Friday, January 23, 2009

Fridays are Golden

Our dogs are allowed free rein throughout most of the house. However, some areas are restricted as "no dog zones."

There are several reasons for the restriction. First of all, I don't think I should have to vacuum dog hairs from every room in the house. Most importantly, we have guests with allergies and we want a dander-free area for them.

My study, the main floor guest bedroom and bath, and the library all open from a common hallway. The dogs are not allowed to be in this hallway, much less one of the rooms. When we moved into this house, we used baby gates to train the girls. The gates are no longer needed.

Here is Ellie, peeking around the corner of the hallway into my study.
Mom, are you coming out soon?
Yes, Ellie. I'm almost done.
Lucy comes to the doorway as well, and gives me her pleading look.

The other area of the house off-limits to dogs is the master suite. The hallway there is fair game, but they cannot enter the rooms.
Lucy takes the lead in checking out who is in the bedroom.

Both dogs wait patiently until we join them.
Some people think we must spoil our dogs. Heaven knows I post about them often enough. But we do not spoil them at all. They are our wonderful pets and we love them dearly, but they are dogs. They eat only dog food (and the occasional carrot or two). They do not climb or sit on the furniture. I could leave a steak on the cocktail table and they wouldn't touch it. They know that humans are the pack leaders. Yet, they are very happy girls. They know the rules and the rules are consistent. That makes for a good dog life.
----------What a great week this has been! I've been recovering from a cold, so I had no guilt in vegging out and watching the birds at the feeders, television and old movies. It does a body good every now and then.
Whatever your plans for this weekend, I hope it is a golden one. Pamper yourself and do some of the things that bring you joy. This weekend won't come again. The mess in the house will wait for you.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

It DOES do a body good to rest for a bit. My confinement last week after the wrist surgery was a forced slow-down for me. Read lots, watched some movies, caught up on emails(one-handed!) As I read this post my dog is sprawled on her back on our bed. Hmmm.
Sometimes I wish we had taken a different approach with her. I think it's too late now!

Donna said...

Lucy and Ellie are beautiful, and sounds like they are very well disciplined.

Otis and Riley love carrots too, and they get only dog food, but of course, they have the run of the house.

Enjoy your weekend!

troutbirder said...

The rules sound familiar because they are pretty much the same here although enforcing them is often required with my 2 year giant GSD "puppy" who loses all control when he seeks the cat who has no space restrictions..... grrrr.

Cedar ... said...

I always enjoy your posts about your golden girls!

Carol Murdock said...

A high-five to you Carolyn for reconizing that we parents have to be "pack leader". Your girls look so well mannered, now I know why !

Sadie and Jake, our kids, have their own room(of course it's the sun room)but are allowed to join us in the front room for some TV
watching.Their favorite show is of course, The Dog Whisperer. No furniture sitting though.

Unknown said...

Yes Carolyn get your rest. You amaze me with your dogs and how happy they are. I would just melt looking at them in fact I do melt so thank goodness I'm here and not there.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I'm not the least bit surprised that you discipline your Golden Girls, Carolyn. IF only everyone who has animals (or kids) would do what you do. Kids (and dogs) need RULES and BOUNDARIES. They do so much better knowing that someone is in control and in charge.. Nevertheless, your babies are in the best situation any dog could be in!!!! SO--in that light--keep doing what you are doing to and for those precious Goldens.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Forgot to say, "Get well soon." I had an ole' cold in October--and it made me feel LOUSY!!!! Get plenty of rest and drink liquids..

George said...

I've been impressed with your golden girls ever since I started reading about them. You obviously have them very well trained.

Cheryl said...

I have no doubt in my mind that your dogs are both happy and well adjusted. Dogs like to know where they fit into the pack, once they have their place they should be happy. Nella is not allowed upstairs....she will sit and wait at the bottom until I come down but never attempts to come up and find me. As you say we each have our rules.....

Do hope that you are feeling better .......and give those gorgeous girls a stroke from me......

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Your goldens are just about the sweetest babies I've seen. Their faces are just so, so sweet.
They have the patience of Job!!

Kim said...

I am amazed at how well behaved your golden girls are. They look so cute with their pleading little faces.

I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the rest and the birding.

PJ said...

Found you blog from 'A Spattering'..LOVE your Goldens so beautiful. I tend to notice I get the most comments when I post my Golden Nugget on my blog! (they are just great dogs-Goldens!)

Jayne said...

Beautiful as usual Carolyn. Hope you feel better soon. Me? I have to work both today and tomorrow... boo hoo hoo. :c)

Anonymous said...

If dogs or any pet is a member of your family, I see no reason not to treat them as one.

Sue said...

oh gorgeous doggies, hope you are soon feeling better, sue.x

Margaret Cloud said...

What beautiful dogs, and so loyal, they do look well taken care of.

laurie said...

i love the expression on dogs' faces.

our dogs only go upstairs at night, and then it is to sleep on the floor by the bed.

so how is it that the bathroom is always full of dog hair? i do not know the answer to this question.

Mary said...

Glad you rested! It DOES do a body good.

I belly laughed through the whole post, though. Your girls are so different than my two girls who would steal the steak and battle for the largest piece, run between our legs to enter the master bedroom first, plop themselves on our pillows, and slide under the covers. They also expect a tiny taste of almost everything we eat. When they hear the pantry door squeak or plastic wrap, they appear out of nowhere.


Shelley said...

Lucy & Ellie have great owners! I never tire of seeing these beautiful girls!

Cynthia Pittmann said...

What pretty dog faces! So sweet and appealing...I also moved to the south--way south. I'm in Puerto Rico. Do you like North Carolina?

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I enjoyed them all.

Lynne - Sorry about the wrist, but glad you had a forced slow-down. I think you are very happy with your dog as he is, sprawling and all.

Donna - Thanks

Troutbirder - Poor Baron does have the deck stacked against him what with that cat getting free rein. I think that makes it harder for dogs to "remember" the rules.

Science guy - The dogs are treated as members of the's just that they are CANINE members of the family. I would no more treat them like humans than I would treat a teenager like a toddler.

PJ - Thanks for dropping by. I'll visit Nugget.

Mary - I believe you have the type of dogs you love, and that's the most important thing. And if you love and enjoy them, that's what having dogs is all about.

Cynthia - You really did go south! We love North Carolina where we have changing seasons, but not the bitter cold of the midwest.