Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Gnome of my Own

This morning the Golden Girls gave me a present in a large box. I opened the box and was delighted to find…a garden gnome.

His name is Al and he must be a hard worker. He even brought along his wheelbarrow.

I know that Al will be out in the rain and weather, but it was rainy and chilly this morning. I stood on the porch, looking out at the rain and decided I would let Al have the day off. I just couldn’t put him out in the rain on his first day here. Especially since I would have to go out in the rain myself in order to do so.

A little research revealed more gnome information than I really cared to know. There are some truly dedicated gnome collectors. Which is fine, really it is. But some of these folks are a little over the top. Did you know there are garden gnome blogs, reserves dedicated to garden gnomes, little gnome houses and accessories for sale? And there are gnome advocates; organizations designed to free the gnomes from their constant gardening. A popular outing for these liberators is “gnome hunting,” in which they drive around and pick up (i.e., steal) garden gnomes from yards. The cultish nature of some groups is a bit unsettling.

My husband asked, “So where are you going to put him until he goes outside? He can’t stay in the kitchen.”

I started thinking about some of the gnome groups. “Oh,” I said, “I’ll just put him in the guest room for the time being.”

Get some sleep, Al. You start work first thing tomorrow morning.
DISCLAIMER: This posting is not intended to minimize or ridicule gnome collectors who know the history of every garden gnome around. It’s a fine hobby, but I’ll be content to simply enjoy seeing Al in my garden. I'd prefer not to be part of your listserv. It was a big enough leap to put Al to bed for the photo, thank you very much.


Jayne said...

I think Al will be perfectly happy in your garden, and he obviously is happier having work to do or he would not have brought his wheelbarrow, right? Uh, that gnome groupie thing is a bit... out there?

Ruth said...

I always thought gnomes were real! Gnomes and fairies were my favourite childhood woodland creatures.

The Birdlady said...

That's pretty funny - and your "girls" are beautiful!

Jotter Jan said...

Your little gnome tale had me laughing out loud...especially when I saw him in the guest room and read your disclaimer!!!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Glad to find you're blogging, too!
I'm also a Barbara Kingsolver fan--it's nice to get to know you!

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Al is a handsome little fella. Not a gnome collector, no reason, but I think he will be a cute addition to your garden!

NCmountainwoman said...

Jayne - I as well was surprised at the number of gnome groupies there are out there. Guess it takes all kinds.
Ruth - I was never caught up in gnomes and fairies until my children were growing up. One of our read-aloud books was "The Hobbit" and I developed some appreciation for these mystical woodland creatures.
Birdlady - Thanks for visiting. Lucy and Ellie appreciate the compliment.
Jotter Jan - Glad I gave you a laughed. You should have seen me laughing when I opened the gnome.
Nina - Thanks for dropping by. I do love your blog, great photos and sheer poetry.
Aunt B - He's not terribly tall, so I think he will fit in nicely under some shrubbery. Our house is on the community garden tour in early June. I can't wait to hear comments about that "tacky" garden gnome. I thought about flamingos, but in deference to the garden club we'll just stick with Al.