Friday, August 21, 2015

We Love Lucy

One week in August can make a big difference in the waning days of summer.  It's now completely dark when we take Lucy out for the last time at night.  We will soon need candles again for the dinner table.  On the other hand, we are enjoying the brisk evenings and mornings.  Lucy loves running in the cooler air.

Our Lucy also loves all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables.  She even likes fresh broccoli.  (Obviously, we give her only a tiny bit of that.)  Her favorites are carrot pennies and slices of apple.  Lucky for her, every day my husband eats a sandwich and an apple for lunch.  So every day Lucy gets a few bites of apple before he eats his lunch.

She stands beside the recliner, wagging her tail and licking her chops.

 One by one, my husband gives her pieces of apple

 Nom, nom, nom.  She doesn't move from her place.

 She doesn't take her eyes off the apple while she waits for the next bite.
Her tail continues its wagging throughout.

It seems fitting that our quote this week should come from former President Jimmy Carter:

"War may sometimes be a necessary evil.  But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good.
We will not learn to live in peace by killing each other's children." 




Golden Daily Scoop said...

Awwww, Lucy is so sweet! She has a lot more patience than my goldens!

Arkansas Patti said...

Now that is the kind of treats to give a dog. She will live long and prosper with those.
Jimmy Carter is such a fine man and I am very sorry he is so sick. I have read all his books and think he is one of the good ones.

Mary Lee said...

What a beautiful quote from the man with such a beautiful heart. I think people forget that when he ran for re-election, he had a firm plan for ending the deficit. Reagan belittled him for not being able to balance it immediately and then, when Reagan was elected, he blew it sky high. The world would be a much better place if everyone used President Carter as a role model.

Scout doesn't like fruit or vegetables, but no one can eat a banana in front of Granddog Stella without giving her at least one end of it. Then again, Stella ate a plush stuffed duck toy. I shouldn't be surprised.

Happy weekend!

Vicki Lane said...

I'll have to offer our pups some apple. Bob likes all sorts of vegetables -- Will prefers to stick with meat or cheese.

Jimmy Carter should be recognized as the best sort of American -- a man of peace whose faith leads him to help rather than to condemn.

Carolina Linthead said...

Lucy is a great dog! That does not diminish your loss...but I am very glad you have her. Jimmy Carter is a GREAT human! That will be recorded in the books to come. History is my me, history will record the greatness of Jimmy. I have several friends who have attended his Sunday School class, met with him, communed with him. He is genuine, and I love him so. I know he is 90, but he is still such a bright light. It hurts to think about that light winking out, but, really, it will not. Long after history has recorded other presidents to be, well, not so good, it will praise Jimmy for his moral imperative and his impact. And it will mark him as the best ex-president since John Quincy Adams. Thank you, dear friend...have your mate give that dog an apple slice for me.

Ms. A said...

Several of my dogs loved fruit and veggies, too! Apple was a big hit.

Tara said...

so cute...she knows treats are coming! The expectant look on her face is priceless.

We had our first coolish day -- around 70 degrees. What a change. I love autumn and I'm looking forward to it.

Isn't Mr. Carter just the best? I saw his news conference at the Carter Center. What a lovely man. I've always admired him. He's had a long and excellent life on this earth, and he will be sorely missed.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good dog! Good owner! Yes to President Carter!

Ginnie said...

My daughters two dogs consider carrots as great treats. I thought they were the only dogs who did !! When they say the word "carrot" out loud the dogs come running so they call it root vegetable at other times ... what we do for our animals !

Anonymous said...

Seeing Lucy eat the apple reminds me of the first time I saw coyotes in the orchard eating them. I had no idea that canines would eat fruit like that,but they do and they love it!

The Bug said...

Well I was thinking about eating an apple after dinner - now I definitely am going to :)

troutbirder said...

A wise, humble and good man. And then we have the contingent of sad excuses running for President today....:(

Lowcarb team member said...

Just love those pictures of Lucy ... now broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables and will be on my plate for dinner later today.

All the best Jan

~Molly~ said...

Just came across your blog but it looks familiar! We relocated to WNC(up past Burnsville near the Celo community) just over 2 years ago. My husband works in Fletcher so we're really all over the place! I can't imagine living anywhere else and pinch myself often to make sure I'm not dreaming!! We have 5 dogs and 7 indoor cats, along with 3 adult children in our crew.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

To all who commented on Jimmy Carter - I think he is one of the most kind-hearted genuine people ever to have served.

Molly - We go to Fletcher often. Thanks for dropping by.