Friday, September 23, 2016

We Love Lucy

Autumn is here!  The panic gasoline shortage is pretty much over.  The Colonial Pipeline was quickly diverted around the leak and the pipeline fixed.  So we will be able to get up to higher elevations to see the changing colors.

Lucy has developed some contact allergies and has two more "hot spots" and a rash on her underside.  She's under treatment and new drugs so we're hoping everything will heal up nicely.  The veterinarian thinks this will be seasonal but one of the newer drugs can be given year round if she develops chronic allergies.  We think it has to do with grass since she gets much worse walking in the grass beside the roads.  No, our community does not spray anything on the grass.  But this has been an unusually hot dry summer.  The veterinarian says she is seeing many more allergies this year than usual.

The following photograph was during a rest period after a romp in the park.  It's difficult to know whether she is smiling because she is happy or whether it is more of a sun grin.

Lucy grinning in the bright sun

 The following is a genuine grin.  I had just asked if she wanted a cookie and snapped this before she could get up.  We call all treats "cookies."

 Oh, yes please.  I'd love to have a cookie

To those of you who are losing your summer birds, we thank you for sending them to us.  The migration has begun once more and we truly welcome the visitors who spend a week or so with us before heading to parts further south.

I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'm not watching much television at all, although I did stay up late Wednesday night watching the Charlotte protests and then the rioting.  So sad to see.  And I don't want to hear one more prediction about what the Presidential debate might be like.  I won't even be watching.  I'll wait for Samantha Bee to fill me in afterwards.  And thank goodness John Oliver is back from his break.

I actually heard a woman tell a reporter, "Well it's time to shake things up.  Maybe we do need to put a bull in the china shop."  Silly woman...not good for the bull and certainly not good for the china shop.

Today's quote is actually a poem by Gaby Comprés.  It makes me feel good every time I read it.

There are stars you haven’t seen and loves you haven’t loved
There’s light you haven’t felt and sunrises yet to dawn
There are dreams you haven’t dreamt
And days you haven’t lived and nights you won’t forget
And flowers yet to grow
And there is more to you that you have yet to know.





troutbirder said...

The word "cookies" would certainly get my attention and smile...:) As to debates I'm so apprehensive about the whole thing...:( I don't know if I'll watch at all. Probably read my Washington Post in the morning.

Vicki Lane said...

Lucy looks so happy.

I, alas, am going to have to watch the debate as I've been asked to participate in a discussion about it at Malaprop's the next night. Said discussion is going to be aired on WLOS so I must attempt to sound informed. . .

Vicki Lane said...

WLOS will be live streaming it on Tuesday 7-8. That's all I know.

Lowcarb team member said...

Glad the gasoline shortage is over ...

Lovely pictures of Lucy, especially that second one.
Hope her allergies improve soon.

Wishing you a happy weekend

All the best Jan

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Lucy smile like that. She is such a happy girl. We'll be watching the debate at least until it gets to be utterly unbearable. I'm afraid that the news media has utterly less us down by not doing thorough and thoughtful reporting. Not a good thing this year, not a good thing at all.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh I hope Lucy's spots are a passing thing. I know about those age related allergies that suddenly appear.
I won't be watching. I all ready know who I am voting for and I think the debates should be for the undecided. I know I would hate the vitriol.

KB said...

Our R gets seasonal skin allergies too. For him, Claritin does the job most years. We have stronger stuff for when it doesn't. The best thing seems to be a bath after every contact with grass... but that's not in the cards.

I agree - what a silly woman. As for the debate, I'm curious enough to watch but will probably turn it off in disgust.

KGMom said...

Ah--you named my two go-to people to fill the Jon Stewart void: John Oliver and Samantha Bee,

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Troutbirder - I am also very afraid. There are some very evil people working with DJT.

Vicki - Lucy is pretty much a happy girl. As long as things go her way. I'll look for your take on the debate.

Jan - Thanks. The gasoline shortage would have been much less if people hadn't changed their buying habits out of fear.

Robin - AMen. How can they fill up 24 hours a day with non news?

Patti - Unfortunately you won't get away from the vitriol. It will be all the talk for the next week.

KB - I know it will make me angry so I'll not even tune in.

Donna - Yes, I still miss Jon Stewart. But Oliver and Bee do help.