Friday, April 18, 2014

We Love Lucy

Another week for very strange weather.  We had a hard freeze that actually froze the hummingbird nectar.  I was quite worried about our little visitors and was delighted to see them return with the warming sun.  I can't recall a spring in which we have turned the heat on and off so frequently.

Our Lucy loves it when the weather is cool and brisk.  She especially loves to run.  Fortunately we have several places in which she can run off lead.  And run she does.

Slowing down a bit at the end of a sprint

 While Lucy is a very active dog, she is also skilled at relaxation.  She is particularly fond of finding convenient little pillows for her head.  At a given time she might rest her head on a chair rung, or on the stone hearth.  And if you happen to kick off your shoes?  Well Lucy is just fine using them too.

 Head on shoes

Can you believe I'm taking yet another blogging break?  Our daughter is coming to visit for the week and so I won't be posting for at least a week.  I hope we have good weather because we have many places to go and things to see.  But we won't let the weather stop us from having a good time.

This quote by British poet Thomas Blackburn seems quite appropriate.  It is from his verse, "An Easter Hymn"

Awake, thou wintry earth
Fling off thy sadness
Fair vernal flowers laugh forth
Your ancient gladness.




Cheryl said...

Nella loves a slipper or two to rest her weary head :)
The weather is still topsy turvy will settle soon I feel.

Enjoy the time with your daughter......precious moments.

Happy Easter to you.

Mary Lee said...

I hope you have wonderful weather next week so your daughter will get a serious dose of springtime.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit with your daughter and the coming holiday.

Lise said...

Our dog Pogo doesn't care for shoes, but Fluffy our cat thinks my husbands shoes are the bomb; if I had my nose in them I'd think so too!

I haven't seen our hummingbirds since the freeze, and it's still quite cold here today; we've got a fire in the woodstove again. I sure hope Easter brings some warmth that sticks around.

Have a wonderful visit and we'll see you when your back blogging. Happy Easter:)

Ms. A said...

Enjoy your break, your Daughter and have a Happy Easter! Hope to see you when you get back.

NanaNor's said...

Greetings, We've had lots of weird weather too. From our home to yours,
Happy Easter.

Carolina Linthead said...

We spent Good Friday together at home. In the morning, we had to run the heat to knock off the chill. By mid-afternoon, I had to turn on the A/C. This morning, it was back to the heat. LOL! That's Ohio...and the Southern Appalachians.

KB said...

Enjoy your daughter. Perhaps Lucy can use her feet as a pillow! I love seeing photos of Lucy running so happily.

troutbirder said...

All our dogs have enjoyed the off lead part but as civilization marches on they're getting harder and harder to fin....:) Enjoy your break.

JeanMac said...

Sweet post Sweet Lucy

The Bug said...

Hope you're having a fabulous week with your daughter!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is just content with sleeping wherever….sure wish I was the same.
Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

Appalachian Lady said...

The weather swings back and forth so much but March ended up being very warm according to records. Enjoy your week with your daughter!

KGMom said...

For a visit from my daughter I too would take a blogging break.

Vicki Lane said...

Weird weather,indeed. Have fun with your daughter!

Ginnie said...

I'm wondering if you got the bad weather that so much of N.C. did yesterday.
We had a little bit of heavy wind but no rain or anything else. So strange.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Carolyn, Just checking in to see how you all made it through this wicked winter. We are fine --but there are some things in our yard which didn't do as well.... It was the coldest winter since we have lived here... Glad it is OVER....

I see that you are taking Blog Breaks like I do these days. We are traveling a lot --and just seem to stay too busy when we are home... I still love blogging but don't do it nearly as much as I used to...

Take care of one of my favorite areas of the country.