Monday, March 28, 2011

Mountain Visitors

Funny, when we lived in Wisconsin we rarely had visitors who stayed a week with us.  Now that we are in these wonderful mountains, we often have visitors for a night or two or even a week.  This week we are having guests so I will not be posting although I will try to drop by your blogs.

The guests are good friends who are looking at potential retirement locations.  When they last visited us they fell in love with the western NC mountains (well, who wouldn't?) so they are checking out communities around here.  They are low maintenance guests and we will enjoy having them.

The Golden Girls will be especially happy.  The visitors have owned Golden Retrievers for many years.  They lost their beloved Maggie last year and when they visit they shower attention on Ellie and Lucy.  The dogs just love it when the humans outnumber the canines.  There's always someone interested in petting a dog.

While we will definitely be touring the mountains, we will also spend some time right here at home.  Weather permitting we will sit on the deck and porch or just wander the woods behind our house.  We have cleared a trail for the dogs and have benches and tables made from fallen trees.  The girls love the opportunity to be off-leash and ramble through the woods.

Ellie perches on one of the benches, smiling in the sunshine.

Princess Lucy simply poses.

Late Entry:  (because I just read the newspaper)
So our 'Heels lost and won't be going to the Final Four.  [No, that's not what I read in the newpaper.  You know I watched the game.]  No surprise...they went further than we expected them to go.  BTW:  If you picked Virginia Commonwealth to go to the Final Four you have probably won your bracket pool.  ESPN sponsors a bracket tournament.  This year they received 5.9 MILLION entries.  And how many of those entries correctly predicted the Final Four teams this year?  TWO!!!  Yep, that's two, the number following one.  Not two million...two.  How cool is that?

Here's hoping all of you have a good week.  We might have more rain than we would like, but we will have a great time anyway.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Both pictures of your girls are simply gorgeous, but I'm partial to the one of Ellie ... nothing's sweeter than the smile of a Golden (unless it's the smile of a grandchild).

Carolina Linthead said...

The girls are SO beautiful!!! When we lived in the mountains, it seemed like we had to beg to get people to come visit. I guess it was us, as I can see no other reason for not taking a trip to such a lovely place...and staying as long as you can.

Karin said...

So much fun to have visitors! Enjoy! Love the pics of your golden girls.

Barb said...

Have fun with the guests. Who wouldn't love those Girls? It snowed here in CO overnight (in the mts and the city).

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope your visit is all that you would expect...enjoy. I love it when we have guests who LOVE our dogs is a win/win!!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I love your pictures too!!
I love see the girls and their beautiful smile!!
Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a wonderful time with your company!!
XX, Bambi & Fern

carolina nana said...

I agree that our Heels went farther than I expected them to.
They shouldn't hang their heads as they had a great season. HOpefully they will all stay another year. I really enjyed watching this bunch play ball.
Have a blessed week house hunting with your friends.

Elora said...

Go VCU!!!!! Can't help it, NCMW. I'm a sucker for the (ahem) underdog....speaking of dog(s) they are soooo beautiful! And then there are the underDOG Butler Bulldogs....they're hard to resist, too! Have fun with friends!

Appalachian Lady said...

Enjoy your company and can't blame them for wanting to settle in the NC mountains.

I'm rooting for VCU--it's not Virginia Tech but Virginia still. Too bad about the tarheels though.

D.K. Wall said...

We can bet the Golden Girls appreciate the increased ratio of hands per dog - about guarantees constant petting.

Anonymous said...

I finished in last place in our family pool--beaten by a four-year-old among others.

I love your girls' smiling faces.

We have company this week, too--the Indiana grandsons! I hate that they're here for rainy weather, but it's snowing (and sticking) in Indianapolis, so they're good with the rain.

Vicki Lane said...

We get a fair number of visitors too -- a lot looking for that perfect spot.

troutbirder said...

They are gorgeous as always.
& at least you team made it into the tourney... mine did a total floperoo.. :(

Mary said...

This week was a rain show! We need the rain and I'm hoping we won't continue to be in a rain deficit like we've had in a few years.

Good to see the Golden girls again :)