk incident" - funny! Great photo, as usual, Carolyn. And your feelings about crowds echo mine (although I love people and couldn't live without some of them).

troutbirder said...

Well I have never had pine siskins but your take on crowds of people.... exactly!!!

Carolina Mama said...

Hi Carolyn. What a great blog. Here from Karen's. Want to invite you and your Carolina bloggers to my Carolina Girls Rollcall. See ya soon.

amarkonmywall said...

Really- the feeder is sort of like Applebees and the bath like the mall- rowdy places that bring out the worst in every one. Ah, the be birding in NC. It's not bad here in Florida, however. Hannibal, our Coopers Hawk is back and looking for his sweetie. She should show up any day and then the annual fun begins, in the large live oak in the front yard.

Shelley said...

I'm w/ you carolyn - I like the smaller get togethers! More peaceful!

Dave's Bird Watching Blog said...

Well said. That lone pine siskin is cute!

Mary said...

I'd rather have a large flock of Pine Siskins (yes, they are cute!) than a flock of HOSP! Send me the Pine Siskins :o)

NCmountainwoman said...

Cedar - Siskins are interesting. Some years there are none and other years they are in great profusion.

George - You had them before I did, so I couldn't have sent them.

Betsy - Now that we're back in NC, I have to attend two HUGE family reunions. My father was one of ten and my mother one of 9. That makes for tons of cousins who now have children and grandchildren.

Cheryl - Thanks. I am so surprised at how sweet ONE Pine Siskin can be.

Pam - Thanks for dropping by. We have those birds as well and we love them.

Dog Geek - Look closely at your goldfinches. The siskins tend to flock with them.

Fishing guy - Yep. The 'Heels were definitely flat-footed and seemed intimidated. Hope they won't let that happen again.

Toni - We have a sharpie that hangs around. But the siskins are the first birds to come back. Good luck with getting rid of the house sparrows.

Kallen - My husband does the same dance. They fly away and are back by the time he comes inside.

Tina - Our sharpie keeps them away but only for a while. I think he is such a juvenile he doesn't ever take any.

Helen - I'm glad someone enjoys them.

Ruth - I am so glad we haven't had any problems with house sparrows.

Cicero - I think that's what I dislike about crowds. There's no opportunity for meaningful dialog.

Jayne - Thanks

Hendersonville - Thanks. I love your blog and we have found a lot of great places to try.

Troutbirder - It's amazing how my attitude about siskins varies directly in proportion to their numbers.

Carolina Mama - I checked in as a Carolina Girl. I'm assuming you are flexible with the term "girl."

Mark on my wall - Glad you are having such a good time in FL. I know you will love your NC mountain home as well.

Shelley - I do love to have 6-8 couples so we can talk and laugh.

Dave - One siskin is really nice.

Mary - Nope. Not if I have to get house sparrows in return.

Kerri Farley said...

Definitely a cutie!! I'm with you...I'm don't like crowds!

Pat said...

I agree !
When there's large numbers you get a feeding with the starlings. Not so enjoyable to watch,and the other birds are scared off. Haven't seen a pine siskin yet but I understand we do get them in NJ. I'm still ID-ing birds in our backyard...lots of fun!