Friday, November 9, 2012

Fridays Are Golden

Remember the old television show, "That Was The Week That Was"?  The theme song keeps running through my head..."That was the week that was; it's over...let it go."

The week began with non-stop election predictions, rants and raves.  Our phone "blipped" constantly to alert us of callers whom we had blocked trying to reach us again and again to request our votes or to ask us to respond to surveys.  The mute button on the television was in constant use as we avoided the political advertisements.  We anticipated and feared the election results, sitting on the edges of our seats for quite a while on Tuesday night.  Thank goodness we are retired and didn't have to go to work Wednesday morning.

The week brought us miserable weather.  Our temperatures were thirty degrees below our normal highs.  The days were gray, misty and foggy.

And now the election is over and we no longer have to hate the ringing of our own telephone.  I even changed the ring tones so I could forget the nuisance calls.  And the weather is sunny and bright, with temperatures around normal for us.

The Golden Girls don't seem to mind the gray days as long as it doesn't rain.  But they do love the sunshine and seek out sunny spots to snooze during the day.

Ellie soaks up the sun.

Lucy is in full sun with Ellie's tennis ball at her side.

Inevitably they will share a bed.

And just as inevitably Lucy will find a soft pillow.

The  quote for the week is from my favorite First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt:

"I think if the people of this country can be reached with the truth, their judgment will be in favor of the many, as against the privileged few."

Our thoughts remain with those in harm's way.  It seems so unfair for those already suffering to have to face cold and snow and more power outages.  Please do whatever you can to help them.



Ms. A said...

Goodness, you have been chilly. Enjoy that sunshine and have a beautiful weekend!

Cicero Sings said...

Amazing how sunshine brightens the spirits. We have a grey, snowy, blowy day here today and everything is now covered in the white stuff. I think winter has arrived. Sigh. I have a toasty fire going (sometimes too toasty) so Mingus has retreated to the bedroom in disgust and to keep cool. Mom can be SO boring sometimes. "What's a little cold?" he says.

Rudee said...

Back to normal is good in terms of the election noise. I do think we still have a bit of posturing to tolerate. I also think the overall vote needs to be studied better by those who think they were given a mandate to keep obstructing progress. I think a warning bell issued forth, but some are too obtuse to recognize it was meant for them.

I wish Grover Norquist could/would just go away and take his posse with him.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your week sounds exactly like mine! I'm glad the election is over and those calls have stopped. Hurricane Sandy knocked out our land line and it was finally repaired last Sunday--It hadn't been fixed 30 minutes and it already rang 3 separate times with political calls--Now it's not rang once all weekend, and I'm okay with that! Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!

Carolina Linthead said...

Beautiful girls. Glad all of you have weathered the election and, well, the weather. Beautiful blue sky today in Ohio :-)

Ginnie said...

Your girls just seem to take it all in stride ! I am very happy with the outcome of the election and ecstatic that the TV ads are GONE !!

troutbirder said...

Such gentle creatures. I do remember that TV show very well. What fun! And not so fun was a remembrance related to your comment about Mrs. Roosevelt. A few years back a new high school in Rochester Mn was to be named in her honor. Then the wingnuts put up such a fuss that the school board caved in and went with the name "Century."

The Bug said...

I'm really glad it's over too - and I think that the result reflected Mrs. Roosevelt's comment for sure.

Love your girls - their lives are so happy & uncomplicated :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I too and so glad the election is over; we need to all move forward. We unplugged our house phone annoying.
I love seeing your girls snuggle together; so sweet. I never get tired of seeing my two love bugs napping together.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Now we have talk of secession. Man.