Friday, January 1, 2010

Fridays are Golden

The simplest of things often give us pause. I recently had my car serviced and waited more than two hours at the dealership. The time passed pleasantly while I read and listened to good music. As I was driving home I realized that the time spent in the car dealership had been the most quiet and soothing time I had in some weeks.

Aware that I so enjoyed the quiet time at a car dealership of all places, I realized that I am simply trying to do too much. Taking inventory of the things that must be done, I have decided to suspend blogging for the month of January.

I'm hoping that February will bring time for me to get outside and show you more of our winter mountains. Time to take the Golden Girls on the trails and show you how beautiful they are when they are running. Time to sit with my coffee and read your blogs, something I have truly missed. Perhaps even time to lie down for a snooze in the afternoon sun like Lucy and Ellie.

We are all doing well and things are progressing well toward normal. Not typically one to look back at the past year, I can assure you that I am delighted to say goodbye to 2009.
Thank you all for your kind comments on my blog. I have read and cherished every one of them. I will follow your blogs as time permits and hope to be back up and running in a month.