Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life's Little Oddities

One sometimes sees the oddest things. Some of them are real. Upon closer examination, others turn out not to be so odd after all. This has been a day of odd things.

The first odd thing is a Towhee. I know, I know, a Towhee is not odd. It is when it is sitting at a bird feeder on a second-floor deck, some 40 feet off the ground that it looks odd. I apologize for the picture. I was so amazed; I just grabbed the camera and did a quick point/shoot through the window and screen. You may want to click to enlarge.

The next odd thing I saw was a set of conjoined twin Golden Retrievers.

We’re hoping to have the separation surgery soon.

Driving down to town, I came upon a flowering pine tree.

I can explain some of the oddities.
The conjoined Goldens are simply lying together. No matter where Ellie (on the right) decides to rest, Lucy (red collar) snuggles up next to her.

They are indeed two separate dogs. Here they are running on a nearby hiking trail.

Here’s Lucy: When you started this blogging stuff you said you wouldn’t embarrass the family. Well I’m family, and I don’t like those comments. So I’ll just stay here with my head under the chair ‘til you apologize.

When I stopped the car for a closer look, I saw that the flowering pine tree turned out to be an azalea growing right in front of the pine tree.

Wait a minute. Is that a butterfly? (Click to enlarge)
Oh yes, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Such a lovely, delicate thing.

As for the Towhee --- I have no explanation as to why this ground-feeding bird decided to try out a seed feeder so far up in the air. I suppose there are some odd things in nature that can’t be explained so easily. If you have any ideas, I would welcome them.


Ruth said...

I have never even seen a Towhee. They are not common around here. Your dogs are gorgeous!

Jayne said...

Now that is ODD! A Towhee on a feeder? :c)
Your girls are so beautiful.

KGMom said...

Maybe your towhee likes the broad base of your feeder.
Love the doggies--I read back over a couple of your posts (somehow I got behind) and saw the one where birds use the dogs' fur for nest lining. Smart birds.
Sure looks lovely in NC.

Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn thanks for stopping by my blog. I have friend who moved back to NC and I hope to visit by next year. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your surroundings and maybe hearing about your soup. :)

Jotter Jan said...

Hi Carolyn...I noticed you live in the mountains of Carolina and couldn't resist visiting your blog. I love the mountains...however I live in the Sandhills...outside Fayetteville, NC. I work at the hospital there. I've always loved Golden Retrievers and after rescuing one that was thrown out as a puppy...then training him...I reluctantly gave him to a doctor friend who uses him as a therapy dog. My name is Jan and my email address is:

Hope you have a wonderful spring day!

Q said...

Dear Carolyn,
The Towhee is so pretty. Like Ruth I have never sen one. I would love a Towhee to visit my backyard.
The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is one of my favorite butterflies. I think they are beautiful!
Wonderful photos.
Thank you for "Little Oddities"!

NCmountainwoman said...

I will definitely try to photograph a Towhee for those who aren't familiar with them. They summer here and are among my favorite birds. They are beautiful and have a wonderful song. I know the spring has come when "our" Towhee returns and sits on a tree outside singing his little heart out. Oh, I love them.