Monday, September 12, 2016

Last Broods

Daylight hours are getting shorter.  Leaves are dusky and some isolated ones are turning.  Apples and grapes are ripe and mornings are a bit cooler and crisp.  Yes, Autumn is coming.  And with it we are seeing the last broods of our birds.  There may be a few lingering late fledglings, but for the most part, the breeding season is over.

Our woods are full of birds as we are beginning to see some of the early migrating birds join our summer birds and year-'round birds.  Many of them have muted colors compared to their brilliance during the Spring migration.

This little Pileated Woodpecker (on the right) will soon be feeding herself.

 The little Red-bellied Woodpecker (left) has no red at all.
It blends in perfectly with the tree bark.

 In time, the gray head will get red.  As well as a bit of red on the lower belly.

Both of these birds stay with us all winter.  We will see them come to our suet feeders.  But we won't delight in seeing any fledglings for quite a while.  And that's all right.  We will appreciate them all the more when nesting season resumes.

Thank goodness for birds and football to take our minds off politics.  Although I have to mute the sound during football.  The announcers seem to think I care what they think about the flag and the National Anthem.  Jeez!  That very flag stands for our freedom; to salute or not salute, to pledge or not to pledge, to stand or not to stand.  Enough already.  (Yes, I know many of you disagree.  My own husband thinks it's an inappropriate way to make a point.  But if the media would simply leave the issue alone, it would become a non-issue very quickly.  Stop stoking the fire if you want it to die out.) 'bout them Packers?


Anonymous said...

Love seeing those woodpeckers at the end of summer season. Yes, the air and light is changing quickly now. It's such a beautiful transition. I completely agree with your sentiments about the meaning of our freedom. I never watch news or sports, but I have seen headlines that go on and on about standing or not standing. There is so much more important news to report. Oh well.

NanaNor's said...

Love your woodpeckers! So pretty, but glad they haven't found my home yet-they started to destroy our neighbors deck posts.
I wish the media would just ignore those players who are protesting, seriously. While I respect their freedom to protest(I did in the 70's), I think it is the wrong time and place. Oh well, that's just my opinion.
Have a great week.

Ms. A said...

I'm ready for some of that cooler weather!

Vicki Lane said...

I love your woodpeckers!

And I totally support those players whose non-violent protests have done so much to raise awareness of our on-going problems.

Barbara Rogers said...

Don't you wonder what tiddly-winks the news will come up with next? It's amazing and funny and sad that our media is so trivial about issues that should be discussed seriously. Yet apparently those leaders who have the microphones tend to just make trivial comments about each other! Oh well, another political season is about to go by and next spring there will be baby birds again!

Arkansas Patti said...

I have so enjoyed the development of your Pileated Woodpeckers since I don't have any of my own here. I miss them--we had lots in Florida.
I may just start skipping the news anymore. I have reached a point where I just-don't-want to hear one more thing. Fortunately I watch baseball and so far there hasn't been any comments at least that I've heard.

living from glory to glory said...

Just stopped in to visit a new blogger from Lifes Blessings, And I do enjoy all kinds of birds! And your right about football and we are Bronco fans here, but I do think the mute button has been the best part of the remote LOL
Fall Blessings

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, Autumn is approaching fast!

Lovely to see your woodpeckers.
Lovely to see birds feeding at the suet feeders,they do love them don't they.

All the best Jan

Ginnie said...

You are SOOOOOO lucky to have those pileated woodpeckers nearby. I had a pair years ago but have not seen them for a very long time ... and to be able to be near enough to take those great pictures. I envy you.

troutbirder said...

They're doomed when they help open the Wilf brothers Palatial new taxpayer funded stadium a week from Sunday. Our replacement QB will shock the world with his unexpectedly scintillating play...:)

KGMom said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out why playing the National Anthem is required at ball games. And I can't figure out how it is respectful to yell PLAY BALL at the end. Or for those singing to sing as the anthem draws to a close "Oh SAY can you see..." As though it is a cheer. And similarly, I can't understand why people yell USA USA USA--as though that suffices for patriotism.

OK--I like your woodpeckers much better than all this nonsense about anthems, patriotism, respectfulness, etc.

KB said...

I love your photos of the adult woodpeckers feeding their young. Those days are far behind us here so your photos keep that excitement alive! Are your hummers still there? Ours are gone :(

I saw a gay female soccer player drop to one knee during the anthem to express her protest that not everyone has always had (or has) equal rights. I liked that gesture.

Thank you for your "bell curve" comment when I was so worried. It's my pattern. I freak out, and then I get down to the hard work of researching. After researching, I have a handle on understanding the situation so I feel better. I still know that Shyla might have brain tumor but I also know that it's way out on the edge of that bell shaped curve. The most likely thing is that it's the start of epilepsy, which can generally be controlled these days. I had forgotten about Lucy's rogue seizure. I'm so glad it was only one and that she's so healthy!

Cheryl said...

The first image is just beautiful. Such striking birds and a lovely capture of them feeding.
These are the birds that will bring light during the short days of Winter.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - I agree. So much more important. Like what DJT's testosterone level is :)

Noreen - My husband totally agrees with you. I like the idea that they are still being respectful by bowing silent on one knee.

Ms. A - AMEN to that!

Vicki - Me too. And they are not being disrespectful at all. Simply kneeling rather than standing.

Barbara - I am convinced one of the worst things to happen is the 24/7 "news" stations. Got to fill all that time.

Patti - I've given up on even Newshour. Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifil have become marshmallows.

Glory - Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to visiting you.

Jan - They do love the feeders. My daughter calls them "fast food" for the birds.

Ginnie - I'm amazed every time I see them or hear their tropical call.

Troutbirder - Oh, what a shame to lose the first game in that stadium.

Donna - I hadn't thought of that, but you are absolutely right. It's no longer a solemn moment, especially when the singers think the song is all about THEM.

KB - I do hope your outcomes for Shyla are the best. I'll keep the positive vibes from our old mountains to your new ones.

Cheryl - thanks. The woodpeckers and the cardinals really do brighten our winter days.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Newscasters should focus on downplaying attention to some issues, but sadly they overkill them.