Monday, March 14, 2016

Cloudy Skies

Our weekend brought clouds and rain as well as bright sunshine.  Much warmer than normal temperatures felt like spring is already here.  The most amazing thing about the sky was the constant change.  Since we cannot see large expanses of sky, we do not see far into the distance.  Thus, the weather seems to change abruptly since we cannot see it coming.  The clouds have been moving so fast that even the most threatening ones don't bother us very much.  They, too, will pass away.

The sky is dark, but the sun is still there illuminating the clouds.

Things change very quickly from minute to minute.

I absolutely love the wide range of sky one can see in lower elevations further from the mountains.  Especially the clouds at the beach.  But we get what we get.  And usually that's enough.

We are looking forward to our Presidential primaries here in NC tomorrow.  Perhaps that will put an end to the barrage of phone calls we receive.  Who knew there were so many exceptions to the "Do Not Call" listings?

And most of us have caught March Madness, especially with our TarHeels given a top seed.  Let the games begin.


Nance said...

One of the best things about giving up our land line was eliminating 99% of the junk calls. Not an option for you due to geography, I'm sure. Ohio's primary is also tomorrow, and the airwaves are a constant barrage from Sanders, Hillary, Kasich, and The Idiot. It is very telling that Cruz and Rubio have ceded OH completely.

We are finally getting Spring here, too, although temps will dip low again later this week. The maple trees have been tapped for weeks and weeks; sugaring will begin in earnest soon. My tarragon and chives and oregano have begun showing. I'm feeling a bit more human. Now if we could just see some sun!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skies there. I love the crepuscular rays in the top photo! Here in California our primary is in JUNE. That's such a long time into the future, most of the decisions will have been made already. At least we won't be getting any phone calls for a good long while. Enjoy your voting day tomorrow!

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the skies and varieties of clouds!

Arkansas Patti said...

We had our primaries here and it gets delightfully quiet when they leave your state. Hope you all have a good turn out and it goes your way.

KB said...

Our phone got a lot quieter after the primaries were over. I hope that yours does too!

I love the mountain clouds... fast moving and beautiful! Congrats to your Tar Heels. They've been amazing this year (except that first game against Duke ;) (I have to keep the rivalry alive!).

Ms. A said...

I'd love to have your mountain views, our flat land can get pretty boring.

Lowcarb team member said...

We have enjoyed sunny blue skies for the past few days ... but not today, it really is a grey sky (but no rain clouds ... yet)
I do like the way the sun illuminates the sky in your photo.

Have a good week

All the best Jan