Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coming to a Feeder Near You

Spring migrations are a wonder, and our favorite summer residents are Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.  Because we have had such cooler than normal temperatures, it hardly seems time for them.  But it is April already and the hummingbirds are on the move.  If you live anywhere in the southeastern United States you need to have your nectar up for these little birds.  They have had long journeys and really need the extra nourishment.

The 2013 Report Map
(You need to click to enlarge it)

You can access and follow the map here.  You can look at the map daily to chart the hummingbird progress.  And you can report on it if you are lucky enough to be the first person in your area to see one.

I'm looking forward to having you back, sweet little bird.

I am not aware of similar tracking reports for western hummingbirds.


Arkansas Patti said...

Cool map. According to that, they are only a few miles away. I'd better break out the feeders. I usually get an early bird that dive bombs me into putting out the nectar early just for him.
Any day now.

Ruth said...

It is a good thing they are a long way from southern Ontario. We had 5 cm of fresh snow today. Hummingbird nectar would freeze out there.

troutbirder said...

There still a long way from here... but I'm hopeful.

KB said...

I read an article about the citizen tracking of your hummingbirds. In the past few decades, their arrival times have moved gradually about 13 days earlier. It was a really good article written by a scientist who has analyzed all the citizen reports for years.

There is no similar tracking for our western hummingbirds. I wish that there were one!

Anonymous said...

It surprised me when we moved here to the Sierra foothills that we have Anna Hummingbirds here all year long. In the winter I only need to make a cup of sugar water twice a week for them. When spring arrives, we have the migrations and LOTS more activity, eating, and dive-bombing around the feeders. I don't know if you get the Rufous Hummingbirds, but they are beautiful, cantankerous little things.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

So happy to see you had come for a visit!!!!
YES YES they should have to live there. It is the birds nesting time and they are taking every tree out of that 15 areas!!!!!!!! Poor babies!!!

Jayne said...

Got my feeder up on April 1st and can't wait to see them back!