Friday, November 4, 2016

We Love Lucy

Yet another very strange week here in the NC mountains.  It began with the effects of a fire in the Colonial Pipeline.  Yes, the very one whose flow was interrupted two months ago.  And yes, the one that supplies gasoline to the southern and southeastern states.  As they are wont to do, people heard about the fire early Tuesday morning and rushed to the gas stations to top off their tanks.  By Tuesday afternoon there was no gasoline in our county.  The week continued with much higher than normal temperatures...reaching 80 degrees here.  The temperatures have moderated a bit, but are still much warmer than normal.  And we are in a severe drought with no rain in sight.  Fire dangers are extremely high.  We are more than 18 inches short of our normal rainfall.  The trees are stressed and the pines are dropping needles.  For these and many reasons, the folks around here seem tired and weary.  I went down for early voting yesterday and while things ran smoothly, everyone seemed a bit lethargic.

I saw a blurb this morning that 85% of Americans are "disgusted" with this election.  Wonder if the other 15% are comatose?  Our state is more important to this election than it usually is, so we have been treated to some of the most horrible of political advertisements and robocalls.  In addition to the Presidential election, we have a hotly contested race for Senate and a very close gubernatorial election as well.  Lies, half-truths, and innuendos lead the messages of the day.  I don't even turn on the television for weather reports any longer.  The weather news is depressing as well.

I am trying to enjoy the mild weather, but truthfully, it simply feels wrong.  To turn on the air conditioner in November?  At least the mornings are cooler and Lucy can still enjoy her romps in the park.  And so she lives in her insulated world, happy as can be.

Lucy, you look quite regal.
Thanks, Mom.  That's part of my job.

Today's quote is from author Abigail Thomas.  I have it written down and review it often.

I watch my dogs.
They throw themselves into everything they do; even their sleeping is whole-hearted.
They aren't waiting for a better tomorrow or looking back at their glory days.
Following their example I'm trying to stick to the present.

These words echo through my mind as I try to ground myself and insulate myself from all the campaign rhetoric.  So I'm definitely going to stick to the present.  Four days from today will be Election Day.  And we will deal with what comes after soon enough.

Try to find alternatives to occupy your time.  Return to your favorite hobbies.  Get out your Thanksgiving decorations in spite of the temperature.  Try some new recipes.  Personally, I'm settling down each evening with movies and an extra glass of wine.





Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I concur with everything you have stated, also being from NC. Will be so glad when Tuesday has come and gone and November feels like November should, temperature-wise! I was able to get gas today.;)

Arkansas Patti said...

I thought of you when I read about the pipe line and hoped that the citizens learned from the last time. Sadly it seems not. So sorry you have to go through this again.
Ah to be a dog and be totally unaware of all this political crap. But I suppose they pick up on our angst a bit. If so, Lucy and Callie seem to be hiding it well.
NC has some important sway in this election. Bet you are glad your part is over.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I honestly don't know if Tuesday will come quick enough! I'm in Kentucky for the weekend, and welcome the break from all the news coverage - But driving here yesterday, it seemed politics dominated every single radio station and there were signs on every thing! This is another time that I truly envy Lucy and all the other canines! Lets BOTH hope for the best on Tuesday!!!

troutbirder said...

Good advice for these awful awful days. I shall follow it exactly. Also remembering Churhills words. Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest...

KB said...

As someone who lives in a wildfire zone, I know that a gas shortage is especially scary during a drought (how will you evacuate?). I hope that you have gas in your car.

Lucy does look very regal. Aren't our pups lucky to be able to live above all the insanity of our political world. I am scared about Tuesday, and also scared about what will happen if the loser declares that the election was rigged and doesn't accept the results.

Ah well - I'll go immerse myself in mother nature. That's how I get through these sorts of things.

Take care of yourself. I'm glad that you voted. I did too.

Nance said...

Lovely Lucy, with lessons for us all.

I have family and friends in NC and PA, and am counting on them all to save us. NEO will do its part, but OH is such a disappointment anymore. Sigh.

We are also suffering with multiple races, hence lots of ads, etc. My husband longs for a more Canadian election with its 7 week limit on campaigning. Bliss!

A particularly beautiful Autumn must be our succor. (And our pets.)

Anonymous said...

A heatwave, gas-shortage, fire danger, AND this election season all at once! Yikes! Soon it will all be over. I CAN'T WAIT. Love seeing Lucy looking as beautiful as ever.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes to everything you said.
Lovely portrait of Lucy. I try to stay un-entangled, to keep my own life afloat and out of the anxiety which is running all around.
We will all be at a different view of things by Wed.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh, I just love this sentence-
"Personally, I'm settling down each evening with movies and an extra glass of wine."

Sounds a great idea...

Love the picture of Lucy - she does look regal doesn't she.

All the best Jan

Carolina Linthead said...

I love that picture of Queen Lucy! Eyes focused on the Old North State. So many friends and family there...too many who are beyond my understanding. I have never drank so much, nor watched so many movies prior to an election. Gah.

The Bug said...

Tomorrow I have to work, go to a meeting at church, and go out to get Mexican food for dinner with Dr. Linthead up there. And then we will STILL have to wait to hear anything for certain. Sigh. We'll make it through. And then we'll try to patch the country back together. Hopefully we can do a better job than we did during Reconstruction (and yes, it feels that dire to me!).

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Ms. Goodneedle - always happy to hear from another NC blogger

Patti - There's nothing more I can do except hope for the best. Pipeline is repaired but still no rain in the forecast.

Kim - Indeed. That's all we can do at this point.

Troutbirder - I think we may have seen democracy at its worst this election.

KB - We rarely let the tanks get below half full. And yes, two things always come to mind in shortages. 1) Can we evacuate if necessary? and 2) Can we get Lucy to the animal hospital if necessary. We still have no rain in the forecast and there are several fires in the mountains. None of consequence around here, thank goodness.

Nance - I fear the 2020 election process will start before the inauguration of our next President.

Robin - Yes, the gods do seem to be pretty angry at NC.

Barbara - Keeping one's own life afloat is a good goal.

Jan - Yes, that extra glass helps

Linthead - I have some of those relatives myself.

Bug - I hope you are right. But I am very afraid...