Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Most Common Bird

The American Goldfinch is by far our most frequent visitor.  They live here year round.  They are among the first birds to get their bright summer plumage despite the fact that they do not nest as early as many other songbirds.  Like the early buds and flowers, the brightness of the goldfinches heralds the coming of spring.

At any given time, the feeders are full of finches

 Like other birds, they welcome the water we provide

 The trees are often filled with twenty or more

 This cardinal shares the feeder with a goldfinch and seems none too happy to have her photograph taken

While we get very excited with the sights of migrating visitors, it is the bread-and-butter birds like the goldfinches, chickadees, wrens, nuthatches and titmice as well as our woodpeckers that we treasure most.

The single downside of having so many goldfinches is that we occasionally get an irruption of Pine Siskins.  They come in huge numbers and flock with the goldfinches.  They are noisy, messy, and just plain rude to one another.  Fortunately we haven't had them this year.  So far.


Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, you are indeed fortunate to be the Goldfinch center of your area. Thanks for taking great photos and sharing them. Barb

The Bug said...

We have a goldfinch feeder, but they only come occasionally & then only in ones or twos. Partly because our neighbor has feeders, but also (I think) because our large sparrow population spooks them. And who can blame them? If you could eat in peace wouldn't you choose that over the extra noisy diner? :)

Vicki Lane said...

I love their swooping flight. Re siskins, my invalid mother-in-law, who had a bird feeder in the window by her bed, hated the siskins. "Damn suskins!" she would say and blow an air horn at them. (She had the air horn for summoning help so this often caused a bit of a stir in the household.)

Cheryl said...

Such bright colour, they look almost tropical.
Great that you have them all year, they must brighten a dull winters day.

I have a problem with rooks at the moment.....I am having to hose down some of the shrubs due to the mess they leave behind.

Isn't it a shame we cannot choose the birds that visit our garden :)

Arkansas Patti said...

My ingrates must end up at your place after I feed the less pretty versions all winter. No sight of them now.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great photos of your birdies... We have similar ones here --and I published a post on Friday of our 'little' birds. I'll publish another one on Wednesday --of our larger birds... Like you, I love the 'year-rounders' the most.


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love the goldfinch. Birds are so fun to watch. I am starting to notice the birds we have in our new yard-mainly doves. I did see a goldfinch yesterday also.
Hope you have a great Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your beautiful goldfinches. We get the lesser goldfinch here. Paler, but still beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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Busy Bee Suz said...

You get the birds that I never see….so I love seeing them through your eyes. Lovely!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Vicki - I'm still laughing at M-I-L with the air horn.

Patti - Sorry you don't get to see the bright yellow.