Friday, March 11, 2011

Fridays are Golden

I've been complaining about the dog beds in the great room.  Impossible to keep clean and sliding all over the floor.  Well, we have fixed that problem.

Lucy checks out the package from LL Bean.

I just know it's something for us!  Come check it out Ellie!

Um...I'll just watch from a careful distance if you don't mind.

Uh, says no sharp objects.

Oh, I knew it was something for me!  Blue is a good color for me.

Yep...I like it.

Maybe I'll check it out after all.

Oh, I like it too!

So how long will it take before Lucy plops down and crowds Ellie?
Not long at all.

The new beds are a bit hit with the dogs and with me.  The covers are denim, very easy to vacuum.  They don't slide all over the place and they make nice little nests.  The girls love them.

Here we are approaching another weekend.  We will set the clocks for Daylight Savings Time and lose an hour's sleep.  College basketball tournaments will be on constantly and the remote will be busy switching from game to game.  Well, except when the TarHeels are playing.  There will be shouting and excitement and a great time will be had by all, win or lose.  It ain't called "March Madness" for nothing.  We definitely go mad around here.

And this weekend we will keep our thoughts on those affected by tragedy...natural disasters and man-made disasters.  We count our many blessings and reflect on those less fortunate.



Taradharma said...

many problems solved! Too bad about the earthquake though, just waking up to the horrible news.

Glad the girls enjoy their new beds - how could they not?

troutbirder said...

Perfect just perfect. We have a similar problem and Mrs. T will be thrilled when I show here this post!

Karin said...

Just had such a chuckle about both of them on the same bed - go figure, lol!! What tragic news about the earthquake and the tsunami and all it's aftereffects.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those beds look amazing...are they easy on and easy off for the washing machine????
I know, we are so lucky with all the bad things happening around our world. Enjoy your weekend...I surely will try as well.

kks said...

that Lucy is so goofy! love the beds!
thanks for the comment on my blog....could you tell i was a bit confused by her comments...(i didn't delete anything, as she suggested)...weird...:)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Our Golden doesn't care to sleep on a bed ... in the summer, she prefers to sleep on the floor registers to get the cold air from the air conditioner. In the winter, she prefers to sleep on the hardwood floor because it's cooler. Yes, she's a silly girl, but we love her just the same. ;-)

Yes, it's a sad time across the world these days ... I'm reminded what a friend said to me this morning: life is a cause for prayer.

Have a blessed weekend.

carolina nana said...

Did you watch the Tarheels today ???
All I can say is I'm glad they got that terrible game out of their systems and are very lucky to have won !!
I did feel guilty watching the game knowing how much suffering is going on in Japan.
All we can do is pray for the people affected by this terrible situation and find peace in understanding that somehow this all fits into God's master plan for us.
Have a blessed weekend.

George said...

I'm glad the girls like their new beds. Even more important is the fact that you like them.
As a former resident of North Carolina, I hope UNC does well in March Madness.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they recently get new beds for another room? Are these the same kind? Blue is indeed a good color for them. :)

Yes, constant basketball going here, too. I'm okay, except when Dick Vitale announces. I consider those cruel and unusual punishment.

Cicero Sings said...

Those girls are so spoiled! The beds look like just the ticket. That Lucy, she cracks me up how she crowds that poor Ellie. What a girl.

Sounds like fun and exciting times ahead in your house. Enjoy.

Looks like the Mr is definitely on the mend.

D.K. Wall said...

Those look like terrific beds. We have a whole mix of beds that have been acquired over the years.

How Sam Sees It said...

They are cute together!


Vicki Lane said...

We saw that coming, with the girls sharing a bed.

No joy in Mudville today -- the Tarheels went down and the four men in my living room were sad.