Friday, December 26, 2008

Fridays are Golden

We rarely buy toys for Ellie and Lucy anymore. They destroy most of them and seem disinterested in the others. They tend to prefer tennis balls to the most elaborate, expensive dog toys. They do play with a few of their old toys now and then.

Our son and daughter-in-law brought some Christmas gifts for the dogs. We gave the wrapped gifts to the girls who immediately knew the gifts were for them.

They switched from one to the other, since there were no tags on the packages. Lucy wasn't sure exactly what she should be doing, so she watched Ellie open the gifts.

Oh! Look, Lucy! I think it's a Ms. Santa rubber chicken. Whoopee.

Looks like the other one is a fabric Christmas tree. Double that whoopee.

Ellie immediately took the Christmas tree searching for a weak spot in the seam.

Lucy decided to take it and work for a while herself. Truth be told, neither dog was terribly interested in the presents.

They have a little conference. "Well, seems we lucked out this year." "Yep, I don't know what that jolly old fat man was thinking."

No doubt all of us receive a Christmas gift now and then that we don't really care for. But we accept them in the spirit of Christmas. Dogs are a bit more forthcoming about their likes and dislikes.
But they do join me in hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and that every gift was wonderful, even if it was for its humor value.


George said...

I'm sure the girls were very good all year long. Although Santa didn't bring them any toys, I suspect he did arrange some other treat for them.
Merry Christmas!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Cute Carolyn. I enjoy your 'Fridays are Golden' posts. I'm sure (like alot of children)--your babies just enjoyed unwrapping the gifts. It doesn't matter what is in there--it just the anticipation of getting them unwrapped. SO--guess your Goldens were so tired after unwrapping the gifts that they needed a nap before 'enjoying' the gifts. HA HA

Cedar ... said...

We know animals can communicate with each other, and I sure wish i knew what they were saying! As always, they give me a smile!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: Great shots of the girls unwrapping the presents.

Shelley said...

They seemed like they enjoyed the unwrapping part!

golddog said...

Ellie looks like a pro at opening those gifts.Merry Christmas

Cheryl said...

I had to stop what I was doing and come visit the golden girls....

My grandchildren bought Nella several my amazement she actually opened them.....squeeky toys were the favourite(I have to say the noise has nearly driven me crazy).....I think they are going to be toys for the garden.......

Hope that you enjoyed your Christmas with your family......

Perhaps the golden girls will have better luck next year!!

golddog said...

Ellie loooks like a pro opening those presents.merry Christmas

Tina said...

I bet they were on the top of Santa's list for good little girls! How nice they get along so well..and share! Our dogs also have learned that they have presents to open...some sm boxes with treats inside..and they love opening these...what we have to watch is that after opening theirs they tend to just start helping themselves to whatever is wrapped and still under the is funny to watch but more than one set of gloves or river shirts have been tugged and We never get upset with just so nice to see them get caught up in the whole act of presents!! Great story shots of your girls. Hope you had a nice Holiday and enjoyed that gorgeous tree you bought! Loved that room you put it with those high ceilings!

Mary said...

LOL! They had a little conference :o)

Plush toys are usually destroyed within a few minutes here. A slice of turkey is their best gift of all.


NCmountainwoman said...

George - Actually, they each got a new bleached bone and a tug toy.

Betsy - Ellie is the unwrapper. Lucy hasn't quite figured it out.

Cedar - There is little doubt that our dogs communicate with each other. One perks up and the other one immediately does the same.

Fishing guy - Thanks. They have really enjoyed having company. More people inclined to pet them.

Shelley - They certainly did. And Ellie enjoyed finding the seam on the cloth tree and ripping it apart.

Cheryl - The good thing about squeaky toys around here is that Ellie will work on it and remove the squeaker.

Gold dog - What is better than two Goldens? Two Dichi Goldens.

Tina - We certainly had a great holiday. Hope you are on the mend.

Mary - I'm sure the girls would love some turkey. But they have never had any people food except for carrots.

Kim said...

How precious they look opening their gifts. I love those dogs and missed Golden Friday last week so am very appreciative that you out did yourself this week!! HA, they look as excited as children.

Jayne said...

How funny to see them unwrap and then be perfectly disinterested. They are so fun to watch in your photos.

Carrie P. said...

Looks like they were having fun opening their presents. We would always just wrap a dog biscuit for our puppies. We learned not to put it under the tree too soon.

Kathi said...

No Christmas gift is as appreciated around here as a new canister of tennis balls. My dogs recognize the "whoosh" sound as I open the vacuum-packed can. This year, I found them "breast-cancer pink" tennis balls, which I think they enjoy even more than traditional yellow!

Hope you and your golden girls have a Happy New Year!