Friday, September 23, 2011

Fridays are Golden

Autumn has officially arrived!  Subtle signs are everywhere.  The leaves have lost their glossy shine and the sourwood trees are turning red.  I do so look forward to the changing seasons.  The Golden Girls are happiest in fall and winter when they can romp in the crisp air and when there aren't so many people on the hiking trails.

Ellie in her Rin Tin Tin mode. 

 Lucy giving her most innocent look.

Lucy is getting ready to nap on her favorite pillow. 

 Yes, the favorite pillow is Ellie.

 When Ellie decided to get up, Lucy barked at her.  THE NERVE!

I hope you are planning a good weekend.  We have had a lot of rain, getting more than three-and-a-half inches just last night.  More is predicted for today.  Every now and then the sun comes out and when it does we always look for a rainbow.  We don't always find one, but we are reminded of one of our favorite sentences from Maya Angelou:

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.

So as you go about your life, try to seek out others who might be having a difficult time and living under a cloud.  Try to be a rainbow for that person.



Karin said...

Yes, celebrate autumn with all its beauty and charm! It's my favorite season. Love your girls and look forward to seeing them on Fridays! Did see some gorgeous rainbows this summer! Have a great week-end!

Rudee said...

I love autumn and welcome the relief from the heat of this summer. I just hope the weather patterns change just a bit. I don't think we can manage the rain's equivalent in snowfall. It's been one torrential downpour after another around here this month.

I love Ellie's Rin Tin Tin pose. She looks so majestic!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Great post-you are a rainbow for so many! Have a wonderful autumn weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Kay said...

Wow! You do have gorgeous dogs. That photo of innocent Lucy is adorable. I'd love to live in the mountains. I live on a hill, but sigh... no trees.

Ms. A said...

We are having a slight breeze out of the north, for a change. Still hoping for rain... and a rainbow would be a definite bonus. Heck, who am I kidding? Rain would be a bonus!

Have a great weekend!

How Sam Sees It said...

The girls are looking good!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet she could find Timmy in the well, too!

KB said...

Lucy sure does look innocent and beautiful!

I shall take your words to heart and try to be a rainbow for someone this weekend.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Thank-you for the kind thoughts on the loss of our girl Reggie...I do love the Fall, and this year after the summer we have had, I am looking forward to a new season!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that quote so much...such a beautiful sentiment!
The rin tin tin shot and the 'lucy the innocent' capture are priceless!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend...with a few rainbows too.

Barb said...

Lucy and Ellie look wonderful in that sunlight! Isn't it strange that some areas are getting all the rain while others nearby have drought? You have a good weekend, too, Caroline.

eileeninmd said...

Your dogs Ellie and Lucy are beautiful. I just love goldens. The Rin Tin shots is one of my favorites. Great photos, have a wonderful weekend!

Carol Murdock said...

I'm with the girls, fall is the best season ever! All that rain should mean great colors in a few weeks! XO


Always love to see how the golden girls are doing!!

We've had rain off and on all week it when the sun does come out, can't help but perk up!!

Love the quote!


Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Have you seen the Disney/Pixar movie "Up"? That first picture reminds us of Dug at the beginning of the movie. We love this time of year too!! Oh the grand adventures that are waiting on us!!!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

D.K. Wall said...

We are loving the cool, crisp air and the changing leaves. And, like you, we are enjoying the trails.

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the fall. (And golden retrievers.) :)

Ruth said...

I am sure dogs appreciate cooler fall temperatures even more than us considering their fur coats. Hope your autumn has lots of sunshine.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Cicero Sings said...

"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud" ... I'll have to remember that ... it's a good thought to keep in mind every day.

Your girls are rainbows for you and for us!