Friday, February 12, 2016

We Love Lucy

We had an unwelcome surprise this morning.  About half an hour after my husband set out on his weekly trip to Fresh Market in nearby Hendersonville, a totally unexpected snowfall began in earnest.  Huge snowflakes filled the sky.  In no time at all the already frozen ground was covered.  And it kept snowing.  After a white-knuckle drive back from Hendersonville my husband arrived at the gate of our community.  The guard advised him to park there and wait for security to drive him up to the house.  The roads were already that slick and several cars had already slid into ditches.

Then like a miracle the sun came out and the temperature rose above freezing.  The snow melted away almost as quickly as it had come.  By 2:00 I was able to drive my husband down to the gate to pick up his car.  We saw several cars still sitting on the sides of the road and in ditches.  Fortunately, none had plunged over the edge into the valleys below.  At least not on our street.

Lucy heard the security vehicle stop at our driveway so she ran to the window.  She couldn't believe my husband got out of the vehicle with two grocery bags and a bouquet of lovely flowers.  I went out to help with the groceries but made Lucy stay inside.  The driveway was slick and I certainly didn't want her to trip either of us in her excitement.

We don't use the front door unless we happen to be out in the yard, but that is where the packages are delivered if we're not here.  Lucy seems to know when there is a package at the front door.  Perhaps she glances toward the door every time we come back.  At any rate, she must investigate if there is one there.  Most of the larger deliveries are from Chewy and contain dog food and assorted dog stuff.

Lucy stands in front of the box waiting for someone to bring it inside.

I've mentioned before that two of our local affiliates (CBS and NBC) are stationed in nearby South Carolina.  And with the SC primaries coming up next, the airwaves are full of political ads.  Thank goodness we don't watch much network television.  But it would be nice to see the local news without having to keep the "mute" button at the ready.

Today's quote is from Claude McKay, early 20th century author and poet:
"Idealism is like a castle in the air if it is not based on a solid foundation of social and political realism."






Anonymous said...

How lucky that your husband was given a ride back to the front door, and that the sun came out and melted all that snow away. Lucy looks adorable as always!

Good thing there is a mute button. Political ads are the worst.

Tara said...

The mute button is one of the greatest inventions EVER.

Crazy weird snow storm! Glad your husband did not wind up in a ditch! I love that Lucy loves her pillow so. Isn't it grand to watch them snuggle in for a good sleep?

Great quote, btw.

Tara said...

The mute button is one of the greatest inventions EVER.

Crazy weird snow storm! Glad your husband did not wind up in a ditch! I love that Lucy loves her pillow so. Isn't it grand to watch them snuggle in for a good sleep?

Great quote, btw.

Ms. A said...

I can't even imagine how my cousin is getting up and down her steep driveway! That thing is scary is nice weather! Glad your hubby and vehicle were okay!

Ms. A said...

Oops! "IN" nice weather.

Lowcarb team member said...

Mute buttons certainly come in handy at times ...

Love the pictures of Lucy, and those red berries in that shot are such a lovely colour.

Have a good weekend

All the best Jan

Barbara Rogers said...

It's gotten so I mute the first 15 minutes of national news every night, then get whatever isn't political news finally. Love that mute button with all the ads. Lucy is a love. Glad the snow didn't cause you all any problems, besides inconvenience.

Nance said...

You have a lovely front door. Isn't natural wood truly beautiful? It was the biggest selling point for our home, built in 1940. Tons of oak woodwork throughout made us overlook lots of minor flaws.

We are in the grip of the Dreaded Polar Vortex, preceded by several inches of snow. Any other year, I'd be resigned and only mildly annoyed, but after such a mild winter and snowless November and December, I am almost outraged. And this will stick around now for at least a week or so. Curses!

Glad that your husband was safe and enjoyed Concierge Service. (As does Lucy with her meals!)

Arkansas Patti said...

What a thoughtful guard to deliver your husband. He deserves a treat. I'm surprised Lucy hasn't learned to open the packages. Oh that is right, she is well behaved.
I was wondering if your would be getting the bombardment of political news being so close. Thank goodness for mute.

The Bug said...

This time of year I'm glad I have the option of working from home! Also thankful for mostly flat Ohio:)

We hardly ever watch network TV, so I mostly deal with Cialis & doomsday meal prep commercials. Ha!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We had the same kind of storm here -- It left as quickly as it came, but that in between was really hazardous! Glad your husband got home safely, and I hope you all make it "safely" through the barrage of political ads that are bombarding you! --They could use some of Lucy's manners! :-)

Mary Lee said...

Awww. . . you got FLOWERS for Valentine's Day! Yay to the Mister!

Does Lucy carry either of her pillows around the house or do they stay where you put them?

Ginnie said...

I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Come collect it at:

KB said...

We have a DVR, and we almost never watch anything live anymore. We just skip all the commercials. Yipee!

Happy Valentine's Day (enjoy your flowers!). I'm glad that guard delivered your husband to the door. It's squalls like that one that can wreak havoc on mountain roads in a few minutes.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - Yes, they are getting more frequent and ugly as we near the SC GOP primary on Saturday

Tara - Yes, don't know what we'd do without the mute

Ms. A - Not likely they were getting up and down the driveway until the road cleared.

Jan - Thanks We have dried berries or leaves near the fireplace all the time.

Barbara - Yes, we were lucky it disappeared so quickly

Nance - I also love heavy wooden doors. Had to fight the contractor on that but I held firm. Ah, the dreaded Vortex. I hope it's not as bad as last time.

Patti - We are so lucky to have such wonderful security and maintenance staff

Bug - Except for PBS and local weather, we rarely watch anything directly. Hooray for DVRs that will record several programs at once.

Kim - We will be so glad when the GOP primary is over on Saturday and the Democrat primary is over the following week.

Mary - Yes, he got lovely flowers. And they are still gorgeous. He left the wine in the car but made sure he brought the flowers with him.

Ginnie - thanks, I'll come check it out. I don't usually accept them but I'll drop by.

KB - We do the same. We actually have two DVRs that are connected so that we can watch from any TV in the house no matter where a show was recorded. We've become totally intolerant of commercials and especially political ads. The delivery service is one more perk of living in a gated community. We love the services.