Friday, September 30, 2011

Fridays are Golden

A hummingbird struck the side of our house and fell to the deck.  It sat there upright but a little stunned.

Lucy immediately ran to the window to see the bird.  She sat there watching it until it flew away.  Every time the bird moved, Lucy would wag her tail as if she were cheering it on.

Ellie joined Lucy for a look-see.  Then she walked away, apparently less concerned about the outcome.

Pardon the lousy photograph.  I took it through the door since I didn't want to disturb the hummingbird and make it try to fly before it was ready.

I cannot understand why the hummingbirds remain so territorial, guarding the feeders passionately and challenging any other hummingbird that comes around.  They have such a long and strenuous path to travel.  One would think it in their best interest to conserve the energy they expend fighting.  I often wonder if any of them gets much nectar.  This particular bird was in a duel with another when it struck the side of the house.  The bird recovered very quickly so perhaps he will live to fight another day.

Autumn is upon us at last.  Our Jewish friends are observing the high holy days of Rosh Hashanah.  We are putting away the summer things and preparing for the cooler days ahead.  Only ninety-two days remain in the year 2011, so you might need to review and/or revise the list of things you set out to accomplish this year.

When your life feels too complicated and busy, think on this:

The most important things in life are not things.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I had no idea hummingbirds were such fighters. They look so sweet and friendly. :)
Love the photos of the girls watching it; very cute.

92 days? I still need to lose 10 lbs and organize my craft/laundry room. Oh well, there is always next year.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the cooler weather for me!

My Mind's Eye said...

What a great pic of the stunned hummer. We rarely get to see them that still. I have often said I could have 10 feeders with 4 feeding stations and but two hummers would still fight over it.
Did you happen to see the video of hummers Dog Daze from GA took of the hummers at two of her feeders?
I believe it was Monday. Hummers in GA are well mannered.
Hugs Madi and Mom

How Sam Sees It said...

The girls look cute watching the bird. I'm glad it was able to fly off!


Carolina Linthead said...

Aw, poor little maniac. Our hummers left over a week ago, but before that, we saw some spectacular battles! They really are nuts, but oh, so cute. I've had them wiz right by, so close I could hear the "hum" of their wings, and I've had them hover and stare at me, as if to say "What are you doing in my way? Can't you see I need nectar?"

Karin said...

Didn't know that those sweet, innocent looking humming birds were fighters! Love how your girls were watching the goings on. Your hummingbird doesn't even look that tiny! Such lovely coloring!

George said...

Our hummingbirds left us a week or so ago. It's neat that Lucy was concerned about the little fellow. Have a great weekend.

carolina nana said...

I need to remind myself frequently about that last line.
Hope you have a blessed weekend

Ms. A said...

That last line couldn't be more correct! Have a wonderful weekend!

KB said...

You reminded me of the first time that we saw our house on a walk-through with a real estate agent. When we were out on the deck, a hummingbird hit the window and lay stunned on the deck. We decided that if he recovered, we'd buy the house. Yipee, he recovered!!!!

I've often wondered about hummer behavior around feeders too. I think that if the food source is a flower with limited nectar, their strategy might make sense. Our feeders don't fit in the behavior that has evolved over millions of years because the nectar in them is not limited. Thus, their behavior around our feeders isn't optimal for their survival. That's my crazy theory!

I love your last words of wisdom for Golden Friday!

Taradharma said...

great post.

oh yes, I've seen hummingbirds really go at it. I also used to raise pigeons, and they could be quite brutal to one another. I never knew.

And yes, things are just, well, things.

Have a great weekend!

Rudee said...

Good thing the hounds were on the other side of the glass, otherwise I don't think that hummingbird would have fared so well.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for pointing out just how few knitting days I have left for holiday knitting....EKE!

Cheryl said...

Poor hummingbird, so glad it recovered to continue its journey.
I so hate it when a bird strikes windows....I have special stickers supplied by the RSPB but it still happens.

Nella would not be so composed with a bird in front of her.
She is always confined to the front garden during the breeding season, much to her disgust :)

Your final quotes always leave me seeing thins clearly....tku.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good weekend to you as well. The most important things are NOT things that's for sure - used to have a coffee cup with that statement. Glad the little hummer was safe even if it did provide entertainment for Lucy.

Janie said...

I've wondered, too, why hummingbirds are such feisty little creatures, always fighting off the ccompetition. One would think there would be enough nectar for all.
Cute that your dog seemed so interested in the bird's recovery.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I think it is the male territorial instinct that makes the hummers fight. Still I'm with you thinking they'd want to help preserve the species. O.k you put some fear into me about getting Christmas presents early. Have a great afternoon.
Lots of love,

Vicki Lane said...

Yep, it's mostly the males that don't want to share. I a little worried to see that we still have hummers around, chilly as it is. Maybe a tiny sign on the feeders saying SOUTH IS THAT WAY>

troutbirder said...

A great saying I've tried to live by...
Being a retriever I wonder if she had been out on the deck if she.....?

Arkansas Patti said...

I do hope he suffered no long term effects.
They really do waste so much energy fighting over food don't they.
I only have a few left and I think they may just be migrating birds pulling in for some fast food.
Awesome little birds.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Suz - Next year sounds like a plan.

Madi's Mom - Yes, I did see that amazing video. It's like that around here sometimes.

Linthead - They do get a bit pushy, don't they. Sometimes they really scold us when we are on the deck.

George - Ours will surely be leaving soon.

KB - Interesting way to make a decision. I think your theory may be correct.

Rudee - I have no doubt that you will get all your projects done. Well, maybe not all. I've never known a knitter who didn't have incomplete projects lying around.

Troutbirder - Let's not go there. :)