Friday, December 12, 2008

Fridays are Golden

Little Lucy wants to play!

Four inches of rain have fallen on us since Wednesday. Our county remains in extreme drought conditions, so hardly anyone is complaining about the rain.

There are some who really dislike rain. Two of them are our Golden Retrievers, Ellie and Lucy. They do not like being out in the rain at all. They complete their outdoor duties and immediately want to come back inside. Once inside, Ellie is content to find a cozy bed and snooze. Lucy, on the other hand, tries to wish the rain away.

Lucy stood near the door to the deck.

Mom! Look! It's still raining!
Yes, dear.

And it's gray and there is nothing to watch! I don't see any squirrels, and the birds are just sitting there.
Yes, dear.

Even that old Santa doesn't like it. Wish I could slap that silly smile off his face. But you might get mad if I mess with him, wouldn't you?
Yes, dear.
Lucy ran to the dining room window to see how it looked from there.

Mom! It's raining on this side of the house, too!
Yes, dear.

Suddenly she had an idea. She sat and looked at me.

Hey Mom! Can I go out to the garage and see what Dad is doing? I might be able to help him.
All right, dear.

We went to the garage. My husband is trying to make yet another squirrel baffle, this one from PVC piping. Lucy just loves watching either of us working. She checked out the system, then seemed disinterested.

We came back inside. Lucy made the rounds, checking all the windows. It was still raining from each one.

Finally, Lucy just gave up. She settled down for a nap.

We are so grateful for this nice rain. The trees really need it before winter. It was a nice, gentle rain that really soaked into the ground.
All of us seem to be on some sort of countdown these days. Friday after next will be Christmas Day. We're counting the days until our family members come home to celebrate with us. Whatever your plans between now and Hanukkah or Christmas, or simply to the end of the month, take a breath now and then. Relax and don't let the holiday stress take over your life.
Have a wonderful, safe, and happy weekend.


KGMom said...

Poor golden girls--trapped by (welcome) rain.
Good luck on the squirrel baffle--we bought a plastic shield last week, placed it over our one feeder. So, this morning I watch a squirrel land on it, balance, balance and then drop to the feeder below!!!
Glad you got the rain--we did too, only we didn't need it so much in central PA.

The Birdlady said...

I love "Golden Fridays"

Cheryl said...

That was so funny.......I so enjoyed it.....

Melissa Weisbard said...

My dog doesn't like the rain either. He also doesn't like the extreme heat or the cold. However, if it is between 70-80 degrees, I can't get him to come back in the house.

Dawn Fine said...

LOL great rainy day story..thanks for sharing...Today is sunny in the sandhills of i think your puppy will be happy..

Dog_geek said...

It's been rainy here the past few days. My guys don't mind being out in the rain, as long as I'm out in the rain with them.

George said...

I'm glad you got some rain, even if Lucy didn't appreciate it as much as the trees did!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Carolyn, I enjoy your Golden Girls' Friday posts. What beautiful dogs. I thought I heard Lucy say: "Mom---can I watch TV now? My favorite show is on---you know, I Love Lucy!!" Mom says: Okay Dear!!!!!

cedrorum said...

I like the idea of every now and then just stopping and relaxing. We need the rain here at the coast as well. We probably had 1-2 inches. Not enough to make a dent in the drought, but some is better than nothing.

Mary said...


Perhaps the Golden Sisters aren't accustomed to rain? My girls avoid the rain, too. They squat and run inside!

We had two days of soaking rain also. It's a blessing!

Enjoy the days of anticipation, Carolyn.


Tina said...

Cabin fever! Yikes, I usually get it before the doggie does...but then I just bundle up and wade thru dog is ALWAYS ready to go with me. Hope tomorrow is a little more sunny so you can get your girls out!

LauraHinNJ said...

Such pretty dogs! Luka doesn't much mind the rain... probably cause he can play in the mud then.


Ruth said...

That is a lot of rain. It would have made a huge snowfall. Hope you didn't have flooding problems, but I guess that is not such a problem living on a mountain. Your dogs are so beautiful.

Kim said...

The golden girls do not look at all happy. I love the thoughtful expressions on their face. Such sweet little dogs.

troutbirder said...

I do like the way you and Lucy communicate!

Cedar ... said...

Oh that Lucy, I love her... I'll bet she even heaved a big sigh when she nestled down in her bed for a nap. Sort of saying,.. "oh well,... maybe in another hour the rain will be gone,... I might as well nap,... SIGH......." hee hee...

Shelley said...

I just love your gold sweeties!

Kathi said...

Do your girls blame you for the weather? Mine do - they are in a big hurry to go out, then they stop and look around ... "MO-OM! It's RAINing! Why didn't you tell us it was RAINing?" Then, they try to go out a different door. "Hey! It's raining here, too!" They still seem shocked by the fact that the weather is the same out the front door as it is in the back, LOL!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you enjoy seeing our girls.

Donna - The improvised squirrel baffle is working so far. It's a treat to see them being frustrated for a change. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Betsy - Lucy does enjoy watching television. She's the first dog we've ever owned who watched TV.

Mary - They have not experienced a lot of rain here, but plenty in WI. They didn't seem to mind it so much there, perhaps because we had a large lawn with some huge trees that protected them somewhat.

troutbirder - Lucy is one of the most expressive dogs we've ever had.

Kathi - Yes, they do seem to blame us for the rain. Of course, they give us no credit for weather they enjoy.

RuthieJ said...

Aw, Lucy's so pretty!