Friday, December 19, 2008

Fridays are Golden

Ever been to a family reunion? I'll bet there was at least one obnoxious person with a camera clicking away at everyone, managing to capture everyone unaware in a less than flattering pose. At least we didn't have to see any of these photographs immediately. And the cost of film kept the numbers reduced at bit. More importantly, we didn't have to see them until the next family gathering and the viewing of the pictures kept the camera quiet for a while. Affordable digital photography has brought more of these voyeurs to light. They run around the room having everyone look at the LCD and laugh, always pointing at you!

There are times in which I think our dogs view me as the obnoxious "photographer" bent on messing up their lives. It's been so foggy and damp this week, the girls have been slugs and slept much of the day. You've already seen a lot of sleeping poses. So I took them outside to take a few shots. They clearly were not happy to be there.

As they came out the door, I was standing at the bottom of the steps. Lucy looked up as if to say, "Watch it, Ellie. There stands Mom with her camera!"

Girls, could you sit for a picture? It will only take a moment.

All right. We'll sit, but we won't like it. No way are we going to smile for you. Just go ahead and take the picture.

So I took the pictures of the solemn girls. They clearly did not want to be there and they didn't want me to be there, either. To their credit, it was nearing their dinner time. Their afternoon meal is at 4:30 and beginning around 4:00 they follow my husband around puppy dogs.

So I let them inside. They breathed audible sighs of relief.
----------Friday again. Exactly one week until Christmas Day. Only two days until the beginning of Hanukkah. This weekend will bring the longest days of darkness to our part of the world and we can anticipate the lengthening of daylight from now until June. Granted, it will be measured in milliseconds for a while, but it's the thought that matters.
Have a wonderful weekend, filled with holiday fun and laughter. Give thoughts to our neighbors to the north and midwest who are still having some wretched weather. And stay safe and happy.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: What a neat story and I thought you were talking about yourself.

Melissa Weisbard said...

The dogs look so sweet. Their faces are saying, "come on Mom, lets go in."

George said...

I hope the girls got a nice treat after posing so nicely for you.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Ellie in particular looks positively put out!

I hope your weather improves. We've been VERY cold but have missed much of the heavy snow but tonight and tomorrow they expect we'll get hammered.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Carolyn, What is the age difference in the girls? Is one more 'dominant' than the other? Lucy looks like the 'in-charge' one... Is she?? They are both absolutely gorgeous.

My father-in-law is like your girls. When someone takes his picture, he deliberately frowns!!!! We have to tell a joke or catch him off-guard!!!!

Sooner or later--this foggy, damp, dreary weather will PASS.... Ya think?

Cicero Sings said...

They so don't look happy. Aren't they a hoot!

Dog_geek said...

It's been wet and dreary here, too! On days like this, when I go home to let the dogs out at lunchtime, L satys curled up on his bed and declines to go outside.

Cheryl said...

The golden girls are so well behaved.....I love their facial expressions.....
I hate to have my photograph I try to steer clear of people with a camera......

The thought of the days stretching out is a pleasure....thank you for reminding me.......

Jayne said...

I swear, they do have such "expressive expressions" that I can see they were pouting!!! Have a wonderful weekend Carolyn. :c)

KGMom said...

Solemn girls, indeed.
What is it with dogs and cameras. The other day, my dog was asleep on her back, paws in the air. So I carefully eased the camera out of the case, started to focus--and she PROMPTLY sat up and stared at me.
Moment gone.
She too disapproves of the constant photos.

Mary said...

That last photo is so nice, warm, and inviting! Very pretty, Carolyn. I have a Flexible Flyer in the garage...we'll never use it, I guess.

Cranky dogs :o) At least they listen and sit for a photo. It's rare for me to have the sisters do that :o)

You are posting to often for me to stay current. Slow down, please? LOL!

Ruth said...

When our dog sees the camera, he sits down to pose. When I take pictures of people, he has to get in the picture too. He doesn't like the flash though, so I usually turn it off. Your dogs are so compliant!

Dawn Fine said...

Happy Holidays to you as have the cutest pups...

Anonymous said...

And a merry christmas for you too.

Cedar ... said...

I love your Fridays are Golden posts! Your comments with their expressions are a perfect match! I think they emailed my cat Middy and told her to watch out for me, too! :)

Shelley said...

These photos would make the best xmas cards! What a wonderful front door you have and the sleigh looks perfect there!

The Birdlady said...

Wonderful photos of the girls...
And I'm right with you re the winter solstice...I've been counting the days for a week or so! Merry Christmas!

cedrorum said...

Dogs really can have expressions. That first picture is great. And I'd like to take those sleds by your door on a hill run. It was foggy much of the day here as well Friday. Not the greatest weather for our Christmas bird count, but we did manage to see 32 species.

NCmountainwoman said...

fishing guy - Nope, not me. I rarely take pictures of people.

Melissa - Thanks. They really didn't want to be there.

George - Nope, no treat for doing as they are told.

Lynne - Yes, Ellie looks almost as if I betrayed her. Stay warm in the snow and cold.

Betsy - Ellie is five and Lucy is three. Outwardly, it would appear that Lucy is the alpha dog, but in reality she is not. In unfamiliar settings, she hangs on to Ellie and stays a bit behind. Periodically, when they wrestle, Ellie reinforces her role as alpha.

Cicero - You are right, they definitely were not happy.

Dog geek - I'm not sure why the dogs don't like the rain here. They didn't mind it at all when we lived in WI.

Cheryl - I'm the same way. I hate having my picture taken, especially when I'm not aware.

Jayne - They really do have expressive faces. I can almost read what they are thinking.

Donna - I know what you mean. Ellie will immediately react to the camera.

Mary - Get the Flexible Flyer out. Go to Goodwill and get a pair of ice skates and drape them over the sled. Makes a great porch decoration for the holidays.

Ruth - That's exactly what Ellie does. It's very hard to get a candid shot of her.

Dawn - Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you as well.

Science guy - Merry Christmas to you as well.

Cedar - They are a good pair. Ellie is so compliant and laid back while Lucy is a real pistol.

Shelley - Thanks. The sleds were my husband's when he was a kid.

Helen - I used to watch the Weather Channel begining December 21, to see how much more daylight we were getting.

Cedrorum - Those sledding days were wonderful, weren't they? Pretty successful bird count given the weather!