Friday, September 7, 2018

We Love Lucy

This has been a hot and often muggy week.  It doesn't feel at all like Autumn is approaching.  Well, except that the hours of daylight are becoming shorter.  Golden Retrievers have two coats of hair so they are well insulated and do not tolerate heat very well.  Lucy gets a bit of exercise early in the mornings and then much prefers the cool air conditioning for the remainder of the days like these.  Despite the heat, she love the sunshine as much as I do.

We have a wall of windows in the great room looking out over the forest.  And we receive the welcome morning sun, especially in winter.  One of the first questions I asked our contractor was the orientation of the house.  I wanted a south-eastern focus for the great room and I was pleased to learn that was the direction of the view.  Both Lucy and I tend to move around to follow the sun.

Sometimes she likes her head lower.

A typical Golden pose

I often wonder if she has any memory of our Ellie.  The two of them were always together, usually with Lucy using Ellie as a pillow.  I suspect she does not have any memory of her but will surely recognize her on the other side.  And even if that is not true at all, it gives me solace to think that.

Ellie in front with Lucy's head resting on her

Today's quote is from poet Robert Louis Stevenson:
"You think dogs will not be in heaven?
I tell you, they will be there long before any of us."

Rosh Hashannah begins at sundown on Sunday.  It is the first of the High Holy Days and marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year.  Our thoughts are with our Jewish friends on these holy days of worship.



Barbara Rogers said...

So good to hear from you here again...and to see your lovely dogs. I have a sense that the love we share will continue in some way, though I don't know about heaven, and am pretty sure there's no hell (except here on earth unfortunately.)

Joared said...

Oh, I definitely think Lucy remembers Ellie. A dog I had to give up when I was young excitedly remembered me when I was allowed to visit him a year later which I wrote about in a bittersweet story on my blog some years ago. I think dogs recall has a strong element based more on smell, than the senses we humans use, but they remember us and surely other canines, other creatures. Whether there's a heaven or hell matters little to me as think concentrating on life here matters most and the rest will take care of itself.

Cheryl said...

I believe dogs do have memories, they are just more accepting than we are when they lose their best friend. I feel sure in my heart they will be together again one day.

We are having typically Autumn days at the moment. Cool morning, sunshine and showers during the day. I enjoy these days :)

Your great room sounds amazing. Looking out over a forest, how wonderful.
The things dreams are made of.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kay G. said...

Your Lucy is so lovely. I absolutely love Robert Louis Stevenson. I have been meaning to write a post about him.

Vicki Lane said...

Even though it's been rather warm, one can feel the approach of Fall in the quality of the light sometimes.

Lucy seems happy in the Now of her home and her people.

Anonymous said...

I believe Lucy remembers Ellie. They were friends for so long. I'm sure there are lingering things that will remind her always. I love a big window that has south-eastern exposure. That's the best for a beautiful morning! Thank you for the new year wishes. When I was young we would practice saying "Gut Yontif" in the car on the way to our grandmother's house for celebration.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'd like to think some things will remind Lucy of Ellie, like lying in total comfort together in the sun. I hope they do go to heaven but even more so, hope I make it and we will all be together some day. No one really knows what life's greatest adventure holds.

Tara said...

sweet photos, especially Ellie and Lucy together. I have a hunch that she remembers Ellie. My lil' Chihuahua and I were separated for a few years but she came running for me when I saw her again. She remembered!!

It is in the high 90s today and I just took our dogs out for an almost unbearable walk. They were out early in the morning as well. We kept to the shade as much as possible. Our golden does okay in the heat but drinks copious amounts of water upon returning home.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's good to see the photo of Ellie and Lucy together. And I have no doubt that Lucy remembers Ellie. I think they will be together, and as they say, if our dogs (and cats) don't go to heaven, I want to go where they are.

Cooler day for us today, it's a nice break from the crazy heat!

The Bug said...

Dogs definitely DESERVE heaven more than we do!

Far Side of Fifty said...

If there are no dogs allowed I am not going there:) I think dogs do miss their pals...but they are more accepting of their own situations than we are:)

Nance said...

I would much prefer a New Year's celebration this time of year than in the dead of winter.