Friday, February 5, 2016

We Love Lucy

We've definitely had a strange first week of February.  We started with deep snow on the ground.  And then the rain came down.  And came down.  And came down.  The triad of milder temperatures, lots of snow to melt and heavy rain resulted in flash flooding all over western NC and especially our county.  Many roads were closed because of the high water.  Fields along the river basin were flooded with water so high the fences were not visible.

The following photograph is from our local newspaper and shows a flooded campground along the Davidson River in Pisgah National Forest.  The distant area in the middle of the photograph shows the normal size of the river.  The steps do not normally lead down to the river; they lead to the picnic area.  The tables are either underwater or have been washed away.  Curious as I was and as much as I wanted to go see the swollen rivers and waterfalls, I knew it was better to keep off the roads.  Most forest trails were closed for safety of visitors and for protection from further damage.

My husband drove Lucy downtown to the groomer and otherwise we stayed here on the mountain.  As I've mentioned before, Lucy hates the rain.  She doesn't seem to get the message that the longer she takes to potty, the longer we have to stay out in the rain.  She was still damp when she got to the groomer.

On rainy days she spends a lot of time among her pillows.  Who knew she would love them so much?

 You're not going to make me go out in the rain again, are you?

Sunday is the High Holy Day of football.  The Carolina Panthers are playing and you might think I would definitely want my State's team to win.  But you would be wrong.  I hope Peyton Manning leads the Denver Broncos to the biggest win in Super Bowl history.  Perhaps that might take a bit of sass from the NC quarterback.  He is indeed a great player, but a bit of respect for other great players might be nice.  He is without a doubt this year's MVP and I love his habit of giving the touchdown ball to a kid in the stands.  But that does not wipe out the bad taste in my mouth after watching his outrageous post-touchdown celebrations, often designed to try to humiliate his opponents.  So much for gracious winner.

[Note to the aforementioned quarterback:  Contrary to what you seem to believe, you are not criticized or disliked because you don't fit the model of the stereotypical white-guy quarterback.  I don't like you because you are a jerk.  It has nothing to do with the "white guy quarterback" thing.  You don't have to be white to be a jerk.

You said, "I'm an African American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to."  Well, sorry Cam.  We've seen the likes of Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, Terrelle Pryor with Raiders, Josh Freeman with the Buccaneers and others.  They manage to be African American quarterbacks without the flash and glamour you seem to need.  So contrary to your own words, you are not the Prince of Football.  Not by a long shot.]

All right.  Rant over.  Kudos to this quarterback for his excellent playing skills.  And more kudos for his off the field involvement with underprivileged kids and his foundation.  There are some things I greatly admire about him.  But I'd like to see Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos teach him a little humility.

It is fitting that as a lover (and one of the millions of team owners) of the Green Bay Packers I have selected today's quote from the great Vince Lombardi:

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand,
And the determination that whether we win or lose,
We have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Whether you like the football, the commercials, the halftime performances, the companionship of friends, or simply the snacks, enjoy Sunday's game.





NanaNor's said...

I have to agree whole-heartedly with you in regards to Cam. He might be at the top of his game and the team are decidedly very strong, but I also disliked some of the Seahawks(Sherman)because of his mouth. Being from Colorado, you know who we hope win. I was never into football before we moved here, can't wait for the game. I think it might be Peyton's last one, so I want him to go out with a win.
I can understand Lucy's reluctance to go out in the rain. That water level was so high-so scary too. Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of rain you had there. Good idea to stay inside and off the roads. I certainly understand Lucy's reluctance to head out into that weather, but some things just can't be avoided. I don't watch football and have never seen a Superbowl game, but I remember my dad loving Superbowl Sunday. I hope your team wins!

Tara said...

that is a whole lot of water! yes, the rainy season is always trying when you have doggies that hate to go out in the rain to do their business. Ours are the same. Our yellow lab Tikwa didn't mind, but alas, he is now in doggie heaven and can no longer set an example for the other two. Often I will have to get the umbrella and go stand in the rain myself to get them to hurry up!

I like your rant -- you give 'em hell, honey. A jerk is a jerk, no matter their skin color. (or gender for that matter) The Superbowl is about the only game we watch and we love the hoopla and the commercials. I'm not familiar with either team, so I can honestly say, "May be best team win!"

KB said...

All that snow and then buckets of rain is a recipe for disaster. I'm glad you live high, and are "high and dry". It seems as if Lucy's pile of pillows grows weekly, which makes smile widely. She is so obviously pampered and loved, as every dog should be.

As for the "Stupid Bowl", as we call it in our house, we usually take advantage of the fact that everyone else is glued to their tubes to go do something fun. However, we are minimally more interested because it's Denver and Peyton Manning. Peyton and I share a spine surgeon - perhaps not a great thing to share ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

Arkansas Patti said...

I haven't really seen Cam play except on highlight clips. I do hear he is really good but a bit of a showboat. Guess I will get to see for myself Sunday. Being a huge Payton fan, I will be rooting for the Broncos and watching Cam's antics. Should be interesting.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I cannot remember when our yard was so mucky and muddy because of the melting snow! More predicted early next week. I'm hoping they're wrong.

And, I agree with your rant, you're absolutely right. He's a great quarterback and I wish he was not such a showoff. But I am afraid I am wishing that about a lot of the players of the NFL these days.

The Bug said...

Whew - that's a lot of water!! Love Lucy & her pillows :)

We are Peyton fans in our house - lovable goof :)

Ms. A said...

Oh, gosh, that is some high water. Wondering if my little house flooded, but haven't heard anything from the guy who helps us with it. It's like he's fallen off the face of the earth. Maybe he's as sick of all the trashy renters as we are.

Ginnie said...

It's just one more example of how big our state of NC is. We did get a VERY HEAVY rain but that was it. I hope you are getting back to normal...your picture is amazing.

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes Super Bowl is big !

Meanwhile here in the UK it's football, rugby ... rugby and football.
Well there are other sports too - but I have to say I don't watch too much sport.

Your weather has not been good has it, but parts of the UK have had so much rain and high winds - it seems wherever you live the weather patterns have been different these past few months.

Hope you do have a good weekend.
Take Care - Keep Safe

All the best Jan

Carolina Linthead said...

I'll tiptoe easy as I can on the path of talking football, but I am not light-footed. I played the game in high school and was a fan for a long time, despite what the game cost me personally. I still tune into the occasional college game, and I watch my school's DII team sometimes, as I know them all from class (small college, nowhere to hide, lol). But I don't really watch NFL anymore. Can't even. Still, I would be remiss if I did not tell you that I grew up wanting to be like Bart Starr and cheering for your Packers! I've always liked Peyton Manning and the way he plays the game, and so it would be sweet to see him go out with another ring. Can't say I've ever been a Panthers fan, despite growing up on the Charlotte area. My Facebook page is rabid with Panther smack talk, along with a couple of brave Broncos fans. From where I sit, then, you had a fine rant! I cheered on Doug Williams, Warren Moon, and Randall Cunningham...sorry, Cam, but I HAVE seen great African-American quarterbacks in the NFL. Also, study your history, Cam: since 1990, the NFL has had no fewer than 5 black quarterbacks each season. You stand on the shoulders of that some respect to them, as well as to your opponents. Done now.

Lucy and her pillows, though!!!

Vicki Lane said...

Looks like you may get your wish. I'm not a football fan but my son and husband are watching glumly right now.

Nance said...

We're basketball fans in our house, so the Super Bowl is a non-event for us. As a matter of fact, Rick and I are far more jazzed about tonight's episode of Downton Abbey than a football game.

Rick is still holding a grudge against the Mannings for the way the father butted in and threw his weight around when Little Eli got drafted. And we are always glad for anyone who goes that isn't New England (the cheaters).

Beyond all that...not real concerned.

And that is a LOT of rain!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Noreen - I'm sure all of Colorado is celebrating today. Even the storm won't stop it.

Robin - My team is the Green Bay Packers so I don't consider the Panthers my team even though it is here in NC. I really like Peyton Manning and wanted him to win and I really want to see Cam Newton gain a little humility.

Tara - Thanks. Someone asked Stephen Colbert if he liked the Super Bowl. He responded that he loves fried foods, pizza, chicken wings and beer so what's not to like?

KB - Hope you enjoyed having the trails to yourself. I love the watch the Packers but otherwise have little interest in professional football.

Patti - Hardly any antics from Cam during the Super Bowl. He played poorly and made two major mistakes that led to Bronco touchdowns.

Kim - We are lucky that we live in the woods so there isn't much problem with mud. I understand that would be a big problem with yards and several dogs.

Bug - Yes, there was really a lot of water, especially following a large snow melt.

Ms. A - Renting out ones house in the mountains can be tricky. Hope all is well.

Ginnie - I think people are often surprised how many states we could visit with less mileage than driving to the Outer Banks. Yes, NC is a very long state.

Jan - Those rugby fans are really diehard. Yes, the weather has been strange all around the globe.

Linthead - I totally agree with you. The only pro football games I watch are when the Packers are playing.

Vicki - Yes, there were glum fans all over the State.

Nance - I so agree with you about New England. It was interesting that when they announced all the previous MVPs, the only one booed was Tom Brady. And yes, Manning's father was a total jerk.