Monday, August 1, 2016

Great Part Time Job

One of my favorite things about political conventions has to be the huge balloon drops at the end.  The speeches may be impressive or disappointing or may even make me angry, but the balloon drop never fails to amaze me.

[Purely personal note:  Folks who know me in real life know that I am pretty much against balloons for very young children.  Most parents do not watch them closely enough, and popped balloons can be hazardous.  Latex balloons can provoke serious allergies.  And almost every balloon encounter comes to a bad end.  Either the string becomes loose and the balloon flies away, or the balloon pops and the child is unhappy.  Or the child goes to sleep with his or her beloved balloon rising high in the bedroom, its string safely attached to a little weight.  And the child awakens only to be greeted by a deflated balloon drooping on the floor.  I think balloons should not be given to children under age five or six.]

But I love balloons for adults.  Like bubbles, balloons make adults act silly with glee.  And I believe we are all better for acting silly now and then.

[All photographs taken from the Internet.  I did not actually attend either convention.]

Massive numbers of red, white, and blue balloons are dropped from
nets high above the arenas at the close of each convention.

 And the grown-ups become children again

 No one has more fun than former President Bill Clinton

 The Republican candidate is more subdued and stately during the drop

 But the Speaker of the House joins in the fun

So what happens to all those balloons after the convention?  They are popped in a rather primitive manner.  Sticks of varying lengths are equipped with tacks and the workers slowly proceed through the area popping the balloons one by one.

Wouldn't that be the coolest job ever?  So much better than bubble wrap, don't you think?

Can you just imagine the continual pop, pop, popping?

I suppose it loses its charm after a while.

My friend suggested they turn loose dozens of terriers.
Boston, Scotty, or Jack Russell, they would make efficient work of popping the balloons.
And the political parties could charge admission and raise more money.

Seriously.  I would pay a concert admission price to see a room full of terriers popping all those balloons.

I must admit I definitely have a love/hate relationship with both conventions.  But few things make me laugh more than a group of adults running for the highest offices in our country turning into little children again.  Batting and kicking balloons while grinning the entire time.  And having such fun over such a simple thing.


Anonymous said...

I think it's so light-hearted and lovely that you love balloons like this! It makes me smile. It is quite a sight to see them released like that. I only hope that they are disposed of in a way that makes it safe for our oceans and animals.

Carolina Linthead said...

There was a meme on Facebook that said "I just want someone to look at me the way that Bill and Hillary look at...balloons!" So, so true.

Arkansas Patti said...

I have seen that Jack Russell work and he would pop them in no time.
You are right,popping them with a stick would be more fun than bubble wrap.

troutbirder said...

Amazing indeed. The "stately" comment for a certain blowhard candidate. The balloon drop is definitely "amazing" though....:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a fun post. We had a balloon drop at our wedding reception just before our first dance. (when I look back at the video footage, it didn't go off without a hitch and several people were pulling at the big bag of balloons!) I agree that they're not great for kid; although Cocoa is a big fan and can entertain herself with a balloon for an hour or so....she bounces them around without popping. (under supervision)

Nance said...

We have textured ceilings, so balloons were always a source of exasperation around here. I hate them.

I have to enthusiastically agree, however, that putting some exuberant dogs into the convention hall and charging some money (with the proceeds going to charity) would be a huge draw and loads of fun. What a terrific and inspired idea!

Ginnie said...

It was a well needed respite at the end of both conventions and, yes, I would love to be hired to do nothing but pop them !

KGMom said...

Such a great suggestions--dogs popping balloons!
As for Bill Clinton--his face showed such unalloyed joy; it was quite wonderful to see. Inside most of us is a child. Bill Clinton lets his out ... hopefully, only occasionally.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I failed to mention that I do not think anyone should release balloons into the sky. Ever. And balloons should be banned within a hundred miles of the oceans.

Robin - The balloons are shredded. Unfortunately, they are bagged and go into landfills. I don't believe there is anyplace that uses large numbers of recycled balloons.

Linthead - LOL

Patti - I've seen the video as well. That is one balloon-popping dog.

Troutbirder - I snickered when I wrote the word.

Suz - Alas, they do often fail. Remember the drop at Carter's nomination? They trickled down one at a time.

Nance - My good buddy who thought up the image of the dogs is indeed inspired.

Ginnie - I'm sure it would be lots of fun but only if they allow you to do it as your own pace.

Donna - It seems Bill does let out the little kid a bit too often.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I did not watch either convention, but heard an watched some of the playbacks on-line. It would have been much more entertaining to have watched the balloons drop. Unfortunately, the candidates in both parties acted like children even without balloons.