Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Birds are Tricked as Well

Our unseasonably warm weather appears to have tricked even the birds.  We have already seen the White-breasted Nuthatches checking out the bird boxes.  They are among our earliest nesters, but this is a bit early even for them.  Mornings are filled with the sounds of the singing in the trees.  It seems the birds are seeking mates already.  One member of our local birding group has documented a Red-shouldered Hawk couple mating.

We are seeing lots of goldfinches in varying shades of yellow.  I never understood why they change so early when their nesting season is relatively late.

I hope the birds are not fooled into early nesting.  But I must admit, I do love the increased activity and the melody pure and true.  Here are my "Three Little Birds."  (Hear Bob Marley's happy little song here.)

A goldfinch showing a little bit of yellow.

Another has a little bit more.

And this one has really begun to put on spring colors.

My Nemesis!  It's fine for you to get a drink of water, but stay away from the feeders, you hear?

Severe weather patterns have led to destruction in our state as well as death and destruction in many others.  Our county has been spared although we have had some big thunderstorms and high winds.  We are grateful for that even as we think of those less fortunate.


Jill said...

I saw a bluebird here yesterday! Such a warm winter we have had. I have missed the snow, but have also enjoyed these warmer days.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, So thankful that you haven't had any damage but praying for your area and all those impacted by the tornadoes. Love the finches; I had to stop putting seed out for them because the grackles would come kill the smaller birds. Have a great day!

Rudee said...

We've been blessed by the storms skirting to our north with snow and to our south with all of those terrible storms. We had high sustained winds over the weekend, but it's done now. Today is beautiful, sunny, breezy and warm. The windows are thrown open to let the weather in today. Such a nice change!

Your birdies are very pretty.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

We have had thunderstorms and high winds here too. I am so sorry for those in the tornadoes areas!!!
We have had some bluebirds and robins already this year!!! Poor babies, they don't have a calender!!!

Ms. A said...

I sure do feel for those poor souls dealing with the devastating and deadly weather. Bless them.

KGMom said...

Good luck with giving the squirrel orders. And, let me know if it works!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind a bit of trickery. As long as spring truly is on her way.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I saw a pair of hawks two weeks ago. Thought it was a little early.
Love when the Goldfinches start getting their yellow feathers.

Berts Blog said...

We have had some early robin activity as well. I am glad you have made it through the storms so far. We wondered about your safety.

I (My Vickie) am ashamed to admit that (and this is regards to your comment on Berts Blog today) anyway ashamed to admit that when I walked into the room and saw the two dogs sitting on Bert, I did grab my camera and took a few shots before I pushed them off.

The black one jumped right back up so after I got that shot, I took Bert back to his bedroom. He hates the seclusion but it is almost over.

Karin said...

Been thinking about all those affected by the tornadoes - what a devastation. Glad you have been spared! Your birds look fabulous and I hope spring is truly on its way for you!

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad you were spared. It has been a sad and violent season.
Is that little fellow "mooning" you?

Folkways Note Book said...

I am glad to hear that your county was spared from the tornado purges. It sure was a frightful day.

I am like you -- enjoying the activity of the birds. Spring is such a lovely time to hear the songs and enjoy their flights. We have many hawks that sail overhead. They are a favorite of mine.

take care -- barbara

Anonymous said...

LOL! We have the goldfinches at the feeder and the Marley CD in our stack.

The chickadees have been checking out the houses that I was so hoping the bluebirds would lease. The bluebirds are here every day though, enjoying our feeders.

There appears to be a cardinal convention in our cherry tree this week.

I can't believe how fast our suet disappears!

Happy weekend!

Mary Lee said...

PS. Note that I ignored the tree rats in your post. :)

troutbirder said...

No new arrivals here yet but the resident goldfinches are turning into canaries... :)

KB said...

I so enjoy seeing your spring because it is so much earlier than ours (although I understand that it might not be a good thing this year). I love the colorful birds and the thought of melodies wafting from the trees.

I must congratulate you on the Heels' victory last week. Here's to a rematch!

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful shots! My early morning walks with the pup are enlivened by the lovely calls of the mourning doves. And down at the river, I've noticed that the Canada geese are pairing up.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The storms have really caused a lot of destruction and heartbreak. I am sorry the birds were tricked as well....but really, can't you send a sign of some sort for your nemesis to LEAVE the area?

Anonymous said...

We're hearing more birds in the trees lately too, and I'm putting out lots more food. Just yesterday I heard and saw a pair of red-shouldered hawks mating at the top of a pine in our yard. Such enthusiasm is spring time!