Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Carolers

We have carolers all over the place at Christmas. Starting with a gift from my son several years ago, we have added them until we probably have enough. I am amazed at how many of them there are.

These represent the street vendors of old England. The fishmonger is my favorite. She stands behind her cart and I can almost hear her yell, "Cockles and mussels, alive alive oh." The kitten beside her has a fish in his mouth. My husband's favorite is the organ grinder with his little monkey and tin cup. Once he was mistakenly referred to as the "monkey grinder," at term which brings us a laugh every year when we put these carolers out.

These carolers are true carolers, in that they are singing carols in the street. The clock above them is my favorite of all the many clocks we own. It is a rosewood schoolhouse clock. I love to imagine the children in the one-room school anxiously watching this clock each afternoon.

A closer look at the singers, shows the nurse on the left with her white uniform and navy blue cape. This was the gift from my son that started our collection.

So thank you, son, for this great Christmas tradition. It has added a lot to our Christmases over the years.
Hope all of you are still enjoying the season as much as we are. Tomorrow will be New Year's Eve! will soon be 2009.


troutbirder said...

It was fun catching up on your blog. There is surely something special about each families holiday traditions, even those of our puppies.

Dog_geek said...

Great tradition! We used to go caroling with some of our neighbors before Christmas every year when I was growing up. Great memories!

Kerri Farley said...

Beautiful collection! So glad you are enjoying your holidays!!

Cedar ... said...

I like the little dogs looking up at the carolers. Nice collection. And even more special because it was started by your son!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful Carolyn... I can almost hear the carolers singing. I'd love to see your home all decorated for Christmas sometime. GORGEOUS!!!!!

Love that clock also. WOW!

George said...

What a beautiful collection. Your fish monger brought back memories. I taught the students in one of my classes in China the words to Molly Malone ("Cockles and mussels, alive alive oh."). My Chinese students loved to sing in English.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: You have a wonderful time with all your carolers. You have a wonderful display.

carolr said...

I have lots of Carolers too. They are lovely. I like where you have chosen to display them. Sometimes I put mine on my mantle and othere times in my dining room. Since I teach elem. school, my classes have often bought me one as a Christmas gift.
Caroling? Oh yes, I was a girl scout! What fun.

amarkonmywall said...

I like all your carolers- quite the collection. This post reminded me of a fun event Rich and I enjoyed this year. One of our neighbors had bid on an auction item at a theater benefit in Chicago- it was two professional actors reading A Child's Christmas in Wales. Wonderful! I'm glad you're having a good holiday season-and best wishes for a most happy new year.

Unknown said...

I've always loved those carolers. One of these days I might start a collection.

Well Carolyn I tagged you in a meme in my last blog post.
Play along if you wish and only if you want to. No obligation.

Mary said...

I thinki I'd like to collect carolers. Your tradition makes me smile.

Gee, the holidays are nearly over. My, how time flies. In less than a week, I'll be back at the office. But I'm still enjoying!

Shelley said...

These are so great - what a fun thing to collect - and so meaningful!

NCmountainwoman said...

troutbirder - Always nice to hear from you.

Dog geek - I remember caroling as a child as well. What fun!

Kerri - Thanks. It has been a great Christmas for us.

Cedar - I love the dogs as well. It was wonderful of our son to start this relatively new tradition for us.

Betsy - You and George will have to come to see our waterfalls during Christmas. Then you can also see our decorations as well.

George - Did they sing Morry Marone? I do love that little ditty.

Fishing guy - We do love them and they are spread out enough that they are not overwhelming in any one room.

carolr - We do love the carolers, although it was only in the past several years that we started collecting them. I also remember Christmas caroling as a big part of our traditions as a child.

Mark on my wall - Thanks. I do hope you will soon be spending your Christmases here in Western NC. What a treat it must have been to listen to the reading.

Toni - They have carolers for everything. There's even a Mary Surratt one.

Mary - I think you would like them too. There are so many of them that you can find something that interests you for certain.

Shelly - thanks, we really love them.