Friday, September 14, 2018

We Love Lucy

Today has been a beautiful day in the mountains.  Bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.  We have taken advantage of this gorgeous day because all predictions suggest we are in for some heavy rains as Hurricane Florence heads our way.  Most predictions are for ten or so inches of rain.  And our soil is already soaked from near-daily thunderstorms.  If there is much wind with the rain, there will be lots of downed trees and power outages.  So while we are far better off than most areas of North Carolina, we will definitely feel some effects from the storm.

Lucy does not like rain but she has never been concerned about thunder and lightning.  In fact, she loves to sit with us on the screened porch during storms.  When Florence's rain fall upon us, she will not like going outside for her necessary trips, but she will love watching the rain from her cozy bed.

Lucy in the front yard.
Mom, I think I smell something

Perhaps you do, Lucy.  But we need to come inside now.

Our thoughts go out to those in harm's way, even those who chose to put themselves in greater danger.  Large areas of coastal and piedmont North Carolina are getting pummeled with rain, some receiving twenty inches or more.  There are already deaths attributed to the force of the hurricane.

We will be fine, sheltered here in the mountains.  Our freezer, pantry, and fridge are full and our generator will power the house when the electricity fails.  Our daughter is visiting and both she and I love to read.  She has her counted cross-stitch and I have my knitting.  As for Lucy...she will hate going out in the rain but will otherwise be comfy.

Today's quote is from an anonymous author:

Life is not about how you survive the storm,
It's about how you dance in the rain.


And dance in the rain every chance you get.


Arkansas Patti said...

I was wondering if you were in the path of Florence and am glad you should dodge the worst of it. A generator makes power outages doable and you don't lose all your food. Hey, lots of books are great. Hope Lucy doesn't mind getting wet too much while taking care of business.
Stay safe and am praying for those less fortunate.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, be safe and stay dry. Hope the trees don't make too many dives over wires. Give Lucy a pat or two for me.

KB said...

Those are wonderful photos of Lucy. She still looks like a very young and happy dog.

I love that quote... Will you be dancing in the rain? Perhaps that's an activity for you and your daughter :)

Stay safe and warm.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful images of Lucy. She is aging beautifully, and has a softness about her.

I have been watching Florence on BBC news. She is certainly making her presence felt.
Thinking of those in her path.

I am pleased you are well prepared and am glad your daughter is with you.
Snuggle down and enjoy.

Nance said...

We're all thinking of NC and others in Florence's angry path and hoping for the best. What a challenging month September continues to be.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is still going well there and that the storm has moved on by now. Thinking of you, Lucy and the whole family.

Joared said...

Hope all is going well for you, especially if power out. Glad you have generator. Stay dry.

The Bug said...

As I write this on Sunday morning it is VERY wet out there, but not all that windy. We're fortunate that our power lines are underground, so barring a major outage we should be fine.

Our pastor canceled church this morning, but I still went to the nursing home to sing with my dad, his wife, & the aunts. Afterward I went to Kohl's to get him a birthday present - his birthday is TOMORROW & I very nearly didn't make time to get a gift. I'm terrible at gifts. Especially because who in NC wants a crocheted item in September? Ha!

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see Lucy in your pictures here.
Hope you stay safe, you do seem well prepared.

All the best Jan

Vicki Lane said...

I hope Florence treated you as gently as she did us.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

While I am late in reading this post, I was nevertheless glad to read that your mountain home would be OK and surely hope that was the case. We have friends living in Blowing Rock, NC and they told us they would be OK as well. It's been difficult watching news videos of the flooding aftermath. Hope Lucy had a chance to enjoy a bit of rain, but not TOO much.