Friday, March 20, 2015

We Love Lucy

It's officially Spring!  And around here it's beginning to look like spring.  Neighbors have daffodils that are blooming.  Our Lenten Roses are in full bloom and the Pieris is just lovely with its bell-shaped flowers hanging on the limbs.

Lucy loves the spring weather, especially when we take her somewhere she can safely run off lead.  She is one happy Golden.

Here I come

 She also loves to snooze in the spring sunlight.

 Holding on to her antler in case she needs to chew a bit

 Lying with the pillows around her

 We've been having some work done on a shower.  And Lucy totally loves the man who is doing the work.  Every morning when she hears his truck back up in the driveway, she gets really excited.  She can't wait for him to knock on the door and she greets him enthusiastically.  Fortunately for us, he loves Lucy as well.

March Madness is definitely living up to its name.  Some of the games have been really interesting.  Our Tar Heels gave us quite a scare but managed to win and advance.  There were some big upsets and that is what makes the NCAA Basketball Tournament so much fun.  I don't fill out brackets myself, but I do have the CBS Sports app.  Instant updates on all the games.  Previews of upcoming match-ups, and post-game recap.  Free and easy to use.  If you have a smart phone or late generation iPod I highly recommend that your download the app.

The weather here is nearly perfect after a couple of rainy days.  Birds are singing their little hearts out and life is good.

Today's quote is from Percy Bysshe Shelly:
And Spring arose on the garden fair
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.




Anonymous said...

Love seeing Lucy's springtime enthusiasm. We're pretty happy about it too! Equinox is always my favorite time of the seasons. Balance and beauty.

Tara said...

Observing dogs sleep is one of the most luscious things...they are just too cuddly and adorable.

And, yay for spring! Though ours in California has a pall of drought over it....the next year will be very interesting.

Have a lovely spring weekend!

Ginnie said...

Two lovely quotes. Thanks and a Happy Spring to you and yours.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yay for spring...Lucy is so sweet!

Ms. A said...

Lovin' Lucy and Spring... basketball, not so much. The squeaking sneakers drives me insane! (I can hear it coming from the other room)

Vicki Lane said...

The Madness was at our house last night -- my son and a friend of our are both Carolina grads and my husband is a long tome fan. My but they were all relieved!

Arkansas Patti said...

She really does smile. I love seeing dogs run free. They ooze joy. Thanks for my Lucy fix.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I can certainly understand why anyone would love your beautiful girl--I do, and I've never met her! :-)

March Madness is in full swing with my brothers who are huge UK Fans, but spring is a little slow wiht the snow we had today--Maybe tomorrow!

troutbirder said...

Running off leash leads to leaping in the grass whereupon one can catch and gobble down a field mouse. That is my dog LILY.
Mrs,T. then becomes grossed out and dog back on thr lead.....

The Bug said...

I couldn't stay up for the NC State game - they were so far behind at the half that it seemed like a waste of time anyway. Imagine my joy when I realized this morning that they'd won! I do fill out a bracket for entertainment - and then proceed to pull AGAINST my own bracket because when the game is on I pull for the underdog. Ha!

Carolina Linthead said...

The Bug and her bracket are very entertaining! I generally have at least one alma mater in the mix. This year it's the UC Bearcats (University of Cincinnati Ph.D.) least until this afternoon when the hated UK Wildcats will probably oust them. They and the Buckeyes kept Ohio on pins and needles with those two overtime games! Meanwhile, birds are SO happy up here!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - I feel the same about the equinox.

Kim - I think your UK brothers are going to be happy. I'm not certain anyone can beat them.

Troutbirder - I've never seen a dog catch a mouse. Who knew?

Bug - NC State busted many brackets when they upset Villanova.

Cheryl said...

How could he shower man resist dear Lucy....she is such a lovely Goldie.
There is nothing nicer than watching a dog run free.