Friday, September 2, 2016

We Love Lucy

It's the start of a holiday weekend here in the US.  Labor Day is on Monday which heralds the unofficial end of summer.  We will note our appreciation for those who braved the horrid working conditions in the past and who work so hard to provide food and materials for us today.  Then we will feast on hot dogs.  I will share a secret...I LOVE HOT DOGS.  Since they are not at all nutritious I limit myself to one on Independence Day and another on Labor Day.  (All right, I also might eat one when our daughter visits and she and I go on our little jaunts through the mountains.)

Lucy, of course, does not recognize most holidays.  I'm sure she smells the turkey roasting on Thanksgiving and she certainly notices all the decorating at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but they don't make much difference to her.  She rather enjoys watching us putting out decorations, especially decorating the tree.  But otherwise holidays don't affect her.  There are two exceptions, Independence Day and Labor Day.  On those days the park she normally visits daily is taken over by folks celebrating the holidays.  So she doesn't get to go since she would not be able to run off lead.

My husband takes Lucy to the park very early in the mornings, especially during summers.  She loves the cooler air, and my husband loves the quiet.  On a recent visit, he took some photographs of Lucy during rest periods.  Lucy is eleven now but does not understand the aging process. (In fact, I think she believes this acting grown up thing is highly over-rated.)   Consequently she will not pace herself.  So after a period of sprinting, we make her sit.

She sits in the mossy/sandy area near the beach.

I love the long shadows contrasting with the bright sunlight.

There are many things to fear in this world of ours.  But we cannot let the fear-mongering spouted by some politicians affect our thinking.  They seem to think if they shout the unfounded fears loudly enough, people will begin to believe them.  Unfortunately they are right.  Many people are duped by the rhetoric, half-truths and down-right lies.  So it is fitting that today quotes are about fear.

The first is by the Greek philosopher Plato:

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

The next one is from American author Neale Donald Walsch:

FEAR is an acronym in the English language for

Our thoughts go out to those affected by the Hurricane Hermine as she moves along the Atlantic coast.  And for the displaced everywhere.  And for those who live in danger and fear.

And especially this weekend, our thoughts go out to the laborers everywhere.




NanaNor's said...

Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend as well.

Barbara Rogers said...

Happy Labor Day! You can eat a hot dog for me...I may enjoy eating them, but they don't enjoy me any more! Hope we stay dry while Hermine blows along the coast!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Labor Day there and enjoy the coming long shadows of fall.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm totally with you on the hot dogs -- I splurge on them very rarely, but give me a brat on the grill, and I lose all restraint! :-)

The photos of your girl are lovely, and she's a reminder to not worry about the time that passes, and enjoy each day, no matter what day it is!

I just wish "the day" of the election was over. I'm so tired of the back and forth. I already know who I'm voting for, so nothing that's said is going to change that -- *He* can't scare me!!

♥(¸.·´(¸.·¨¯`★ Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Vicki Lane said...

Hot dogs are a guilty pleasure for me too -- usually confined to once or twice a year. And this election can't be over soon enough -- though I am looking forward to seeing what a debate between DT and HRC will look like.

Cheryl said...

Hot dogs.........cannot stand them. I truly cannot understand whats to like but each to their own. I am sure I eat things that other people would find horrible :)

Love Lucy........understand the not growing up thing.
Lucy and I would get on well. I push until I am exhausted........

Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy your hot dog :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you have a great Labor Day and enjoy as many hot dogs as reasonable. I have a weakness for them also. If I see anyone eating one--I want one--right then. Watching baseball games is hard on me:))
Lucy looks wonderful and her coat just shines.
I love the mind of Plato. He is one of the greats I would liked to spend a day with.

The Bug said...

Lucy is especially lovely in today's pictures!

KB said...

Lucy is such a gorgeous Golden, with luxurious shiny fur. I love those photos!

I agree about the fear thing... but I don't think that those on the other side of the great divide are listening to any of us. It's sad.

Lowcarb team member said...

An occasional hot dog or burger ...can be a tasty treat!

I love the two photo's of Lucy sitting so still.
I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.

All the best Jan

Louvregirl said...

FEAR is an acronym in the English language for

Always liked this concept. Sometimes, the real battle is in your mind (how you perceive things.) Yes?