Friday, April 1, 2016

We Love Lucy

It's April Fool's Day.  I thought about posting this photograph and suggesting we had gotten another Golden.  But then I decided that would be so wrong.  If Lucy were younger and more adaptable, we would seriously look for another dog.  But given her age and inflexibility, that might not work and might make her happy life miserable.  And if Lucy ain't happy, nobody's happy.

Here is the photograph anyway.  It's a very young Lucy sitting with that puppy pose.

Is this how I'm supposed to sit?

 I'm not one for pranks.  In fact, I hate them.  Doing something or planting some idea for the purpose of making someone else feel or look stupid is a terrible idea in my book.  That said, I do enjoy harmless attempts at fooling people.  Here are a few from this year:

From Pizza Hut, various types of "pizza loaves."

 From Pasante, "Grow Your Own Condoms" kit.  (Rather reminds one of NPR's spaghetti trees, doesn't it?)

 From Firebox, the iDodge.  An app for your iPhone that signals you when you are about to walk into something.  They have some other really neat "April Fool" gadgets HERE.

 From Lyst, typically fashionable chickens that lay pom poms rather than eggs.

 And a big backfire April Fool's joke from Google.  Google always builds something for April Fool's Day and gives users an opportunity to see it, knowing full well that it is a joke.  Not so this year.  Google placed a "Mic Drop" button that users could click to send and archive emails in their gmail accounts.  The users had no knowledge that the button would add the little minion character from "Despicable Me" onto their emails.  Immediately things began to go wrong.  People sending professional communications such as resumes were dismayed to find the minion (below) heading their correspondence.  The little guy appeared on sympathy notes and notes of apology.

Google quickly removed the button.  But not before this seemingly harmless April Fool prank ruined a lot of relationships and cost people self-esteem, if not a job interview.

Mic Drop Minion

So be aware today that what you may hear just might be intended to be an April Fool joke.  Oh, would that that were the case for what you are likely to hear from the Presidential candidates and news "reporters."  No April Fool's there; merely fools.

Today's quote comes from Mark Twain:

April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four. 




The Bug said...

My mother LOVED April Fools day - and she almost always got someone. How, I don't know - we should have known better than to believe a word out of her mouth on April 1. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

One of my favorites was Burger King's left handed whoppers in 1998. Fooled a ton of people and only hurt a few egos.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Lucy as a pup. She was so cute. I'm not much of a prankster or an April Fools Day fan. I like things straightforward and honest. The stuff you posted here though is pretty funny!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I have to admit, when I saw the picture, I thought "maybe" there was a new addition, so you kinda got me -- What a sweet little girl she was! But I totally understand about not doing it right now, and totally support that--I wish more people would think about that when getting a puppy when they have an older dog. We even waited until our group was right for one. And I'm also with you about the pranks, but love the innocent ones like in your post!

I hope you have a good weekend!!

Ms. A said...

Awwww, sweet Lucy. One of my FB friends played an April Fools joke and I didn't care to play along. She just broke up with her boyfriend and then announced she was pregnant. I don't go for those kind of jokes!

Lowcarb team member said...

Never have been keen on April Fools!

I do like your photo of young Lucy ... she is adorable.
Hope you have a lovely weekend

All the best Jan

Ginnie said...

My daughter called me first thing Friday morning and asked if I'd seen the video where someone mashed a chocolate cream pie in Donald Trumps face? I'm embarrassed to say that I bought it completely and asked for all the details and where I could see it. Needless to say my daughter was gleeful when she yelled "April fools..."

KB said...

I love the iDodge one most of all! I watch the kids walking around like zombies staring at their phones, and I think that something like that is REALLY needed!

I love the Lucy puppy photo. What a cutie!!!!

When we had two littermates who were chocolate Labs, I did my best April Fools joke ever. I switched their collars. They looked identical, and my husband was utterly confused about why they weren't responding to their names ;)

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments.

Bug - My mother also tried to trick us every year.

Patti - Oh, I loved that one. That was also the year the Brits announced they were going to dismantle and move Stonehenge and that Japan wanted to buy it.

Robin - I'm so with you on this one. So much so that I often took a vacation day on April 1 to avoid the pranks at work.

Kim - I really want another dog so badly. And if I could be assured Lucy would adapt I would go for it. But I just know she would not and would be miserable. If we're out on a walk and meet other people with dogs, she enjoys them. But if one of them comes to greet my husband, Lucy runs back to push herself between them. Not aggressively, just making sure she's the one closest to my husband.

Ms. A - I totally agree. There is nothing clever about that one.

Jan - thanks

Ginnie - That one is hilarious. And it makes me laugh just thinking about it. Great April Fool. I only wish it would really happen.

KB - Now that is a good one. I have put the wrong leashes on our two and thought it wouldn't matter. But every time I had to stop and change them. You get so used to seeing one collar/leash and the other doesn't compute. And our dogs did not look at all alike. I can only imagine the confusion with identical dogs.