Friday, March 8, 2019

We Love Lucy

Life here on the mountain continues to go well.  I still awaken each morning so thankful that I'm still feeling good.  I lie in bed quite a while after I wake up, just thinking about how lucky I am.  Not even the rain (which started again this morning) can make me sad.

Our Lucy continues about the same.  She is getting one little irritated spot from the seam on her boot, so we are putting protecting padding on that.  She's eating well and manages to get around without help, albeit slowly.  She is not having any pain and we are very pleased about that.  She still loves her pillows and she still curls up into a tight ball sometimes.  Her hair is getting longer since we no longer take her for grooming, but we keep the tangles out and use a deodorizing dry shampoo so she doesn't look too bad.

Lucy in a tight little ball

Our Violet continues to grow and learn.  She is totally absorbed in figuring out how everything works and will manipulate a child-proof item for quite a while.  She loves shape-sorting puzzles and climbing.

It's already hard to imagine how small she was when she was born.  In fact, had she weighed even a few ounces less, our son and d-i-l would have had to purchase and install a new car seat before they could leave the hospital with her.  She has caught up and past most milestones and is in the 97th percentile for height with very long legs.  She has developed the "terrible twos" independent attitude.  It seems quite cute to her grandparents.  Not so cute for her parents.

Here is tiny Violet on her way home from the hospital
My son said he has never been so scared as when they closed the car door,
knowing those people trusted him and his wife to care for this little baby.

Here she is in a photography shoot.  (My son photographed the photographer)
The little blanket was my son's "lovey" for a few years

One of today's quote comes from the Buddha:

"Three things cannot be hidden:
The sun, the moon, and the truth."

The other is from Sojourner Truth:

"Truth is powerful and it prevails."

So in these days of partial truths and lies, keep in mind that the truth itself cannot be hidden forever and will eventually prevail.



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Violet was such a tiny baby. Seeing those photos reminded me of when our grandson was born we years ago and was in a neo-natal unit for nearly 2 weeks before being discharged. Glad to read that both yourself and Lucy are going well. And you are sooo right that Peeps in various colors and "flavors" are sooo wrong. To me they will always be yellow and chicks!

Nance said...

It is gladdening to read that you continue to feel so well.

Watching a well-cared for child in an enriching environment grow and develop is truly a joy and often stunning to behold. They are so eager, quick, and naturally curious. It's wonderful that you can be part of her life at this time.

Busy Bee Suz said...

She was a tiny little thing but has grown into a smart, funny and growing young girl. I kind of miss those days of being challenged by a little person. :)
I'm so happy you are feeling well-Lucy too.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know all is well there even with the rains. Lucy looks good, and that photo of Violet being photographed is so beautiful. I love the quotes about truth and hope with all my heart it will be so.

Arkansas Patti said...

Lucy really knows how to enjoy some down time. Kind of like here long hair.
Boy does time fly. Vi all ready testing parents in the T-T phase. Love the photographer photographing the baby also.
Stay well and hopefully some day--dry. Sadly we are sending you another wave.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good to hear you are feeling well. Lucy is so sweet with long hair, and I'm glad she's also doing ok. Vi is so sweet, and reminds me of my second son, a premie at 8 mos...but big enough that he could come home with me...and he's now 50 something! Enjoy your little grand while she's small!

Gene Bach said...

The truth always comes out in the end. Always.

KB said...

I, too, am so thankful that you are feeling good. Lucy is lucky to have you watching over her. I am so happy that she is not feeling pain and has such love showered on her.

Yes, we should all look for the truth. I was just listening to NPR - and a visiting commentator said that we should all look for real data about what our government is doing and we should not rely on the government to tell us the truth about their policies. What has our democracy come to?

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, my, but she was tiny. And how much fun it is to watch them figuring things out -- like being present at Creation.

I'm so glad you and Lucy are continuing to do well. Today (Sunday) is the kind of day that makes up for all that cold and rain -- I hope you're having similar weather in Brevard. I've been out pulling a few weeds and tidying up our entry garden.

And, yes, may the truth prevail!

The Bug said...

I love newborn baby photo shoots - so adorable! It makes me smile to imagine her saying "no" - especially since I'm not the one she's saying it to :)

I'm glad for you continued health and for Lucy's comfort.

Tara said...

It's a blessing to wake up and feel good. I can appreciate your floating there in bed soaking up all the goodness.

It is an awesome responsibility to care for a child, isn't it? I remember it hit me a couple of days after going home, sitting there at the dining table eating dinner, with the baby in her bed. I was thunderstruck. Had a bit of a panic attack. It all worked out.

Imagine, that sweet little Violet having the terrible twos? I don't envy her parents! It was sooooo difficult.

Thank you for the quotes -- I needed to be reminded.

NCmountainwoman said...

Beatrice - The doctors aren't sure how premature Violet was. Her birth mother did not see a doctor until well into the pregnancy and would not allow an ultrasound. She did not have to remain in the hospital though and all systems seemed healthy.

Nance - It is indeed such a wonder to behold the tremendous learning and growth that takes place. And what a joy it is.

Suz - My son posted something about a book he read and one of the responses was, "You have a toddler and you found time to read?" Like you, I had one very easy baby/toddler and one who came with his own agenda.

Robin - Truth has indeed become a relatively rare commodity. And that is very sad.

Patti - Thanks for the rain. Now if you would send a bit of sunshine. :)

Barbara - They do grow up so fast. She didn't have to stay in the hospital either.

Gene - Yes it does. But so much damage can occur in the meantime.

KB - Would you have ever believed there would be a time when the government would distort the truth like it does now? Even removing parts of videos or speeches if it doesn't spotlight Trump?

Vicki - We did have a mostly good day and intermittent sun during the week. But mostly it's been cloudy mist and rain.

Bug - Thanks. Yes, she looks so adorable and actually is so adorable most of the time. But when she sets her mind on something it's Katy-bar-the-door.

Tara - My daughter was as easy a "terrible two" as you can imagine. The worst she ever did was to stamp her foot. My son, on the other hand? Well, best not to go there except to say that however bad Violet's terrible twos may be they won't match her father's.