Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Discrimination and Prejudice

Follow this link (HERE) to note the source and view some interesting tweets.




The Bug said...

It makes me so sad. I used to want to eventually move back to NC, but not anymore :(

KB said...

That's so backward and hateful. I'd want my state back too. I remember when Colorado voters voted not to allow gays to marry quite a few years ago. I felt humiliated, and I had to apologize to my gay friends for the hateful actions of the hysterical masses.

Tara said...

I read yesterday that NC Attorney Gen will not be upholding or enforcing this law. What do you think will come of that?

NCmountainwoman said...

Tara - I fear that the General Assembly will use my tax money to hire private attorneys to defend the new law. They have done that already in one instance. That is, if the backlash from big business doesn't force some changes. As you well know, business dollars are more important to legislators than the interests of the people they represent. And if enough businesses reduce their presence (and money) there might still be some room for changing this onerous law.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad and disappointing state of affairs. I thought things would be different in the 21st century. We seemed to have taken a giant step backwards. I hope you get your beautiful state back.

Arkansas Patti said...

Know how you feel. Arkansas is no longer the tolerant Clinton state. We are pretty darn red and more like the late 50's version. Would love to have the courage to have those add on signs made for here.

Nance said...

In Ohio, a state so terribly gerrymandered that its district map is an incomprehensible republican puzzle, the state legislature in no way truly reflects the sentiment of its actual population. We have become a Little Texas in so many regards.

The nicest thing is that, here in NEO, as in many neighborhoods, the people do NOT reflect the politics. But this horrible Puritanical Anti-Intellectual Wave is ruining our country. When zealots say they want to "take America back," all I can wonder is "how far?"

Vicki Lane said...

It makes me furious to see NC regressing in such a blind and hateful manner.

Mary Lee said...

One way to fix this: pay attention and VOTE!!! Our legislators give no thought to rights of others or to the consequences of their actions. They let the extreme right and their judgmental religion guide them.

The sign says it well.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Bug - I still love the south and many other states are even worse than we have become. So sad.

KB - Yes, it is hateful and backward. I wrote to my representative to ask him to explain his vote and he responded that it was "the obvious." Further questioning from me brought two links to ultra-conservative right-wing Christian organizations supporting the discriminatory bill. My next letter will be to our local newspaper.

Robin - thanks. There was such gerrymandering after the 2010 census, I'm not at all optimistic about getting my state back.

Patti - I know what you mean.

Vicki - Me too.

Mary Lee - Yes, informed voting is the key. But with the gerrymandered districts many do not even have opponents for the GOP candidates.