Saturday, December 1, 2018

And Still We Love Lucy

And here it is the first of December.  Our Jewish friends will begin the Hanukkah celebration Sunday at sundown and in a few weeks the Christians and heathens alike will celebrate Christmas, all with their own reasons and motivation.

I went to my hair stylist for my first haircut in more than a year!  It was not really a haircut; more of a trim up some wild areas.  As my hair has grown in, it has grown rather wild in all directions.  Think of the worst baby picture you've ever seen with wild hair sticking out all over the place and that gives you an idea of what mine was looking like.  It is still very short, but my stylist was at least able to trim it to manageable and now it looks like someone who dared to cut her hair short enough to dry quickly on its own,

Ironically  enough, Lucy had a bath and style herself.  She doesn't mind her bath and the groomers let her wander around rather than wait in a crate.  She loves watching them work and they seem to love her so we are very pleased with them.

Never one for posing, she sits for a photograph but does not smile.

It's pouring rain here but the weather is warmer.  We had such a subdued Christmas last year we are decorating fast and furious this year.  And we are ever so thankful we have yet another Christmas to celebrate.

Today's quote comes from the late Stan Lee:

"We live in a diverse society
In fact, a diverse world-
And we must learn to live in peace
And with respect for one another."

There is no room for isolationism.  We share this planet with others.  Their problems are our problems.



Vicki Lane said...

I'm sure it felt good to have the new hair tidied up. Josie's hair is at that wild stage -- a barrette helps but she likes to pull them out.

We are still in Fall mode here. We won't put the tree up till the 16th but I'll probably get rid of the pumpkins and bring out the red and green stuff next week.

Such a good quote from Stan Lee. Would that it may come to pass.

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

I'll bet your hair looks great … and I'm so happy that you have enough now to have it styled. This is indeed a Holiday season worth celebrating. Also I agree that there is no room in our lives for isolationism. What a dull life that is. We learn so much from our "foreign" friends.

Arkansas Patti said...

Most of my friends in my support group had curly hair come back. That you can get it cut is a huge improvement.
So glad they don't confine Lucy at her beauty parlor. I'll bet she entertains.

robin andrea said...

It must have been lovely to have your hair cut and styled. You make me want to get my hair cut, which I postpone for years at a time! Also so sweet that the doggie groomers let Lucy wander. Very kind of them. Another great quote too.

Barbara Rogers said...

Great quote indeed! I've recently gone for shorter hair too, which seems to stick out and curl on its own, in all directions. I sometimes remember to pat it down. Give Lucy a Pat behind her ears for me, she's so sweet. May you have many blessings of the season, and do everything at a slow pace rather than with pressures to get them done. That's my advice to myself these days!

Nance said...

How soft Lucy looks, despite her seriousness.

Glad you are feeling celebratory this Season!

Cheryl said...

I am sure you look beautiful with your new hair style. My Mother taught me that beauty comes from within.
I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor, she lost her hair during treatment.
She never covered her head with wig or scarf. I must say I thought her brave but also thought how beautiful she looked. We are all different and that makes life so interesting.

Beautiful Lucy. She is such a gorgeous girl. Nella hates being bathed and it gets worse as she ages.

Have a wonderful run up to Christmas. Grab it with both hands and celebrate.

Many blessings.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I remember how my Mom felt when her hair was long enough to trim too - It made her feel better and put a smile on her face and in both our hearts because of where it meant we were in her journey to kick cancer's butt! :-)

I love Lucy's photo, she looks regal and beautiful. As she always does!

Enjoy your week ahead!

KB said...

I am not surprised that the groomer loves Lucy so much. She looks like such a sweetie.

I, too, am glad that we all have another Christmas to celebrate. I will try not to get hassled... and instead just enjoy that we are all still here.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hair can sometimes make or break our day, so I'm hoping you're feeling better and you're having only good days.
Lucy is such a good-natured girl; I'm sure the groomers just adore her.

Lowcarb team member said...

It must have been lovely to have your hair cut and styled.
Nice too that Lucy had a bath and style herself.

We slowly start to put decorations around, definitely not good to get hassled!
Enjoy your December.

All the best Jan

The Bug said...

Dr. M is in a major decorating frenzy. We're entertaining on Sunday (if the weather cooperates), so we're pulling out all stops!

So glad you were able to spend some time getting your "hair did" - I know the fact that you could is a big deal! Sometimes I miss my extremely short hair - it really was easier to manage. But I don't think I look very good with such short hair.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Vicki - Violet still hasn't a lot of hair but it is finally growing. We used to bring in the tree the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Now we do it a week later.

Ginnie - It is nice to finally have hair that looks like a normal but very short hair cut. I think George Bush's services reminded all of us how important it is to have international neighbors.

Patti - My hair has always been somewhat curly so there isn't much difference. The dog groomer allows all well-trained dogs to wander about. There are several beds or areas where they can rest or they can wander about. Aggressive dogs are in a separate area in crates.

Robin - It was one more "normal" thing that I treasured. I always kept my hair short so I was accustomed to a trim monthly.

Barbara - Thank you. That is great advice and I will definitely follow it.

Nance - It does feel wonderful to feel up to doing things again. We try not to focus on last Christmas but find that a bit difficult.

Cheryl - Thanks. I did not wear caps either unless my head was chilly.

Kim - Like your mother, I felt that getting a trim was one more step toward normal.

KB - Yes, Christmas loses all its wonder if we get too caught up in the hassle. We all need to slow down and be thankful we are all together. So happy to see the wonderful black dog is recovering and adjusting so well.

Suz - Yes, the groomers really like Lucy. She has always been regularly groomed by us so she is never any trouble for them.

Jan - You are so right. But it takes some of us a long time to figure out how to slow down and enjoy the season.

Bug - Yes, having guests always speeds up the process.