Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Days

Finally, the mountain woman returns.  What a treat to have a nice break and visit with family.

Like most of the country, we are suffering from the so-called "heat dome" that hovers over us.  We've had day after day of near-record high temperatures.  The rain that falls is very spotty and unfortunately we have had very little.  The woods are dry.  Our mountain breezes have temporarily deserted us.  It feels quite strange to look out and see such stillness.  But it does make us appreciate the bird activity even more than usual.

We have been treated this summer to multiple Pileated Woodpecker pairs bringing their fledglings to our feeders.  Most often we see only one, but there was one pair who brought two fledglings to the feeders.  The trees were certainly not still when these two big babies screamed for food faster than the mother could fetch it.  I'm sure she was relieved when they finally learned how to reach the suet for themselves.
(You may want to click on the pictures to enlarge)

The mother gets some food while the siblings wait.

 The trio in a tree

 Even in this miserable weather, our birds give us such enjoyment.  The bird bath is in constant use.

 The little ones always seem to have unruly hair.

We are hoping for some respite but that does not appear likely for at least another ten days.  I know it is far worse for many others so we are grateful that we can stay comfortably inside and watch our birds.

I hope you love birds too.  It is economical.  It saves going to heaven.
Emily Dickinson 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad to know you had a lovely time with family. Love seeing those Pileated Woodpeckers. What a treat. We never see them here. I've been hearing about that weather from my mom who has been in Virginia these past two months. She misses California and is having hard time with the humidity. Sure hope things cool down soon.

Carolina Linthead said...

Oh how I love seeing these big birds! Thank you...they brought joy to me this day. As you know from the wife's posts, we are in a period of transition in terms of my job. The next steps will be taken in time, but for now, I am very sad for what was lost.

Vicki Lane said...

I love the Pileateds! Wish I could get such good pics.

The heat is suffocating. I went out to work in the garden this morning and by 10 am was driven inside. We don't have a/c but fans in every room make it bearable.

Arkansas Patti said...

Welcome back and so glad you had such a nice visit.
Yep,it has been a beast here also. I'll bet even Lucy wants to stay in. I have to almost force Callie to go out.
I envy you the Pileateds' show you get to enjoy. I haven't seen one in years. Love that youngsters rebellious hair do. Think he is making a statement.

Ms. A said...

Great shots and I hear ya on the heat!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Welcome back; glad you had some nice family time. Lovely captures of the 'peckers!!

Nance said...

What a treat, your birdwatching this season!

We are locked in this heat and humidity, too, and while I am so grateful for airconditioning, being indoors and cocooned makes me feel dopey and lost. I feel as if time is drifting away, wasted, when I can't be outdoors enjoying the summertime.

Nice to have you back.

The Bug said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the bird photos - so colorful (and a bit goofy). Fun!

Louvregirl said...

Your header makes me miss the mountains! Great photos of these fabulous birds! :-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Welcome back ...
Loved seeing your birds, I especially like the one you labelled 'the trio in a tree'

Wishing you a good week ahead

All the best Jan

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. It was indeed a nice break.

Robin - What a shame you mother is having such hot weather as well. This time of year is VA is usually very nice.

Linthead - I do think often of you and hope something great is coming your way.

Vicki - For the first time I'm actually glad we have only herbs on the deck and not a full garden to worry about.

Patti - Yes, even early in the morning is too hot for Lucy.

Ms. A - Somehow the heat seems so much worse if there is no breeze.

Suz - Thanks

Nance - I totally agree with you. I feel the same way.

Bug - Thanks. They are so much fun to watch.

Louvregirl - My WI friends say you are finally getting a break from the heat there.

Jan - Thanks. It will likely be another week indoors because of the heat.