Friday, January 2, 2009

Fridays are Golden

As soon as the coffee is brewed and the muffins and coffee cake are ready on Christmas morning, we gather around the table to peek into our Christmas stockings. Everyone has a Christmas cracker, so we first pop the crackers, put on the silly paper hats, and play with the little toys while we take turns reading the corny jokes and riddles.

The Christmas stockings always contain a new ornament for each person. The other items are candy, cookies, and little gadgets and toys. Yes, five professional people sit around the table in paper hats playing with little toys. This year my husband's hat was purple, which he thought was quite appropriate for his "royal" status in the house. [NO, you will never see a picture of this sight. I'll leave that to your imagination.]

My stocking had a little wind-up frog. Our Golden girls were quite interested in him. I put him on the cocktail table so they could get a better look.

Surprisingly, Ellie was the first one to check out the little frog. She was very interested in his dance and the clicking noise.

Lucy watched from a distance until the little guy ran out of steam and fell over on his side. She seemed surprised that he had stopped moving, so she ran over to get a closer look.

The frog did not hold their interest for very long. Ellie went over to one of the beds while we opened our gifts. She doesn't like all the paper rattling and noises of delight. Lucy, of course, wanted to share the bed Ellie was in, but the chair had been left too near. Not deterred by something like a chair, Lucy plopped down on the bed and put her head on the chair rung. Silly little thing.
Our family finds great delight in the smallest of things. But our greatest delight is in our love for each other, and for our wonderful dogs. It has been such a blessing to have everyone together over the holidays. I hope you find happiness in small things as well. It makes life so much easier that way.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend, this first weekend of 2009!


George said...

It looks as if you had a great Christmas morning, although the girls in the last picture looked as if they wished you were paying more attention to them!

Cedar ... said...

So true, so true,... it's the little things that count the most. I absolutely LOVE your Friday posts about your dogs! (and that is from a cat person!)

Shelley said...

I love Christmas crackers! And the photos are so cute of your golden cuties being inquisitive!

Cheryl said...

As usual the golden girls have brought a smile.....they are such a cute pair...

The little things are the best and as you so rightly keeps everything simple.......

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Wonderful post, Carolyn... It is so obvious that you and hubby and the Golden Girls have a TREMENDOUS life together. Having fun in party hats is just perfect... That is definitely something that I would do!!!! Keep having fun. Life is too short!!!

troutbirder said...

Indeed! It's really about family.

Dawn Fine said...

What sweet pups! What a great tradition you have..I would love to see you all sitting around with your hats and playing with your toys..tee hee..
Happy New Year

The Birdlady said...

The girls truly are wonderful!

Mary said...

"Yes, five professional people sit around the table in paper hats playing with little toys."

Same here! LOL! Doesn't take much to make us happy. Your girls were thinking hard about that wind-up frog and had me laughing out loud!


KGMom said...

I love that look of intense concentration--what is that little green thing?!

Ruth said...

Your Christmas morning tradition sounds like great fun. Our daughters still love their stockings and always get an apple, orange and some little gouda cheese as well as a little Kinder Surprise chocolate and toy. Our dog does not like anything that pops and would be behind a chair if he heard a cracker. Happy New Year.

Kerri Farley said...

Wonderful Post! I LOVE it that your dogs love being together!!

Jayne said...

Your golden girls are always the thing I look forward to on Fridays!

Margaret Cloud said...

Ellie & Lucy are cute dogs and our family likes to be silly like you folks, it makes it interesting. At Christmas time family and friends seem especially dear, because we are glad to share glad tidings with them. Thank you for coming by.

NCmountainwoman said...

George - The girls are not at all reluctant when they need more attention. Ellie brings me a tennis ball and stares at me with it in her mouth. Lucy comes and nudges my arm.

Cedar - Thanks. Yes, I have come to greatly appreciate the little things.

Shelley - We have such fun with the Christmas crackers and there are so many different ones. This year we had the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Cheryl - Both my husband and I spent many years in high-pressure executive positions. Now we can truly reflect on what is important to us, and sometimes it turns out to be the simplest things.

Betsy - We do have fun doing silly things.

Troutbirder - Yes, it is ALL about family. We do consider the world's people our family as well.

Dawn - I'm certain we look pretty silly, but we have fun and a good laugh.

Helen - They really do give us a lot of laughs and tons of joy.

Mary - They were indeed curious. Lucy had the same look she gets when she sees an injured bird on the deck. And we do laugh a lot. It's so much more therapeutic than crying.

Donna - They were puzzled by that little green thing. I think it might have been the dancing.

Ruth - Thanks. Traditions are so important to us, silly or serious.

Kerri - Thanks. They do like to hang around together.

Jayne - Thanks. We have such fun with them.

Margaret - We are both silly and sarcastic. Makes life very interesting around here.