Monday, January 5, 2015

Demise of Favorite Bird Box

What a nice holiday we had.  We still have a few remaining decorations to put away but that is one great perk about being retired.  It doesn't all have to get done in one weekend.

We have several bird houses and bird boxes scattered in the trees.  A few are merely decorative but most of them provide nesting boxes for our birds.  There is one box that has always been my personal favorite and the favorite of many of our songbirds.  It has a rather strange shape with wood and metal and the birds seem to love it.

A Tufted Titmouse getting the nest ready

 Another year, another titmouse

 A White-breasted Nuthatch

 Yet another titmouse

 And another nuthatch

Last week, we awakened to a sad sight.  A large section of the bird box was missing.  I think I know who the villains were.  We have lots of flying squirrels in our trees and occasionally they will enlarge the openings of bird houses and take them over.  I strongly suspect they tried to enlarge this one and broke out the panel.  It did not come loose in a single piece but rather broke into several splintered sections.

Beyond repair, and useless to everyone now, the box swings sadly.  Such a shame to see my favorite bird box so damaged.

We took the box down and it was completely empty as we suspected.  It was unique and I doubt we will find another just like it.  But I do hope we can find one the birds like as well.


Cheryl said...

It is an unusual box and I really like that it is. Home to so many birds, what a wonderful history it holds.

I have grey squirrels trying to ransack boxes at the moment, so frustrating......

I do hope you find a 'special' bird box to replace the old one.

Ms. A said...

Perhaps you could add a small piece of metal with a smaller hole to try to save it! Hope you figure something out!

Arkansas Patti said...

It was certainly unique and really had some lovely tenants during its life time. I would try to fix it but if not, I would make sure my next one had a metal hole to foil the squirrels.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those darn squirrels: "This is why we can't have nice things!"
Best of luck finding an equal replacement; looks like your birds really loved that one.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, no! It is a charmingly idiosyncratic piece. I think Ms. A's suggestion would work.

KB said...

I love that bird box too, and obviously the birds loved it.

I, too, wonder if Ms. A's idea would work because sheet metal could be shaped to fit the rounded empty panel.

In any case, I hope that you have a good bird house in that spot by spring :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you find a new box that the birdies will love the way they loved this one.

Barbara Rogers said...

Agreeing with what all the other commentators said...hope you decided to put a piece of tin across the space.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

This is a great birdhouse. Sorry the squirrel had to mess things up.
Glad you had a good Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. And for the suggestions for fixing the bird box. Unfortunately it fell to the ground as we were taking it down and splintered into many pieces. I hope we can find a substitute.