Monday, October 13, 2014

Color in the Rain

I have three iPods.  One is very old and doesn't hold a charge.  So I keep it on the Bose Dock.  I have playlists for entertaining, for reading, for housekeeping, and easy listening.  I still have the playlist for exercise although I can't take this one for walks because the battery no longer holds a charge.

The second iPod is a newer generation.  It's USB plugs into my car and I can search and find through the sound system and keep the iPod in the center compartment.  I keep this one in the car all the time.

The third iPod is the newest generation and includes a camera.  I rarely use the camera and have only the basic camera program that came on the iPod.  Since today is rainy and misty, I decided to take some pictures with it and keep my regular camera dry.

There is a fair amount of color here already although there are also lots of brown leaves that a falling off in the wind and rain.

A view from the backyard

 Fog still lifting

 The oak is still green while other trees are yellow

 The sweet little Coral Bark Maple is getting dressed for Autumn

This is definitely a muted year for color around here.  Color may be more brilliant in other areas.  Still, the leaf peepers are flocking to the mountains in larger numbers than last year.  The Federal Government shutdown closed the National Parks and decreased the number of tourists visiting the mountains last season.

We are lucky to live where we do.  We can drive up or down a couple of thousand feet in elevation and see quite a difference in the Autumn leaves.  And our community insulates us from the tourists and we can enjoy some fantastic color and views right here.  During leaf season we don't venture beyond the gates during the weekends.


Ms. A said...

Ha, no iPods around here... and I didn't even know they had cameras! Heck, I still have a flip phone. I'm way behind the times and sooooo not "with it".

Anonymous said...

The iPod pics are quite nice. We just got an iPhone with a camera. It takes pretty good photos. It really is a nice light little thing to carry around in the rain. Still lovely fall colors there, even in a quiet muted year.

The Bug said...


How Sam Sees It said...

Still so pretty! We've got a lot of green this year, and surprises of all surprises, flowers!

Monty and Harlow

KB said...

It is beautiful! Your iPod did a good job. We have the same geographical situation, with trips up or down by a few thousand feet changing the world dramatically. It's fun, isn't it?

You are lucky to have the shelter of your community when the leaf-peepers take over!

Carolina Linthead said...

"So kiss me in the rain! Make me feel like a child again..." or something like that. That would be Babs, singing in my head. My brain...the original iPod...the music never ends :-)

Arkansas Patti said...

You are getting much better color than we are. So far our dominate color is brown but am loving the cool. Hope you don't get the ugly part of the storm we sent your way.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Gorgeous views even if they are muted this year!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi, Enjoy your iPods... George has 2-3 of them also --since he constantly listens to music when he's working in the yard...

We are finally going to get some sunshine tomorrow --after about a week of rain/clouds/wind/storms... Got 8 inches of rain in about 10 days!!!!!! Mercy Me!!

Our colors are not very pretty --but now that it's a little cooler, maybe they will show more beauty.

We're headed to Maggie Valley next week with friends... Hope to see some pretty colors while there.


KGMom said...

Huh? An I-Pod with camera? Must be newer than any I have...but then I have must one. Happy with it.
It does take nice pics, I must say.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Ms A - And that is fine. You should always go with what suits you.

Robin - The new iPhones have terrific cameras.

KB - Oh, we do appreciate the quiet and calm of our neighborhood.

Linthead - Music never ends in my head either.

Betsy - Maggie Valley should be lovely.

Donna - Yes, the newest generation iPod does everything an iPhone does except make phone calls. It does text and you can send photos in the texts. Since we don't get cell phone reception here at our house, the iPod is perfect for me.