Friday, January 30, 2015

We Love Lucy

January is almost gone and I have no idea how it got away from us.  But I take reassurance that February is a short month and then it will be March which is almost Spring.  I have no right to complain since we have had a mild winter so far with mostly sunny days.  But still I long for Spring.

Lucy has enjoyed our cooler than normal weather.  She runs and runs like a puppy.  And then she rests.  Often in the most unusual ways.

Regular readers already know she loves to sleep with her head on a chair rung.
Here's another example

 And sometimes she puts half her body underneath a chair.  I have no idea why.

 Our patrol dog, Lucy looks out the windows quite often.  There are several windows that are the right height and she frequently gets up to check out what's going on outside.

 I saw an interesting spot that featured several football players who were not drafted into the NFL.  But they didn't give up and they signed on to a practice team.  Then they worked hard to prove they had the ability to play professional football.  And they will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  We should take a lesson from them.  Far too often we fail to work for the things we really want for fear of failing or of making mistakes.

BTW:  I won't be watching the Super Bowl.  I have absolutely no interest in which of my very least favorite teams will win.  And I've seen far too many of the commercials already and will surely see more of them on Monday.  So I'll spend Sunday reading.  We won't even have our usual Super Bowl Sunday marinated tenderloin sandwiches.  But if you are going to watch, especially if you are going to Las Vegas or hosting a party, I hope you have a marvelous time.  I've heard that many will participate in a drinking game by taking a large drink each time they hear the word "deflate-gate."  I hope they all have designated drivers.

Today's quote is from Lemony Snicket:
"There are times to stay put and what you want will come to you.
And there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself"

And another from author Neil Gaiman:




Anonymous said...

It's so cute that Lucy loves cool weather. We had a cocker spaniel when I was young, and she loved the snow. It's the only time we ever saw her truly romp and roll around.

I haven't watched a Super Bowl in years. We always think Super Bowl Sunday is the best day to go hiking. The highways are empty and so are the trails.

KGMom said...

Lucy Lucy Lucy--such a pretty special girl. Your photos make me want to reach out and pat her head.
As for watching the Super Bowl--I agree the two teams are low low low on my list of teams of like/cheer for. Differing reasons--although in brief, Patriots cheat, and Seahawks are too...raucous. Except for Marshawn Lynch who thinks it is somehow appropriate to keep repeating one phrase. What a jerk.
Must stop. You got me going.
However, I will be watching the game--sort of. Out of one eye, with my knitting in hand. And rooting for both teams to lose.

Arkansas Patti said...

Since I've retired, days get away from me but when I see Lucy's adorable face I know Friday is here. She readies me nicely for the weekend.
I can see why you are not watching the game but those marinated tenderloin sandwiches sound too yummy to pass up on.
I will be watching the last game of the year.

Ms. A said...

That girl and her headrests!

I won't be watching Super Bowl, but I'm sure hubby will. No drinking games will be involved.

Cheryl said...

I believe when a dog lies beneath a chair or some other object, it goes back to when wolves lived in caves. Keeping an eye on who or what may be coming towards your home. Just keeping an eye on things..........

Lucy is such a sweet girl.......she is our Friday girl, who always brings a smile.

Love the quote.....nice to know I am out there doing something :)

Vicki Lane said...

The Superbowl will be on in our house:husband, son, nephew, and friend will be watching. I'm no sports fan -- I'm the cook. Steak and sausage subs are on the menu. (I enjoy the sound of happy guys watching sports.)

The Bug said...

We won't watch the super bowl - we're having a Superb Owl Sunday online party instead :)

KB said...

My K used to sleep with her chin on a chair rung, just like Lucy. Lucy is quite funny with her nap locations!

We never watch the super bowl. I ethically object to a sport that is destroying the brains of the players. So, we go for a Super Bowl hike, and usually, the trails are empty because everyone else is watching what we call the "Stupid Bowl"!

If we had access to the channel with the Puppy Bowl, I would watch that!

How Sam Sees It said...

I'll be enjoying my Sunday with the pups and husband - we aren't Superbowl people.

Harlow has the odd habit of resting toys on the bottom rungs of the chairs. She also stores them in the frame of the pool table. She doesn't sleep under them though. ;)

Monty and Harlow

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Cheryl - Interesting about the caves. We do have all manners of animal life traipsing through our woods at night.