Monday, November 7, 2011

A Visit to the Bass Pond

Regular readers know that we often visit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.  Because we go often, we usually focus on one area.  For our visit last week, we decided to take the easy hike (more like a stroll) down to the Bass Pond.  Of course, we had to stop in the garden to see the mums so beautifully planted.

A glimpse through the gate gives a hint of what's in store.

 A profusion of mums in all different colors.

 The cypress knees look like a scene from a Tolkien novel.

 The water is calm and lovely.

 Some trees are bare but some color remains.

 Even the spillway is a work of art.

The arched bridge is also a work of art.

There were dozens of places one could have stopped and just sat, drinking in the color and the beauty of this magnificent and peaceful place.  We are indeed fortunate to have access to this wonderful place in all seasons.

Every visit to the estate brings the question of where we will have lunch.  In spite of the really great places to eat, we always wind up at the same location every time.  Where is that?  The Dairy Bar, of course.  Fresh ice cream made on the grounds.  It hardly gets any better than that.

Just a note about football and the Green Bay Packers.  They remain undefeated although Sunday's game gave us a bit of a fright.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw touchdown passes to four different receivers and completed 21 of 26 passes during the game.  Right now there is not a better quarterback in the NFL.  We have nearly forgotten the previous Packer quarterback...Brett something or other.  [A note to Brett:  We're just fine if you go into the Football Hall of Fame with your #4 Viking jersey.]


Rudee said...

Oh, such beautiful photographs. I love them all, but the covered bridge and reflections in the water are gorgeous.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I've often thought that is a wonderful place to visit and if one can, stay there. Love all the plants and the setting. You guys won yesterday and the Bronco won so we are now behind you for a short time I think-our team has been up and down alot. Have a great day.
Hugs, Noreen

Jeannette StG said...

All your pics are so colorful! Love the Tolkien tree:) Came to your blog because we yearly stay at BASS lake (CA)!

Ms. A said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Football, not so much love.

Tipper said...

Lovely pictures! Its been so many years since I've been to the Biltmore-you made me want to go again : )

Carolina Linthead said...

Oh, you charmed me but good, then made me laugh out loud. Brett and his drama...yes, let him go in as a Viking. In the parlance of the game, that Aaron Rodgers is some kind of football player ;-) Your Biltmore trip was a walk through movieland for me...scenes from Being There and Last of the Mohicans jumped out. Also, I remember from childhood Biltmore milk and ice cream...yum :-)

Taradharma said...

Beautiful photos. I didn't make it to the Biltmore this time around. It's on my 'must see' list however.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful there. The colors are so splendid, and you captured the calm serenity of the place. What an amazing fall you are having.

George said...

We like the walk from the Walled Garden to the Bass Pond very much. They were just planting the mums the last time we were there -- we have to get back soon.

GOOSE said...

Thanks for the video tip. We just watched it and we LOVED it. Those are some beautiful pics you got there. MOM's brother use to live in NC and he is always going on about the beauty and the wonderful people. Hope I get to see it some day.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a beautiful and peaceful plac. That reflection shot is stunning.
I see there is no love for Brett but I understand your love for Aaron. Besides being a wonderful quarterback, he is really good looking with amazing eyes.
I never get to watch my Dolphins who are rarely televised here. This year, that might be good thing, so I have adopted the Packers that ARE televised here.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your football sarcasm cracks me up.

Biltmore is just a beautiful place, we've only been one time, but hope to visit again! LOVE those Mums.
And a dairy bar sounds like the best bar ever....any fights break out over cones??? :)

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

NanaNor - There is a large hotel on the grounds. Pricey, but very nice.

Jeannette - Thanks for dropping by.

Linthead - I loved watching Brett play football for the Packers. But I just cannot get over his adolescent behavior of retiring then returning, then retiring, then returning, etc.

Goose - Glad you liked it. It reminds me of your mom for some reason.

Patti - We love Aaron not only for his tremendous talent but because he was so gracious during Brett's little tantrum. We have Direct TV with the sports package so we can see all the games.

Suz - Nope, no fights. I always get a waffle cone and my husband always gets a sundae.

Prasetyo - Glad you dropped by.

Cicero Sings said...

Those cyprus knees are really interesting! All he pictures are beautiful ... a lovely place to visit!

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful ! it's been far too long since I visited the Biltmore House...