Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Molting and Changing

The American Goldfinch is our most frequent visitor these days.  They live with us year round and we do enjoy them.  Our resident birds are in various stages of molting right now.  The American Goldfinch undergoes two complete molts every year.  Some of the birds look rather disheveled and others have almost completed the process.  The males are turning their bright yellow although they will not be mating until much later.

Roger Tory Peterson said, "The responsibilities of life seem to rest lightly on Goldfinch's sunny shoulders."

This little guy is a mess but in a week will be a brilliant smooth yellow
[You may need to click to enlarge]

It is said that to see a Goldfinch in your dreams is a glimpse into your soul

Legend says that hearing a Goldfinch sing means that happy experiences are coming your way

Native American folklore tells us that if a Goldfinch flies across your path it is to remind you to live your life fully and to celebrate who you are.  To remind you that every single moment you waste in fear, anger, or hatred is a moment that will be lost to you forever.


Cheryl said...

How very beautiful.....I love the folklore.
Goldfinch are such beautiful birds, ours have a red cap.....

NanaNor's said...

Beautiful!! WE have Goldfinches here as well as house Finches. I love these little birds. I'm hoping that I will see them at our new home and that Grackles will not kill them.
Thanks for sharing.

Arkansas Patti said...

I haven't seen any since I took down the feeders. I feel so used:))
I can kind of relate to that second Finch. Maybe I am molting.

KB said...

Beautiful photos of that glorious guy, and a wonderful quote at the end. I've seen only a handful of goldfinches here over the past 15 yrs so I am jealous!

Ms. A said...

Love this post! I was first able to witness these finches about a year ago and I've gone back where I spotted them a couple of times and haven't seen them yet. They are so cheerfully beautiful!

Anonymous said...

They are such a bright yellow welcome to spring.

The Bug said...

Mike saw one in the back yard just the other day - they always make us smile.

troutbirder said...

Ok I'll admit it. Before I took up birding I thought our goldfinches went south for the winter. Duh!!!!

Vicki Lane said...

Our goldfinches are just getting their color. I hadn't been aware of the mythology about them but shall keep in in mind -- they cross my path frequently.

Linda said...

Neat folklore, lovely bird.

Louvregirl said...

Beautiful post. I will take that to heart. (Glad I stopped on by to see 'my' finch.)

Busy Bee Suz said...

They are just beautiful and I love the folklore too.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Cheryl - I have seen photographs of your UK bird

NanaNor - Hope your new home is blessed with lots of goldfinches

Patti - Nope, don't think you are molting :)

KB - Oh, but you have so many beautiful things that we do not.

Troutbirder - It is surprising that the goldfinches would overwinter in southern Minnesota. Seems pretty cold there to me for such little finches.