Friday, October 19, 2012

Fridays Are Golden

Bright sunshine, pouring rain, wind and calm.  That has been our weather this week.  The Golden Girls hate rain.  They don't like walking in it and they especially don't like getting dried off.  So they are not excited about the crazy humans who insist they need to take long walks, rain or no.  Afterward they spend a lot of time in their beds.

Despite the fact that we have two large beds in both the den and the great room, the dogs are almost always sharing the same bed thanks to Lucy.

Lucy starts by taking her half of the bed from the middle.

As she stretches out, Ellie is pushed further and further off the bed.

Finally Ellie's head is under the chair.  Only her hind quarters are on the bed.

You know how sometimes you bring something into the conversation that is totally off subject?  Usually it's because you have seen or heard something interesting and want to share it with your friends.  Well, blogger friends, I just need to show this to you for no reason whatsoever.

We took the architect's tour at the Biltmore Estate.  The tour takes you all the way up the spiral staircase to the observatory room.  And from there it takes you up a wrought iron spiral staircase to the roof.  And then to the highest areas on each side of the house, about eight stories up.  The day was perfect, sunny and mild.  The mountains were clear and you could see forever.  Some had never seen our mountain color and even described the view as a religious experience.

I took several photographs of the beauty and then my attention was caught by the gargoyles up there.  They are smaller gargoyles than the large ones visible from the ground and can barely be seen except for those at the top of the mansion.  And I thought to myself that at least one of the architects had a great sense of humor.  So there I stood, silly me.  Most on the tour were filled with awe looking at the mountains with their impressive Autumn views and I'm laughing at the gargoyles who have exposed boobs.  To my credit, I was laughing silently and did not once point at the boobs.  So while I definitely have not grown up, at least my decorum has improved over the middle school kids.

This was my favorite.

Time is passing by as we approach this very important election.  Early voting began here in NC yesterday.  I'm hoping that we might get a little respite from the constant ugly advertising since we are already voting.  Probably not.

Today's political quote comes form sci-fi author Orson Scott Card:

If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time; no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.

And this from political comedian Jon Stewart:

You have to remember one thing about the will of the people; it wasn't that long ago we were swept up by the Macarena.

Whatever is going on in your lives, I wish you well.  Enjoy this fall and do something fun every day.  Laugh out loud at least once a day even if you have to struggle to find the humor.



Barbara Rogers said...

That gargoyle girl is hilarious...and very well sculpted!

The Bug said...

LOL - you know you're a blogger when you take pictures of topless gargoyles :)

Love that last picture of Ellie with just her nose poking out from under the chair - so cute!

And that Jon Stewart - he really has us pegged doesn't he?

Rudee said...

I laughed at your gargoyles, too. They do tickle my fancy.

I can't believe we've got 18 more days to endure the rhetoric. Ugh. Can't we all just vote now and get it over with?

How Sam Sees It said...

I am just reading about one of the architects who designed the outdoor aspects of the estate, Frederick Olmsted. I wonder if he had a hand in the creation of the gargoyles? It seems a little risque for the time.


Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud everyday is really the BEST.

We're thinking about voting early so we can just be done with it. Election seasons are so brutal.

Taradharma said...

LOVE the quotes. LOVE the boobies...kudos to you for not laughing out loud!

The girls are adorable as always -- the under the chair nose shot is particularly delightful.

I didn't get to the Biltmore when I was there...I plan to go there one day.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Ms. A said...

When my kids were young, I'm pretty sure they would have embarrassed the poop outta me with the gargoyle boobs!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Your two girls are just so sweet! Love the pics-shows how close they are. Interesting pic from the Biltmore.
I too am so very ready to have the elections over with, especially the ads.
Hugs, Noreen

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is clearly a bed-hog!!! Loved the photos of them both.
I can tell you this for sure: I would have been right there next to you snickering (perhaps not so silently) at the gargoyles with boobs. Who would have thunk it??? No doubt it was a man. :0
Thanks for the smiles today.
Enjoy your weekend!

troutbirder said...

I must admit I've suspected this all along. A woman after my own heart. Grown up in the important ways but hiding a childish sense of humor and looking at the world with a smile... Thanks Carolyn.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your girls are such a beautiful pair and are the reason why there is nothing like 2 Goldens that are bonded to one another!!

On the flip-side, I wonder how many people have looked at the gargoyles and DID laugh out loud?

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

So maybe it's a GARGYRL? :. . . ?

Oh, Jon Stewart, I love you so!

Anonymous said...

So maybe it's a GARGYRL? :. . . ?

Oh, Jon Stewart, I love you so!

KGMom said...

Love the gargoyle. Good for you keeping your girlish sense of humor.
On drying the girls--we got a special drying cloth and rug from a website called the Daily Grommet--it is made out of a kind of chenile fabric and our dog LOVES to be rubbed by it. I think it feels like a doggie massage for her.
Love the Orson Scott Card quote--so so true.

My Mind's Eye said...

Lucy you are a very beautiful bed hog...and Ellie you are a good sister.

My peeps took the Architect's Tour of Biltmore on Oct. 4th. They told me it was a truly a sight to behold and also a spectacular day too!!
They day they were there an ambulance came roaring up the Biltmore driveway.
Hugs Madi and Mom

KB said...

I'm so glad that your mother taught you not to point at the boobies or laugh out loud at them! You had me giggling.

That Lucy is a bed hog. I'm so glad that Ellie loves her anyway!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Sam - Hope you are still improving. Olmstead was a genius. You will enjoy reading about him.

Robin - We will vote early as well.

Tara - The Biltmore Estate is a marvelous place. We go there about once a month and find something new every time.

Donna - Thanks for the towel tip. We've been using old bath towels that have begun to fray.

Madi - So glad mom got to see the Biltmore.

KB - Actually, my mother would likely have been the one to point and laugh out loud.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love the gargoyle, boobies and all. We watch Jon Stewart every morning, he has a good wit.