Friday, May 24, 2019

Golden Days

We're having a heat wave for this Memorial Day weekend.  The swimming areas of the various rivers will be filled as some will spend the day picnicking and cooling off.  Downtown there will be a token  military parade with laying of the wreaths on the monuments on the courthouse lawn.  But in this county known for its white squirrels, The White Squirrel Festival will eclipse most Memorial Day activities.  I have no idea why Memorial Day weekend was selected for the large festival.

Lucy continues to be about the same.  We were ever so fortunate to find a neighbor who had previously been a vet tech and had recently moved to our community.  She came to our home and clipped Lucy's nails.  The rear paws were particularly bad since she wears boots and therefore the nails don't touch pavement.  The neighbor did a fine job and was so gentle that Lucy was not at all bothered,  This wonderful person (now a friend) will also come to trim some of Lucy's overgrown hair and help us give her a bath out on the driveway.  We are more than thrilled to have her to help us.

Lucy appears deep in thought

For weeks now we have been looking forward to a visit from our son and d-i-l and our dear Violet.  Plane tickets were bought weeks ago for a flight down yesterday.  Wednesday night Violet awakened them crying and coughing.  She was hot with a temperature of 102.  There would definitely be no flying down on Thursday.  Instead, she went to the pediatrician where she was diagnosed with croup.  The doctor was very pleased they had brought her in so early.  Since it is caused by a virus an antibiotic would not help at all.  She was given steroids which will help a great deal with the severity of her coughing and duration of her symptoms.  The doctor's assistant spent quite a while explaining what they needed to watch for and what actions to take.  The doctor had said that last night (Thursday) would be her worst night but then she should begin to improve.  The cough is likely to linger for some time but will decrease in frequency and intensity soon.  It is very fortunate that she was seen early in the stages of the illness.  So while we are so sorry she won't be with us this weekend we are very happy that she is comfortable at home and that her mother had already planned vacation days so there will be two parents to care for her.  So it's wear jammies all day, be cuddled all day, read stories and watch children's programs on television, a real treat for her.  They have re-scheduled their trip for Independence Day.  Thank goodness they always buy travel insurance when they fly.  It certainly makes sense when you have a baby or young child.  You just cannot plan for certain that the child will be well enough to travel.  Here's hoping everything goes well.

She is drinking fluids well.
But the only thing she will eat are croissants from her favorite bakery.
She may be sick but she has good taste.

Even if our White Squirrel usurps Memorial Day, we do not.  We both had relatives who fought and died in WWII, Korea, and Iraq.  Names of my ancestors who died in the American Civil War are engraved on the base of the Confederate Soldier in Morganton, NC.  So our thoughts turn to all soldiers everywhere who gave their lives.  We will fly Old Glory in their honor.

The first of our quotes is from Helen Keller:
"So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart,
I shall say that life is good."

And from Daniel Webster:
"May their remembrance be as lasting as the land they honored."

So let us all pause to remember those who died in our wars.  We do not dishonor them by failing to stand during the playing/singing of our National Anthem so long as we are respectful in whatever position we take.  We do not dishonor them by allowing speech with which we totally disagree.  We do not dishonor them by not requiring children to stand and pledge allegiance to our flag.  We do not dishonor them by giving honor to the Civil War dead, many of whom were conscripted and were teenagers.  We honor them by respecting the very freedoms for which they fought and died.





KB said...

Poor Violet. Croup is no fun at all but I'm glad that her parents are taking such great care of her. She does have good taste. She's a classy toddler :)

I am SO glad that you have that new friend. Friendships are so often forged over common love of dogs. Lucy is such a sweetie. I'm glad that she is feeling the same and enjoying life.

Anonymous said...

I love the good news about your new neighbor who can help with Lucy's care. That's so wonderful. Such sad news about Violet waking in the night with croup. That's no fun at all. Hope she gets better soon. Thank you for the good and important words about Memorial Day.

Barbara Rogers said...

Have a good Memorial Day...we need to be reminded what this is all about. Glad Violet is on the mend and hope it passes quickly. Such good news about your new friend, and Lucy's.

Arkansas Patti said...

Great find with that neighbor. Wish I had one. Lucy is probably glad it isn't raining though this heat is a bit much.
Soooo sorry Violet is sick and thankfully they caught it in time. Poor little sweetie.
Yes, I agree with Helen and I did have some friends who gave all in Vietnam. It will be a somber day.

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

As always a wonderful post. Violet looks quite content with her croissant … a lady of distinctive tastes, I'm sure. I loved your paragraph about not dishonoring ones who do it differently and the final sentence: We honor them by respecting the very freedoms for which they fought and died.

Nance said...

I'm sorry your visit with your Violet must be delayed by illness. Unfortunate for everyone.

What a gladness that Lucy and you have made such a kind new friend! That is something to celebrate.

I appreciate your thoughts on this Memorial Day weekend. They align quite firmly with my own. It's a poor patriot that uses service and love of country to sow division.

The Bug said...

Poor Violet - and her parents since dealing with a child who doesn't feel well isn't much fun for them either. I love that she's picky about her croissants :)

I agree with your thoughts about Memorial Day - would that we all remembered what exactly the fighting and dying were for...

Tara said...

smart parents, buying trip insurance! Poor Violet, like you I am so glad her parents took her to the doc early. Sounds as if she has a very good doctor, too.

Your neighbor is a godsend. How kind of her to help with Lucy, dear old gal that she is. Nail trimming with no anxiety is good, indeed.

Memorial Day is a sad day for me; I cannot fathom all the lives we've lost in wars and the human potential that was lost as well. Who knew what could have become of the lives of the fallen? War is such a waste. An old man's game with young men as the pawns. I do, however, honor their memory and certainly wish we could honor the freedoms they supposedly died for. Now THAT would be something, yes?

Mayor Pete recently said that Drumpf's fake bone spurs dishonored our country. I believe his is correct.

Thank you for all your thoughts on Memorial Day; I appreciate them very much.

Joared said...

Sorry holiday plans interrupted but glad Violet received such prompt care and will likely becwellsoon. How fortunate with your new vet tech friend. Your tribute with thoughtful Memorial Day words so pertinent.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Beautiful quotes for this Memorial Day.
I'm so sorry that Violet became sick, but I know she's in great hands. I've never bought trip insurance...surely it'll catch up to me one day. Hopefully, you'll have a fabulous July fourth together.
It's great having an experienced animal person in your arsenal. We have a good friend who is a Veterinarian in Iowa and he's always great about taking phone calls/texts from us when we're not sure if we need to see the vet in person.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

This was a lovely tribute to a holiday many seem to forget the meaning of and that is sad. Glad to read that Lucy and you have a new friend and that she’s feeling fine. Sorry that isn’t the case with Violet, but good that she is home and recovering with her parents both there. The delayed visit will make the upcoming holiday one in July all the more anticipated.

Vicki Lane said...

I know how disappointed you must have been to miss the visit. I hope that the worst of the croup is past and that Violet is feeling good.

I love your wise and thoughtful words about Memorial Day. It's meaning is so often lost in all the sales and cookouts.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

KB - Thanks. Yes, it feels wonderful to have another dog friend. We used to do paws and nails but then we found a groomer we liked so we haven't done them for years. The fact that she is so patient and kind is a big plus.

Robin - Yes, she was one sick little girl.

Barbara - It really bothers me that so few people take Memorial Day seriously enough to give a thought to the reason.

Patti - Having the nails trimmed was the major thing. But when she offered to come back and do some clipping and give her a real bath, it was overwhelming.

Ginnie - It really irks me when so many people think exercising our freedoms means being disrespectful to veterans who died in service.

Nance - You are so right. And these are the very people who shout out how very patriotic they are.

Bug - Yes, she does not like the ones from Starbucks.

Tara - Our d-i-l very wisely believes it's worth the expense when you have a small child, especially one taking swim lessons. They can get sick so quickly. I agree with all you said, but I think we often agree about a lot of things.

Joared - Thanks. We really look forward to seeing Violet in July.

Suz - We never did either, but then we never flew with small children.

Beatrice - Hope you are enjoying great weather on your trip.

Vicki - She is much better, thank you. Can't wait to see her in July.