Friday, February 7, 2014

We Love Lucy

Lucy follows my husband around most of the day.  When he goes up and down the stairs, she never is quite sure if he plans to come back down or if he is going to stay upstairs.

She watches to see if he is coming back down

 Apparently not.  So she climbs up the stairs to find him

 When we are in the den, Lucy loves to lie in her bed.  We can't bring ourselves to remove Ellie's bed.  Not sure why.  Her crate is still up as well.  And her food and water dishes.

 From the beginning, Lucy preferred the bed with her name on it.

 But every now and then she will plop down in Ellie's bed.

This first week of February has brought more cold and snow to the Midwest and East.  We hope for better weather for them soon.

I'm sure they are hoping the old English proverb is correct:
If February gives much snow
A fine summer it doth foreshow

For now, Shakespeare is likely accurate:
Why.  What's the matter that you have such a February face
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?

Whatever your weather,




Carolina Linthead said...

Oh dear...what a sweet post and a sweet dog! *dries eyes* Your quotes are great, too...definitely Shakespeare February up in OH. Our weather is pretty much the same as's that dang Interstate 70...the storms seem to track from Saint Louis to Indy to Columbus.

Vicki Lane said...

Maybe you haven't taken up the bed because it's waiting for someone...

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, My Hunter is just like Lucy-follows me everywhere, even if it is to the bathroom. I wonder if you will need that extra bed in the future-Lucy would surely love a playmate and companion.
Hope you have a great day, stay warm!
Hugs, Noreen

Anonymous said...

Lucy is so sweet. I love her attentiveness.

We're having our first real rains of the season here. Supposed to be a very wet weekend. It won't end the drought, but it will add much-needed water to the aquifers and snow in the mountains for the spring thaw. February is the longest shortest month.

KB said...

It's wonderful how attached Lucy is to your husband. We had the same situation when K died, with R being totally devoted to my husband (as he'd always been). I love seeing their bond but, in a selfish way, it hurt my heart back then that no dog was devoted to me like that. I am hoping that you don't have similar feelings.

I hope that you have a safe and relaxed weekend.

kks said...

i love lucy too!

troutbirder said...

How sweet she is... loyal and true. Lots of rain in the GSMNP. The waterfalls were spectacular. Our friends, we meet them at a program we took at Mayo, live in Maryville. Lotsa pictures to follow in a few weeks after Florida.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Vicki, NanaNor - My husband would definitely agree. But I'm not ready to think of another dog.

Robin - I have seen your rain. Not enough, but better than before.

KB - I do know just how you felt. There have been times, I must admit, that I look at Lucy and wish she were Ellie. Lucy is loving and wonderful, but she is definitely my husband's dog, just as Ellie was mine.

Troutbirder - Glad you saw the falls filled with water. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Ginnie said...

I like the Quotes and your pictures, as always.

The Bug said...

Oh a February Face! I have just the picture of me with a February face - ha!

Teared up a bit over Lucy in Ellie's bed. Sigh.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is a bit like our Ozzie; always afraid of missing something the humans are doing.
Stay warm!