Monday, April 8, 2013

April Flowers

Cool weather has delayed spring around here.  And the ice last week made us fear damage to our plants, ready to blossom.  Fortunately, there was minimal damage.  A weekend filled with warm sunshine has popped everything out.

No damage on this beauty

But some did not do so well.

This white one was mostly spared

We love this one

And the bright yellow

Tiny blooms on the sage

And slightly damaged hellebores

Early bird songs with active courting antics are a sure sign.  We're waiting for the spring migration.  Oh, life is indeed good.


The Bug said...


Anonymous said...

The colors of spring are so beautiful. Even the green of the new leaves on the hillside trees are a treat.

Anonymous said...

The pieris is one of my favorites, too.

It's been a funny spring here, too. The blossoms were none too sure what they were supposed to do. My neighbor's cherry tree had blossoms on its branches one day and snow the next.

FINALLY, the azaleas and dogwoods are starting to bloom and the cherry trees which waited are glorious now.

Our oak trees, however, are getting ready to dump their catkins all over all the pretty shrubs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Seems you were spared the worst of it. Lovely blooms abound. Enjoy!!!!!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Catching up on my reading Carolyn, love your brooch from your daughter!! Can't believe you still have Camellias blooming. My Pieris is slow getting started this year.
Happy Spring to you!!

Janie said...

Nothing is blooming here yet. Your spring seems to be well on its way. The blossoms are lovely.

Vicki Lane said...

Are those camellias? I've never dared to plant any.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Merrily - We have two different japonica and the pieris is my favorite.

Janet - We lost all the camellia buds once already but some of them tried again. Some made it, others did not.

Vicki - Yes, we have two varieties of camellias. We are very borderline for their growing area and we often do not see any blossoms, only dried dead buds.