Friday, October 14, 2011

Fridays are Golden

We don't give our dogs as many treats as most dog owners do.  Since they don't often get them, they really are special.  There are three things they consider treats which they get consistently.  Whenever anyone gets ice from the fridge, the girls are right there each expecting an ice cube.  I make green salads almost every day.  The girls just love carrots, so I give them a few slices of carrot.  And each evening they each get a treat when they get into their crates for the night.

They are anxiously watching and waiting for their carrot pennies.  And yes, it might have been a little cruel of me to take the time for a picture rather than pay attention to cutting the carrots.  But can you blame me for wanting to capture those beautiful faces?

My husband and I tend to keep tiny treats in our pockets.  Every so often, we will call the dogs.  They come rather quickly and sit down to await the treat.  We do this at different times and in different situations.  The girls always come quickly when called...not because they are so obedient, but because we might have a treat for them.

My husband has called the girls and they sit next to his chair.  (We tend to take off our shoes a lot and you can see my husband's shoes next to the girls.)  They expect a treat but sometimes the treat is petting them.  Since they are never sure whether a treat will be given, they come quickly just in case.  And they don't seem to be disappointed if the treat is just getting some petting and hugs.

How is the color in the NC mountains?  It has burst forth rapidly.  Rain and high winds around here have muted the color a bit, but it is still gorgeous.  The color at our elevation (3,000 ft) is not yet at peak.  The color above 4,000 ft is very near peak, and the color at 2,000ft and below is just beginning.  So if you are in the mountains, you can easily drive to a different elevation and you will find beautiful color.

I shot this photograph from our deck this morning.

Then I walked to the mailbox and aimed down our street.

As we look at the Autumn spendor we also enjoy some of our "winter" vegetables.  Squashes, pumpkins, and other vegetables taste so wonderful in this chilly season.  The quote this week comes from Bertie Forbes, who started Forbes Magazine.

Believe in yourself, your neighbors, your work, your ultimate attainment of more complete happiness.  It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring who reaps a harvest in Autumn.

So work on believing all through the year.  But believing by itself will not bring a harvest.  You must also take action and plant your seeds in order to reap the harvest.



The Bug said...

The Golden Girls can have ALL my carrots :)

Your trees are lovely. Mike has taken some good foliage pictures this week - I'll be posting them tomorrow.

Rudee said...

I fear Leo would turn his snout up at a carrot. If you had an apple peel though, he'd be your friend forever. I always keep Leo guessing about rewards, too. He seems just has happy with an ear scratch as with a treat for doing my bidding.

Your colors are beautiful.

My Mind's Eye said...

What a delightful post!! Carrot pennies I love it.

I loved your comment about folks in the 60's shuffling. I should have added the irony of the story is that now my hubby and I are in our 60's just like that couple and WE DO NOT SHUFFLE either. I expect our generation has taken my c better care of ourselves.

That was some neighborhood story you had. Kind of spooky.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Ms. A said...

Sweet, sweet girls and the colors are magnificent!

Karin said...

I passed on this link to my grandson! They just got a free puppy while I was up in High Level for a visit. The meat treats were so expensive! Great ideas! Also love the foliage photos! Thanks for sharing!

Arkansas Patti said...

My goodness, the girls have you so well trained. I'll bet it didn't take long.
Those profile shots are adorable.

KB said...

Beautiful photos of the girls, even if you delayed the carrot treats. My dogs love tiny pieces of pear when I have one as a snack. Similar to carrots - low cal but tasty!

Your colors look gorgeous to me. I miss the reds of the eastern part of the US.

I am currently planting seeds for the spring so your saying can work both ways!

Enjoy your weekend.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love the pics as always. I'm impressed that your treats are carrots, our dogs have always loved carrots but we do give treats. I love that you have trained them to come and sit and wait patiently....such well behaved pups. Love your colors-I do love your area for the vibrant Falls. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Shelley said...

You do have such beautiful, good girls! Love seeing their attentive faces. Fall is looking good in your area!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I absolutely love your fall color; gorgeous. That quote is perfect too.
Your girls are so well trained...I just love them.
Our babies love carrots too, but go ape crazy (picture major drooling) when anyone eats a banana. Cocoa can hear me peel a nana from across the house.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Cheryl said...

Those golden girls are such darlings......I agree with THE BUG, they can have all my carrots too :0)
I respect the way that you have trained your golden girls. I know from experience, it is consistency that keeps dogs happy and secure.

The colour in the mountains is beautiful. Mother nature never ceases to amaze me with her colourful displays.......

Murr Brewster said...

I, too, will come when I might get a treat. And petting counts. Hard not to think of "is that a carrot in your pocket, or..."

Vicki Lane said...

Our dogs expect dog biscuits in the morning but it's the routine they like more than the biscuit. Often often a great deal of agitating for their 'cookies' they'll drop them on the porch an walk away. William will bury his -- whether for later or as a statement on the cookie quality, I don't know.

Kerri Farley said...

Your girls are so pretty!
Autumn is such a lovely time of year!

Barb said...

I wish I was conditioned to love carrots as a treat! I love the range of your fall colors - our golds have faded and the leaves have blown off the trees. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Caroline.

Kelly said...

...aaahhhh...I love those two shots of the girls! They look like they have very good manners too! They have beautiful faces and expressions. :-)

Al said...

Your dogs are wonderful - we have a small dog, and treats are one of his favorite things, along with hikes. And your fall photos are gorgeous!

Ms. ~K said...

Enjoyed my visit here! :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Carolyn, I love seeing your sweet girls... You all are such great parents!!!! Wish more parents would be better like that --not only for the dogs but also for their kids...

Love your Fall pictures.. I'm sure that your area is ablaze with color. We went to the Smokies on Friday--and I'll share pictures tomorrow.

Love the new slideshow.... That's one good thing which Blogger has done --although some say they are having trouble with it...


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Bambi loved bananas and apples, peaches and pears.
There are some of those treats around all the time!!
Tinker loved carrots and all the fruit too!!!
Loved your beautiful colors you live around this time of year.
xx, Fern

Tipper said...

Love the look on the girls faces-just precious! The leaves are in full color here too-and many have fallen in the winds we've been having.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for commenting, every one.

Bug - But they are so good for you. Just try one bite.

Rudee - We rarely peel apples but next time we do I'll see if the girls like peels.

Madi's Mom - When the President and First Lady visited Asheville, they took a short hike where they met a woman hiking alone. The newspaper reported the encounter by headlines, "Obama meet elderly hiker." Elderly hiker? The woman was in her early 60s!

Karin - The secret is time, time, time. It's a hard job training a dog, but very much worth the effort.

KB - We haven't tried any other veggies or fruits. The carrots started a couple of years ago when I dropped a slice. Lucy loved it so much I decided to give them as treats. However, they get them only if I am slicing carrots for salads. No slicing? No carrot treats.

NanaNor - I know that some people can live with dogs that are mischievous, but that's not the kind of dog I want. At the end of the day, people have the kind of dog they want; well-behaved or wild.

Suz - We had a Springer Spaniel who went bananas for a slice of banana. I've not tried that with the Golden Girls.

Murr - You crack me up. Your comments are as funny as your posts!

Kelly - Thanks. They do have good manners and that is important to us. Although I don't have a problem with other people who prefer to live with a rambunctuous canine.

Betsy - I haven't decided whether or not I like the slideshow approach. I'll have to work with a little more.

Tipper - Yes, the high winds have really made the leaves tumble down. This may be one of the shortest leaf seasons we have had in quite a long time.

Ruth said...

Your girls inspire me to train our new dog well. We have found it hard to treat and train her with food as she is a very picky eater. Your fall colours are beautiful!