Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday is Golden

The Golden Girls do not have many of their ancestral traits. They are very active, but they do like the comforts of home. (One trait they kept is that of rolling in deer scat, or something equally disgusting, in order to mask their scents.) They may not be bird dogs, but they certainly are birdwatching dogs. They love to look out the doors and windows at the birds at the feeders and in the trees. (You wouldn't believe how much window cleaner I go through every week.) Here is Lucy, intently watching the bird activity.
Wow! Look at that Red-bellied Woodpecker!
When Lucy tires of birdwatching, she rests, using Ellie for a pillow.
Chill out! I delegated the birdwatching duties for a while. Ellie will keep an eye on them.
Other times, Ellie takes a rest while Lucy watches the birds.
Ellie had better wake up soon. My eyelids are getting heavy and I can't concentrate on the birds.

BTW: Here's a tip for those who have dogs that roll in disgusting, smelly things. It's especially helpful to have in your car for that drive home. We have a "go pail" containing paper towels, old towels, a bag for disposing of the paper towels and holding the old ones, and the first aid for a smelly dog. Keep it in the car when you have your dog out with you.

First aid for smelly dogs:

Mix Listerine™ (the old fashioned amber kind) and water in a spray bottle. One part Listerine and 3 parts water. Use the paper towels to get as much of the yucky stuff off as you can. Spray the solution on the area to saturate hair, then rub off excess with old towel. It is antiseptic and has a nice clean smell. It surely makes the drive home much more pleasant.


The Birdlady said...

Very sweet photos of obviously sweet girls.

KGMom said...

Oh I love your girls. Goldens are such wonderful dogs--and your two look like the cream of the crop.
I especially love the photo of Lucy lying on Ellie.

Unknown said...

Carolyn your dogs are beautiful. It is fun watching our pets watch nature outside.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the tip about cleaning up the dogs. Our dog cannot resist rolling in whatever! Often it is a dead rodent or worse. Dogs are the best companions!

Jayne said...

You can just feel the love they have for one another in your photos. :c)

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks, all. They are pretty good dogs. Ellie is very obedient, knows and follows the rules. Lucy follows the rules as well, but has to be reminded every day that yes, the same old rules apply today. "Oh," she seems to say, "I thought that was just for yesterday."