Friday, August 5, 2016

We Love Lucy

We got a blessed bit of rain yesterday and the temperatures are moderating.  Yeah!

Lucy has finished her ear drops and antibiotic.  Her "hot spot" is healing nicely and she has pretty much stopped scratching it, thanks to the Benadryl.  All of these led to a lot of yummies for her.  But we use tiny training treats except for the pill "sandwiches."  She very quickly learned the behaviors from us that preceded the ear drops.  Like most dogs, she really hates getting them and it's a challenge for us to rub the ear before she shakes her head.  She would come to me to get a treat and then run out of the room.  We would wait for her to return which she did slowly and deliberately.  Then we would do the ears followed by a final treat.  It would have been much easier to do this on the grooming table, but we try not to do things like that on the table.  She is never hesitant to get on the table and we don't want her to be.  So the table is strictly for grooming.  Interestingly enough, she doesn't mind regular ear cleaning, perhaps because it involves sponges and not drops.

We are giving her a reduced dose of Benadryl during the daytime as long as she isn't scratching.  But the reduced dose still sedates her a bit.

Snoozing in the den with her blue tug and new antler.

August is already upon us.  We can already tell the sun is not getting up as early.  And once again, I am using a light when I take Lucy out for the last time in the evening.  I am not at all happy about that.

DJT is holding a rally in Green Bay, WI.  This after he dissed the Governor Scott Walker and the US Speaker of the House, WI native Paul Ryan.  Walker, Ryan, nor the WI Republican Senator Johnson will attend the rally.  Truth be told, the rally is hardly a blip on the news radar, especially in Green Bay.  This week Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Favre put on his NFL Hall of Fame gold jacket.  He will be honored all weekend in Green Bay.  And when you are talking Packer football in Green Bay no one pays attention to anything else.

Today's quote is once again from Marcus Aurelius:

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.




Carolina Linthead said...

Yeah, DJT has not done anything to enamor himself to what some call the Wisconsin Mafia of Walker, Ryan, and their ally Priebus (well, he did attend U-Wisconsin-Whitewater). Given that and Favre HOF partying, Green Bay will definitely not have much interest in a Trump hopes. Glad Lucy is healing and your weather is moderating.

The Bug said...

I also was noticing it getting dark sooner. Sigh. I don't mind the cold as much as I mind the dark, & this time of year is when I start dreading it. I really need to quit doing that!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm so happy that Lucy is feeling better!! Enjoy your nicer temps this weekend.

Tara said...

I'm waiting for it to cool off here. We were in Napa for a couple of days so we were able to feel what GOOD sunshine feels like. You know, sun in the 70s, not 100s.

Glad to see that Lucy is getting better. When she comes completely off the Benedryl, you may have a very energetic dog on your hands!

Have a great weekend.

KGMom said...

Love the quote.
And glad Lucy is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Really glad Lucy is on the mend. She is such a lucky, well-loved doggie.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so glad Lucy is getting better. Smart of you to keep the grooming table a happy place.
Hope as she weens off the Benedryl she is back to normal. Callie resumed normal with no problems when I took her off hers.
Marcus said it quite well.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good news about Lucy. I've enjoyed a couple of cool days with a bit of surprise. Fall is my favorite season, so I kind of just endure August and September.

KB said...

That's great news about Lucy. R gets seasonal allergies every year which antihistimines stop controlling by the end of August. This year, we are ready with a new allergy drug to try when we reach that point, hopefully far before he gets a hot spot. They are no fun, and I'm glad that Lucy has recovered.

We listened to the conventions on the radio while we were away. So we couldn't see your beloved balloon drop :) One of my favorite moments was when Pres Obama referred to DJT as "the Donald". Since then, that's what we call him too.

We are hoping that this past week is a sign that the Donald is finally imploding, like everyone predicted a long time ago.

Pats to your sweet Lucy!