Friday, August 8, 2014

We Love Lucy

Interesting week we've had here in the mountains.  Today is stormy with heavy rains predicted for this afternoon continuing through the weekend.  Oh well.  Guess it is meant for us to relax this weekend.

Our Lucy really knows how to relax.  The other evening she was sleeping so soundly she didn't hear me cutting the carrots.  As I approached her, she was clearly deciding whether to continue her nap or if it was to her benefit to get up. I should tell you that Lucy loves fruits and vegetables.  She especially loves apples, carrots and green beans, but also likes strawberries and tomatoes.

I'll just open my eyes and raise my head a little bit

When I asked if she would like some carrots she jumped to her feet with a smile.

 Oh yes!  I'd love some carrots, please

I handed the carrot pennies to my husband.  He makes Lucy sit and wait before giving her any.  Then he hands her one at a time, slowly.  She hates that.

 Why doesn't he just give me the carrots already?

Lucy is surprised that some dogs, even  Golden Retrievers do not like fruits and veggies.

(Shamelessly stolen without permission from 
"How Sam Sees It")

Harlow (above) and her brother Monty are entered in a contest for a wine label to benefit the Arizona Golden Retriever Connection (AZGRC).  Go to their blog here and see their lovely photographs.  There is a link on the post that allows you to connect and donate to the AZGRC by voting for them if you are so inclined.  The votes are one dollar and you may vote as many times as you wish.  All proceeds will go to helping rescues.

This week has seen an escalation of fighting across the middle east.  The US has made air strikes in Iraq against a group of terrorists who seem to be killing and destroying civilians indiscriminately.  Our thoughts go out to those civilians in Iraq, the Palestinians in Gaza, the Israelis, the displaced Syrians as well as those in Ukraine.  We also turn our thoughts to our fellow Americans in Hawaii during the hurricanes bashing their shores.  We hope they can find peace again.

Today's quote is from Mother Teresa:

"If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."




troutbirder said...

None of my pooches liked veggies much. Following the poor eating habita of their owner, no doubt. Good girl Lucy!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

I have had a ton of dogs and none liked veggies. Lucy has evidently paid attention to the food pyramid.
Good girl.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The middle east is a mess to say the least. Breaks my heart for the innocent victims.
Harlow doesn't like blueberries? :) Cocoa loves fruit and veggies….but she will climb mountains for bananas. If you want to eat a banana in peace, you have to take the whole bunch into another room and shut the door. She can hear if you break one off the bunch otherwise.
Have a good weekend with your sweet Lucy.

Ginnie said...

You brought back wonderful memories of my daughter and her husbands two dogs. They love carrots and consider them a great treat ... and they spark up just like Lucy when they see them. My kids say to me, "Do you have a root vegetabe for them?" because it they use the word "carrot" the dogs get very excited and if I didn't have any on hand they'd mope !

Ms. A said...

Dropping in to see your Sweet Lucy. My son lost his dog to cancer today and is devastated. Hug your girl for me.

Cheryl said...

How sweet. Nella will not touch veggies or fruit. although she does eat herbs !!!
Lucy looks so proud waiting for her carrot treats.

A wonderful quote from a wonderful woman.

My heart goes out to the children caught up in the chaos in the middle east.
Also let us not forget the animals...........they have no voice .
God help them all.........

How Sam Sees It said...

Thank you for the wonderful shout out to AZGRC! ...and yes, you can borrow Harlow's photo - we don't mind. According to Harlow it helps to spread the word about her "Harlow Against Bananas (...and other fruit) Campaign. ;)

Monty and Harlow

Anonymous said...

Just spent a week in southern California, visiting my mom and staying with my sister, who has a beautiful great dane named Jesse. I loved watching Jesse eat. She threw her food out of her bowl with utter joy. She gobbled down treats with hardly a single chew, but spent quite a bit of time munching on a single cashew. Just seeing your photos of Lucy reminds me of how dogs are such interesting individuals.

Carolina Linthead said...

My black lab liked green beans...he was funny, begging for them as we were picking and stringing. He didn't want many, but he did love them. Can't remember what other vegetables he would eat, but I know he ate a few. He was so gentle...he would never try to bite, but he wasn't as well trained as Lucy, so he would lick my hand and give me the sad puppy eyes. The world seems a hard, cold, violent place...maybe it always has been. Praying for love to prevail over hate, always.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. Interesting how some dogs love veggies and others do not like them at all.