Friday, March 22, 2019

Golden Dog and Sunshine

Finally.  The daily rains have subsided and we are delighted to have sunshine.  The rivers are still high and we are expecting more rain over the weekend.  But we've had almost a week of sun.

Lucy is doing fairly well.  She seems to be better able to compensate for her lameness and moves much better.  We are very lucky that she doesn't mind the boots.  In fact, she seems to like them.  I must admit it is a bit strange to see her hair so long.  We can trim inside her ears and her paw pads, but we can't do a "professional" trim.  She enjoys getting brushed and that helps a lot.

Long-haired Lucy getting ready to snooze

Stretching out for a nap.

Violet continues to learn and grow.  She still has an attitude when things aren't going exactly her way, but that is typical for her age.  She is a happy little girl, loves her animals and books.  She  also loves to color and has recently started holding the crayons properly.

I love the look on her face in this next photograph.  She was busy coloring and her favorite cat, Sybil, walked into the room.  Needless to say, she jumped right up to greet "meow."

Oh lookee!  It's my favorite kitty.

Sybil was so named because she showed up on their doorstep while they were watching "Downton Abbey."  Older folks assume she was named for the Sybil with multiple personalities.  Violet simply adores her and plays gently with her.

Neil Gaiman gives us today's quote:

"Tweeting prolifically is the most easy thing in the world.
Tweeting prolifically is like somebody saying, 'Boy, you are a really good walker around.'  It's really not that hard."

If you like college hoops this is a great time of year.  Unless, of course, your team loses in the first round.



Vicki Lane said...

Look at that adorable face! What a joy, these grandbabies are!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hey, if your hair is as pretty as Lucy's, long is a good look. Loved Vi's expression. What beautiful eyes.
Wasn't that sun break we both got special?

Anonymous said...

We had a break in the rainy weather too. What a joy to have a few days of sunshine. The rain is back now. So glad Lucy is feeling better and able to walk more. Violet's face is absolutely adorable. Those eyes! Wow!

The Bug said...

With her long hair, Lucy looks like a comfy pillow - ha! Love the expression on Violet's face :)

Barbara Rogers said...

You have 2 beautiful babies there! Age is relative.

KB said...

Lucy looks fabulous. I'm so glad that she likes her boots!!!! The look on Violet's face is priceless!!!! She is such a wonderful little girl!

Nance said...

We should all be greeted by such an expression when we walk into a room!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Glad to read all is well and that Lucy is doing "fairly well."

I can totally relate to Violet. Cats were my first love (if you can believe that) and I also get an attitude when things aren't going exactly my way either! :-)

Unknown said...
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Joared said...

Lovely twosome featured in this post. Glad you’ve had a break from rain and can share the sunshine with such delightful company.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Great news all around - the rains have stopped, Lucy is doing well and Violet is a sweet child with great expressions. Sybil is a great name for a kitty too and maybe a future photo post with both Violet and her together?
p.s. you have a spam comment above - persistent folks they they are and now I am super diligent about deleting them myself.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Vicki - I can give that a big second. They are indeed fun, especially when we waited so long for them.

Patti - Thanks for sending the sun. It is most welcome.

Robin - When people first see Violet they comment on her beautiful eyes. Hope you get more sun that rain.

Bug - Those long hairs are not so good when it comes to the vacuum. I also love the adoring surprise when Violet saw the kitty.

Barbara - Yep. That's what I say and I'm sticking to it.

KB - I can't imagine the struggle we would have if she resisted our putting them on. I think she notices that it helps improve her walk.

Nance - My son is hoping that when she is grown, Violet will find a man she looks upon as dearly as she does that cat.

Kim - Not surprised about the cat lover and don't believe you get an attitude.

Joared - Thanks

Beatrice - Yes, spammers and scammers contact us as much as friends and relatives. I block them on the phone and they simply pull up another one of their numbers.